Chuck Booth Hosts A New Podcast Called “Every Day Chucker”: Well For At Least The Next 8 Days

Chuck Booth hosts his 1st ever solo ‘Podcast’ called the “Every Day” Chucker Podcast.  He salutes Sully Baseball’s Podcast, as Sully ends his 1622 Days straight with a podcast show (usually 20 minutes).

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Chuck wonders how many days he will do in a row (around 20 minutes), but vows to do at least 8!  Then it is time for season predictions and who will finish where and who will win the 2017 MLB World Series.

Show correction.  Chuck meant to say Miami Marlins personal loss of Jose Ferandez, and not Atlanta Braves tragedy.

Note:  Chuck will only be using SoundCloud for the podcasts.  This is not his real function as a Website Owner, but this is just to fill a gap for a while after Sully stops posting every day.

It may end up like “Speed 2” the movie – after the first film was so good, but oh well. “This Podcast Is Ten Seconds From A Toe-Tag!

Interview on CSN Philly during the month of July.



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