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“Every Day Chucker” – Podcast: Episode #4: MLB Should Go To 154 Games + Recognize All Record Holders From Pre 1961 Again

(Note: I meant to say Joe Dimaggio‘s 56 game hit streak, not Ted Williams in this podcast.  I was talking about the .406 season back in 1941 in this show.)

While the podcast name is still applicable (with full pun intended), due to internet problems and real life issues, my big streak of 3 days in a row with a show ended right there.

I had finished a full podcast but it failed to upload successfully and I lost it outright.  I had even done show #5 (now #4) right after. Yes I could have used that one to make 4 days in a row, but I did not have the time to pound another one out in time for Friday

I am also not sure when I will do my next podcast.  It has been a fun experiment, and I am sure when the mood strikes me next, I now have a platform to use.

Today’s theme was moving the 162 game MLB format each year to 154 Games and keep separate records for both of the totals,

Even with the 8 extra games – many old time records still hold up.  Only Barry Bonds with his 73 bombs in 2001 and Ichiro Suzuki breaking George Sisler‘s 257 hits with 262 in 2004- with Nolan Ryan‘s 383 Strikeouts are the new holders in the last 55 – 56 years.

We could effectively end the steroid era, Or at least have them separate moving forward.

Babe Ruth would be the HR king at 60, although Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire did break the record for that mark much quicker.

Still it would be a true test to see that happen.  It may also extend the LDS rounds to best of 7, and also have enough wiggle room to complete tiebreakers when the season extends by four more off days in 2018.

“Every Day Chucker” Podcast Episode #3: Lets Just Have 8 Batters Per Lineup Hit

NO DH and No Pitcher hitting???  Am I crazy, or would this be a creative way to influx some offense into the game without other big changes done to the fabric of baseball?

Consider the injury yesterday to Junior Guerra, and what if it were Clayton Kershaw or Madison Bumgarner.  Or if a Pitcher got hurt like Chien-Ming Wang, or worse like Tony Conigliaro?

Don’t worry folks, this kind of alteration is unlikely to happen, but one has to wonder whether the league will adopt a unified set of rules for both the American and National League.
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“Every Day Chucker” Podcast Episode #2 – MLB Interleague: AL Speedbagging The NL

I ask the question –   How many more years will be added on to the 13 year winning streak for the W-L record of the Junior Circuit, holding dominance over the Senior Circuit?

Wins by league Heading into 2017

Year Best record Games AL NL %*
1997 National 214 97 117 .547
1998 American 224 114 110 .509
1999 National 251 116 135 .538
2000 American 251 136 115 .542
2001 American 252 132 120 .524
2002 National 252 123 129 .512
2003 National 252 115 137 .544
2004 American 252 127 125 .504
2005 American 252 136 116 .540
2006 American 252 154 98 .611
2007 American 252 137 115 .544
2008 American 252 149 103 .591
2009 American 252 138 114 .548
2010 American 252 134 118 .532
2011 American 252 131 121 .520
2012 American 252 142 110 .563
2013 American 300 154 146 .513
2014 American 300 163 137 .543
2015 American 300 167 133 .557
2016 American 300 165 135 .550

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Chuck Booth Hosts A New Podcast Called “Every Day Chucker”: Well For At Least The Next 8 Days

Chuck Booth hosts his 1st ever solo ‘Podcast’ called the “Every Day” Chucker Podcast.  He salutes Sully Baseball’s Podcast, as Sully ends his 1622 Days straight with a podcast show (usually 20 minutes).

(Related: Link to  The Sully Baseball Podcast.)

Chuck wonders how many days he will do in a row (around 20 minutes), but vows to do at least 8!  Then it is time for season predictions and who will finish where and who will win the 2017 MLB World Series.

Show correction.  Chuck meant to say Miami Marlins personal loss of Jose Ferandez, and not Atlanta Braves tragedy.

Note:  Chuck will only be using SoundCloud for the podcasts.  This is not his real function as a Website Owner, but this is just to fill a gap for a while after Sully stops posting every day.

It may end up like “Speed 2” the movie – after the first film was so good, but oh well. “This Podcast Is Ten Seconds From A Toe-Tag!

Interview on CSN Philly during the month of July.


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