Josh Hamilton: Three Reasons To Believe That He Could Sign With The Brewers

Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Jake Dal Porto: This year’s free agent market may be slim on depth, but it does not lack a main attraction with Josh Hamilton set to hit the open market. Hamilton hit a career-high 43 home runs this past season, but a slew of late season miscues have affected his marking price.

While he isn’t the safest of offseason additions, teams will still look to acquire the powerful lefty because of his middle of the order presence which very few others can match.

With the Yankees and Red Sox likely out of the running for the slugger, the Brewers suddenly have a decent chance of bringing in Hamilton.

Here are three reasons why:

Decreased Level Of Interest

Hamilton’s late season collapse brought about several questions and concerns from teams that were pondering upon making a pitch for his services this offseason. He simply broke-down at the wrong time. Whether you remember the several misplayed hits or the dry patch at the plate, it’s quite evident that Hamilton is now more of a question mark than a guarantee. Reflecting back, the opposite could have been said in May and June, as the MVP award seemed to be his and only his.

Hamilton’s collapse, added in with his off the field issues, might prove to be too much of a risk for teams on the fence about his status. For teams with a slight intention to engage in negotiations, “The Collapse” could be enough to persuade them far away. The talent is still there, but various issues could permit him from producing if he winds up with the wrong team. Therefore, the once sky-high amount of interest has dwindled down to only a few teams.

For the Brewers, this is great news because with decreased interest comes a lower contract demand. Milwaukee are not big spenders such as the Yankees or Red Sox, but in essence, they can be if they wanted to. Remember, they did not let Prince Fielder depart without throwing in their contract ideas which reportedly exceeded $100 million. They also followed a similar process with Zack Greinke. It’s not like they just let them walk. Their ideas fell just short of what Fielder and Greinke had in mind.

So, if Hamilton’s demand comes crashes down even slightly, the Brewers could make their move while other teams refuse to take a flyer on the 2010 A.L MVP winner.

Hamilton Is Connected With The Brewers

Former Rangers’ coach and current Brewers’ bench coach, Johnny Narron, served as Hamilton’s mentor and accountability partner in Texas and beyond, as he’s known the slugger for about 20 years, per Buster Olney’s report.

It’s these kind of tidbits that give the Brewers a decent chance at landing Hamilton. It might seem minor, but it will conceivably be a huge factor in Hamilton’s decision considering that Narron was a figure that helped him dig himself out of his drug problems.

As Olney points out, many general managers lack information regarding Hamilton. No, he’s not referring to the gaudy stats. He’s talking about the daily struggles and about how much of Hamilton’s past addictions affects him on the field. Narron could presumably write a book on Hamilton. And for someone whose vulnerable to relapse at anytime, having a mentor at your side certainly seems refreshing. A clear-minded Hamilton would destroy the National League.

Miller Park

If you think that Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was a launching pad, just imagine how much damage Hamilton could do if he played in the hitter-friendly confines of Miller Park.

Per ESPN Park Factors, Miller Park checks in as the best park for power hitters. With a Park Factor of 1.631, it ranks as the first in baseball in that department. In comparison, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington ranks seventh. So for Hamilton, it could increase his home run output, but that’s just babble.

Plus, Miller Park would presumably not put enormous expectations on Hamilton like Rangers’ fans did towards the end of the season. This should relax him a bit more, if anything.

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Jake Dal Porto is a Baseball Writer with MLB reports and a student from the Bay Area. Jake’s favorite sports moment was when the Giants won the World Series back in 2010. He loves to use sabermetrics in his work. He thinks they are the best way to show a player’s real success compared to the basic stats such as ERA, RBIs, and Wins. Jake also enjoys interacting and debating with his readers. Follow him on Twitter: 



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  1. I love Josh Hamilton and his story is one of the best perhaps better than the Movie Rudy I believe that Josh time is up in Texas he has served them well and he will be missed there is no doubt as great ball player he has his personal issues have to be of some concern .What teams need to do is built into and returns contract Clause that gives them a out if he relapse and returns to being addict again .I have heard The Brewers too .I don’t like the choice .I would prefer Washington -Sanfranciso and even The Dodgers To me He Is a Great ballplayer.If things were different with Yankees you know he would be playing right field in the BronxHowever we all know under the present conditions this isn’t going to happen but we all can dream .That being said I have a lot of respect for J Narron currently a coach with the Brewers .It been side by some In my view that he would be better off in Left or Right field rather than Center Field I don’t agree with that either as he is a natural for Centerfield Another landing Spot for Josh could be Atlanta with Clipper retiring Josh could be perfect replacement.In my view no matter where he goes the Team that gets him has to understand that they must give him unconditional support if this happens he will have a great season.It’s my belief that the support that Josh had in Texas prior to what he must have I believe the negative messages he received from The Texas Org when he was struggling in particular from NRyan. Didn’t help the overall situation.It’s clear to me that The Texas Org wants to go in a different direction thats fine lets see how they do without Josh .He is replaceable but let’s see them do it .It’s my strong opinion that Texas is due for a big fall and playoffs in 212 is just the beginning of that story

  2. No way is this going to happen.

  3. What about Hamilton to the Padres?

  4. I will believe it’s Milwaukee when it becomes Official until then I believe it will be someplace else I also think that a return to Texas is also possible but for this to happen it will be more than the money involved in this In my view Josh is a great ballplayer and Man .It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth When I remember how he was treated by the Texas Org .I especially didn’t like comments that Nolan Ryan made to the media when Josh was strugglingJosh has been Avery successful ballplayer during his time in Texas and The Rangers have benefitted greatly with out him they don’t make it to the World Series two seasons in a row To give every body there due credit prior to the 2012.season in my view Josh was totally and uncoditioal supported within and by The Texas.Ranger Org It’s my view that this support wasn’t there in 2012.and feel it was big mistake for the Rangers to let this happen We all know thatbJosh is a recovering person who has struggled at times .However like to remind Texas Ownership and in particular Nolan Ryan thst his manger is a former Cocaine user and Abuser

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