“Every Day Chucker” – Podcast: Episode #4: MLB Should Go To 154 Games + Recognize All Record Holders From Pre 1961 Again

(Note: I meant to say Joe Dimaggio‘s 56 game hit streak, not Ted Williams in this podcast.  I was talking about the .406 season back in 1941 in this show.)

While the podcast name is still applicable (with full pun intended), due to internet problems and real life issues, my big streak of 3 days in a row with a show ended right there.

I had finished a full podcast but it failed to upload successfully and I lost it outright.  I had even done show #5 (now #4) right after. Yes I could have used that one to make 4 days in a row, but I did not have the time to pound another one out in time for Friday

I am also not sure when I will do my next podcast.  It has been a fun experiment, and I am sure when the mood strikes me next, I now have a platform to use.

Today’s theme was moving the 162 game MLB format each year to 154 Games and keep separate records for both of the totals,

Even with the 8 extra games – many old time records still hold up.  Only Barry Bonds with his 73 bombs in 2001 and Ichiro Suzuki breaking George Sisler‘s 257 hits with 262 in 2004- with Nolan Ryan‘s 383 Strikeouts are the new holders in the last 55 – 56 years.

We could effectively end the steroid era, Or at least have them separate moving forward.

Babe Ruth would be the HR king at 60, although Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire did break the record for that mark much quicker.

Still it would be a true test to see that happen.  It may also extend the LDS rounds to best of 7, and also have enough wiggle room to complete tiebreakers when the season extends by four more off days in 2018.


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