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Enough With PED Users Being Rewarded! Peralta Signs For 4 Years With St. Louis

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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For those fans that may not think about it very much, every time a PED user is gaining an advantage with the crap they are ingesting or shooting them, they are talking away another guys opportunity to make the big leagues.

The Cardinals signed Jhonny Peralta to a 4 YR/$52 MIL deal yesterday.  I am not certainly not faulting the St. Louis for conducting business the way they have to.  They are just following the rules.

What I am choked about is how an offender of the drug policy, can just resume his career, and double his last contract with no real consequences.

It is absurd on so many levels…

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MLB Reports Top 100 Prospects: A Rebuttal To The’s Top 100

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Tuesday February.12, 2013

Our favorite Minor League Prospect - Tyler Austin has been invited to Yankees Spring Training in 2013.

By Jordan Gluck (Prospects/Baseball Operations Correspondent)

Before I show you my top 100 prospects – I want to get you familiar with my grading tactics and styles and what I value most. All prospects have ceilings and very few players reach that ceiling. First lets go through the tools of what I personally value most and where.



Those are the 5(6) tools that scouts use and the scale goes from 20-80. 80 being HOF rare like Giancarlo Stanton Power and 20 being absolutely terrible like Bengie Molina has 20 speed. Most people reading this will probably have more than 20 speed so that’s how pathetic it is.

Jurickson Profar Prospect Highlights:

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