Top Ten Stat of the Week: Players with 40 HRs on 4 Different Teams Or More

Monday July.02/2012

Gary Sheffield hit 30 HRs and 120 RBI in both 2004 and 2005 for the Yankees before injuries held him to just 39 games in 2006. Sheffield also hit 40+HRs on 5 other teams (per stay) besides the Bronx Bombers in his career. –Photo courtesy of

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- As the world of Twitter and Facebook has invaded the internet these days, I am brainstorming about all sorts of stats I have had in my head for years.  This stat came to my head because of Gary Sheffield.  A few years back, I watched a game on my birthday at Safeco Field.  It was the New York Yankees and Sheffield visiting.  There are players that you are sure to watch live in person.  Gary Sheffield was one of these hitters.   Not only is he one of 25 player in history to hit 500 HRs, but he had one of the fiercest swings ever.  The man would wiggle that bat back and forth like a toothpick before striding and swinging with daunting ferocity.  It was an unorthodox style that must have made Little League coaches cringe, yet it was effective.  Sheffield was a bit of a hot head though, this may have led to him being traded or not re-signed by several teams.  Hitting 40 HRs for 6 different teams is definitely impressive and may never be duplicated.  I knew he had played on several teams already so the seed of today’s article was planted back in 2005.

Fred McGriff was the exact opposite of Gary Sheffield when it came to temperament.  This man was traded several times in his career because he could flat-out hit.  Jose Canseco is the only other player besides McGriff and Sheffield to hit 40 HRs with 5 different teams.  The reason many older players are not on this list is because free agency never arrived in the MLB until the early 70’s when Curt Flood challenged a trade and the Players Union saw it through.  Now player movement has enabled more players switching teams each season than ever before.  Rusty Staub was the 1st to make this list and Alfonso Soriano is the last player to make this list and the only current player left.  I have a feeling we will see more players arrive on this list in the next 25 years.

       PLAYER  (# Of Career HRS)      # of Teams and how many HRs hit with each club

1.   Gary Sheffield (509) 6 Teams: LAD-129, FLA-122, NYY-76, ATL-64, DET-44, SD-43

Gary Sheffield is an 8 time All-Star and finished in the top 10 of MVP voting 6 times.  He hit 30 HRs or more 8 times and 40 HRs or more twice.  Sheffield drove in 100 RBI on 8 different occasions and won a batting title while playing with SD in 1992.  He is one of the MLB Players named in the Mitchell Report.  His career average is .292 and he had 1676 RBI.  He will be kept out of the BBHOF.  Sheffield was part of the World Series Winning Florida Marlins during the 1997 season.

2.   Fred McGriff (493) 5 Teams:  ATL-130, TOR-125, TB-99, SD-84, CHC-42

McGriff is a 5 time ALL-Star, 3 time Silver Slugger and had 6 top ten MVP finishes.  McGriff led the AL in HRs in 1989 with the Blue Jays and in 1992 with the San Diego Padres.  Currently, He is tied with Lou Gehrig for 26th on the ALL-Time HR List.  The ‘Crime Dog’ never hit 40 HRs in his career, but he eclipsed 30 HRs during 10 different seasons.  McGriff has a good case for the BBHOF.  He will probably fall short because he was a first basemanMcGriff won the WS with Atlanta in 1995.

3.   Jose Canseco (462) 5 Teams OAK-254, BOS-52, TOR-46, TEX-45, TB-43

Canseco was baseball’s first 40 HR/40 SB man.  He was the Rookie of the Year in 1986 and the AL MVP in 1988.  The Oakland Athletics made the World Series 3 straight years from 1988-1990 and they won it all in 1989 versus the Giants.  Canseco led the AL in HRs in both 1988 and 1991.  Canseco also wrote the book  ‘Juiced’ which brought the game of baseball out of the dark when it came to steroids.  This man should not be credited as a hero at all, however his tattling of other players forced the MLB to adopt the strictest drug policy of the 4 Major Sports today.

4.   Eddie Murray  (504)  4 Teams BAL-343, LAD-65, CLE-50, NYM-43

Eddie Murray is a Hall of Famer with his 1917 career RBI, to go along with 3255 hits and a .287 career average.  ‘Steady Eddie’  won the Rookie of the Year in 1977 and was an 8 time ALL-Star.  Murray also finished in top ten voting for MVP in 8 different years.  Murray’s bat speed was incredible even late in his career.  Murray won the World Series with the 1983 Orioles.

5.   Dave Kingman (442) 4  Teams NYM-154, OAK-100, CHC-94, SF-77

Dave Kingman either hit the ball out or struck out.  Kingman had a career average of .236.  He did lead the NL lead in HRs with 48 in 1979 for the Cubs and with 37 HRs for the Mets in 1982.  Kingman and McGriff are the only guys to have 75 HRs with 4 different teams.

6.   Jeff Kent (377) 4 Teams SF-175, LAD-75, NYM-67, HOU-49

Jeff Kent is one of the best offensive second basemen ever to play the position.  He had 984 Extra Base Hits and was a 5 time ALL-Star.  Kent was the NL MVP in 2000.  Kent also won 4 Silver Slugger Awards.  With a .290 Career Average and a .500 Slugging Percentage, Kent will have  chance to be selected for the BBHOF.

7.   Alfonso Soriano (355) 4 Teams *** CHC-147, NYY-98, TEX-64, WSH-46

Soriano is one of the 3 guys to ever complete 40 Stolen Bases and 40 HRs in one year.  Soriano’s best year was with the Yankees in 2002, where he led league in AB, R, H and SB.  At Age 36, Soriano’s career is winding down.  He has won 4 Silver Slugger Awards and is a 7 time ALL-Star.

8.   Greg Vaughn (355) 4 Teams MIL-169, SD-78, TB-60, CIN-45

Vaughn is one of 26 players to hit 50 HRs in one season when he accomplished this feat with San Diego in 1998.  Vaughn also had 2-40 HR seasons and 2 top ten MVP voting finishes. 

9.   Ellis Burks (352)  4 Teams COL-115, BOS-94, CLE-66, SF-60

Ellis Burks was a 2 time ALL-Star and won a Gold Glove with Boston in 1990.  In 1996 with Colorado, Burks hit 40 HRs and led the league in Slugging (.639) and Runs with 142.  His 392 Total Bases also led the NL.  Burks  is a 30/30 member and had a career average of .291.

10.  Don Baylor (338) 4 Teams CAL-147, NYY-71, BAL-57, BOS-47

Don Baylor was the 1979 AL MVP by leading the league with 120 Runs and 139 RBI.  Baylor led the league in Hit By Pitches in 8 different years and is 4th all-time in the category with 267 plunkings.  Baylor won the World Series with the Twins in 1987 and also made the postseason with CAL/BOS/MIN/OAK.  Baylor made the World Series in 3 years in a row with 3 different clubs from 1986-1988.

11.  Moises Alou (332) 4 Teams HOU-95, MON-84, CHC-76, SF-41

Was a 6 time ALL-Star and won the 1997 World Series with the Florida Marlins.  Alou finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting during the 1992 season,  This former .303 lifetime hitter also had an uncle who had a career average of more than .300 (Matty Alou .307)

12.  Rusty Staub (292)  4 Teams MON-81, NYM-75, DET-70, HOU-57

Staub is one of the most popular Montreal Expos ever serving  4 years with the club when they played at Jerry Park.  Staub was a 6 time ALL-Star and finished in the top 5 of MVP balloting while with the Tigers in 1978.  Staub finished with 2716 career hits including 500 hits with 4 different clubs as well.

13.  Mike Cameron (278) 4 Teams SEA-87, MIL-49, SD-43, NYM-41

In the same game where he hit 4 HRs with the Mariners against the White Sox during the 2002 season, Cameron and Bret Boone set a record by hitting back to back homers twice in the same inning,   Cameron had 5 20 HR/20 SB seasons and he won 3 Gold Gloves.

Mike Cameron is one of 16 players to have hit 4 HRs in one game in 2002. In his last at bat, he hit it to the warning track at Us Cellular Field to just barely miss a record 5th HR.

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