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Who Owns the World Series (WOWS) is Back for the 2018 Fall Classic

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It is not enough just to own October… One must own the WORLD SERIES!

In the regular season, I had “Who Owns Baseball?” aka WOB. The explanation is here.

Then the post season came about and thus was born “Who Owns October?” aka WOO. A full explanation is here.

The player and pitcher who each winning team gets a WOO. If someone on the losing team has an admirable performance (I’m looking at YOU, Justin Verlander), then they would receive 1/2 a WOO.

But the World Series is different. People complain that postseason stats and World Series stats are combined, resulting in Bernie Williams and David Ortiz‘s stats dwarf Mickey Mantle‘s and Babe Ruth‘s because of the additional rounds.

So back in 2013 in my Twitter feed came this suggestion from one of my most loyal readers and listeners.

You got it. “Who Owns the World Series?” or WOWS.

I am going to continue to keep track of WOO to see who has the best tally for the entire Postseason.

But it is also time to keep a separate list for the World Series. Will the leader of WOO also lead WOWS?

There is only one way to find out… keep track like a maniac!


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WOO Stands For ‘Who Owned October’ It is based on a Daily Look at the best players from the baseball games the day before. Our Lead Writer – Paul Francis Sullivan – (feel free to call him ‘Sully’), keeps a running total for the October leaders every day – and we will update the standings here every day.

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