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Toronto Blue Jays: 2012 Trade Deadline Predictions

Friday July 13th, 2012

Alexander McWilliams (MLB reports Intern Candidate):  As of yesterday, the Toronto Blue Jays and their fans can completely throw out the idea of trading the surging Edwin Encarnacion at the trade deadline on July 31st. General Manager Alex Anthopoulos locked up the 1st basemen/Designated Hitter to a 3-year deal worth $27 million, with a club option in 2016 worth a reported $10 million. With this deal taking place some 19 days before the trade deadline, what can fans expect to happen with their beloved Blue Jays? Many say they will be sellers, and others say buyers. Buy why can’t they be both?

                  The Blue Jays have developed, arguably, the best farm system in the MLB ever since Alex Anthopoulos took over as GM. Not only do they possess some of the best pitching prospects, but position players as well. All teams across the league are more than aware of the injuries that Toronto has suffered over the past few months, and could look to exploit said farm system in order to provide an immediate need for the team north of the border. Names such as Justin Upton, Carlos Quentin, Matt Garza, and Cole Hamels are the big names being talked about by a lot of teams these past few months. All are huge impact players which could benefit any team that acquired their services, but at what cost? Read the rest of this entry

An Interview With Camden Yards Expert Roger Ratzenberger

Friday, July. 13/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead  Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth 3024 on twitter)-  I had the privilege to meet Roger Ratzenberger in person while I was on my Guinness World Record quest in April, (yes folks he is related to John Ratzenberger, the guy who played Cliff Clavin on Cheers for the show’s duration, they are cousins.)  Roger could not have been a cooler guy to hang out with.  I first met Roger on http://www.ballparkchasers.com over 4 years ago.  Quickly I saw that he had been to all 30 MLB parks and a lot of defunct baseball parks.  His family have been rabid baseball park aficionado’s for almost a century.  Roger is a lifelong Mets fan but also has spent many of years traveling to other parks around North America and the World.  One of Roger’s favorite parks is Camden Yards.

As luck would turn out, with some re-scheduling on my part, my 30 Ball parks in 23 days Guinness Record ended up with me seeing a game in Baltimore for the last game.  I had seen a game with Roger at Yankee Stadium a few weeks prior.  At that time, he had stated that he would like to meet me in Baltimore for the final game.  So in Maryland, Roger and I also met up with 2 other ballpark chasers in Ken Lee and Lori Martini.  This was a set of 4 ballpark chaser extremists.  All of us have been to the 30 MLB Parks.  It was Roger though,  who was our tour guide in Baltimore.  We managed to get the game in with constant rain fall.  The 4 of us also got together for 2 more games at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field afterwards to celebrate the record.  Here is the interview I did with Roger about Camden Yards. Read the rest of this entry

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