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Who Owns October (#WOO) and Who Owns the World Series (#WOWS) Tallies Updated For October 24, 2017


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Well here we go. The World Series has begun and I am adding Who Owns the World Series to the post season Sully Metrics.

Clayton Kershaw made his World Series debut. Like he fellow multiple Cy Young winning Cooperstown bound compadres who kicked butt in their first World Series start (a la Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez), Kershaw did NOT disappoint.

In fact he was Kershaw-esque!

So who owned October and the World Series?

Each winning team for every post season game gets a pitcher and a hitter who earn a full WOO(Who Owns October.)

And at my discretion, I award a 1/2 WOO’S to a worthy player on the losing team.

But the World Series deserves its own stats. WOWS (Who Owns the World Series.)

At the end of the post season, we will see who had the highest WOO total as a pitcher and a hitter. The WOWS total will be kept separately. Each game now counts towards both tallies.

A complete description of the rules can be found HERE.

From October 24
2017 World Series Game 1:


Receiving 1/2 WOO and 1/2 WOWS

Clayton Kershaw used his World Series debut to dominate Houston with 11 strikeouts over 7 innings, giving up 3 hits, 1 run and no walks to earn the 3-1 decision for the Dodgers.

Justin Turner kept his October heroics going with a dramatic 2 out, 2 run go ahead homer that put the Dodgers on top for good over Houston, 3-1.

Receiving 1/2 WOO and 1/2 WOWS

Alex Bregman  hit a game tying homer, which was pretty much all of Houston’s offense in their 3-1 loss to the Dodgers.

Dallas Keuchel pitched into the 7th, allowing 3 runs over 6 2/3 solid innings. But he took the hard luck 3-1 decision as the Astros fell to the Dodgers.

Current WOWS Totals MLB 2017

Hitters ‘WOWS’ MLB 2017,

Justin Turner – Dodgers 1, Alex Bregman – Astros 1/2,

Pitchers ‘WOWS’ MLB 2016,

Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers 1, Dallas Keuchel – Astros 1/2,

Current WOO Totals MLB 2017

Hitters ‘WOO’ MLB 2017,

Jose Altuve – Astros 4, Aaron Judge – Yankees 3 1/2, Justin Turner – Dodgers 3 1/2, Greg Bird – Yankees 2, Alex Bregman – Astros 2, Carlos Correa – Astros 2, Jay Bruce – Indians 1 1/2, Kris Bryant – Cubs 1 1/2, Yuli Gurriel – Astros 1 1/2, Anthony Rizzo – Cubs 1 1/2, Gary Sanchez – Yankees 1 1/2, Michael Taylor – Nationals 1 1/2,  Ryan Zimmerman – Nationals 1 1/2, Javier Baez – Cubs 1,  Cody Bellinger – Dodgers 1, Willson Contreras – Cubs 1, Logan Forsythe – Dodgers 1, Brett Gardner – Yankees 1, Yan Gomes – Indians 1, Didi Gregorius – Yankees 1, Enrique Hernandez – Dodgers 1, Ketel Marte – Diamondbacks 1, Yasiel Puig – Dodgers 1, Hanley Ramirez – Red Sox 1, Chris Taylor – Dodgers 1, Albert Almora Jr. – Yankees 1/2, Andrew Benitendi – Red Sox 1/2, Starlin Castro – Yankees 1/2, Daniel Descalso – Diamondbacks 1/2, Brian Dozier – Twins 1/2, Todd Frazier – Yankees 1/2, Paul Goldschmidt – Diamondbacks 1/2,  Jason Kipnis – Indians 1/2, Sandy Leon – Red Sox 1/2, J. D. Martinez – Diamondbacks 1/2, Addison Russell – Cubs 1/2, Carlos Santana – Indians 1/2, Kyle Schwarber – Cubs 1/2, Trevor Story – Rockies 1/2, Christian Vazquez – Red Sox 1/2, Ben Zobrist – Cubs 1/2,

Pitchers ‘WOO’ MLB 2017,

Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers 3, Justin Verlander – Astros 3, David Robertson – Yankees 2 1/2, Masahiro Tanaka – Yankees 2 1/2, Yu Darvish – Dodgers 2,  Kenley Jansen – Dodgers 2, Dallas Keuchel – Astros 2, Sean Doolittle – Nationals 1 1/2,  David Price – Red Sox 1 1/2, Stephen Strasburg – Nationals 1 1/2,  Jake Arrieta – Cubs 1, Trevor Bauer – Indians 1, Archie Bradley – Diamondbacks 1, Wade Davis – Cubs 1, Ken Giles – Astros 1, Sonny Gray – Yankees 1, Kyle Hendricks – Cubs 1, Jon Lester – Cubs 1, Brandon Morrow – Dodgers 1, Charlie Morton – Astros 1, Jose Quintana – Cubs 1,  Robbie Ray – Diamondbacks 1, CC Sabathia – Yankees 1, Josh Tomlin – Indians 1, Carlos Carrasco – Indians 1/2, Brian Duensing – Cubs 1/2, Carl Edwards Jr – Cubs 1/2, Jaime Garcia – Yankees 1/2, Zack Godley – Diamondbacks 1/2, Chad Green – Yankees 1/2, Tommy Kahnle – Yankees 1/2, Collin McHugh – Astros 1/2, Lance McCullers Jr – Astros 1/2, Andrew Miller – Indians 1/2, Chris Rusin – Rockies 1/2, Chris Sale – Red Sox 1/2, Max Scherzer – Nationals 1/2,

Sully Baseball Podcast – Loving the local World Series and thoughts about 5 years – October 24, 2017


(David Crane/The Orange County Register via AP)

The World Series has begun down the street and let me tell you, there is nothing quite like a local team in the fall classic (even if it is over 100 degrees outside.)

Meanwhile it is the 5th anniversary of the podcast, but my celebration this year is a little more muted.

Being thankful of the hometown team in it and my friends in podcast land this Episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the In Memoriam video.

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Legal Betting in the US: Could This Be The Time?


Some baseball fans today might feel like back when

Babe Ruth, https://www.royalvegascasino.com/blog/top-10-greatest-sportsmen-of-all-time/ one of Royal Vegas’s top sportsmen of all time was on the playfield. His active years fell mostly within the US’ Prohibition Era when gambling as a whole was illegal (which didn’t stop the underground from making fortunes using it). Today, the situation is similar – at least when it comes to sports betting. Today, in turn, it’s not Protestant values but the integrity of sports that has prompted the federal government to issue an almost complete ban on betting on sports. The PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) has pushed sports betting out of legality, leaving only a few carve outs for a few states (Oregon, Nevada, Delaware, and Montana).

For years, the stance of America’s major sports leagues was clearly against betting. But now times seem to be changing, thanks in part to the numerous challenges to the PASPA (some senators and governors consider it unconstitutional because it denies states the right to decide on such a matter for themselves). Their reasons are multiple but most of the times have to do with the fact that regulated sports betting could really boost the tax income of the states. But sports leagues that had a clear and adamant anti-betting stance also seem to change their hearts.

Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent was among those who opposed the reinstatement of Pete Rose and also testified in support of the above-mentioned PASPA. “In those days, we were very adamant against betting, because we had just been dealt and were dealing with the Pete Rose case,” Vincent, now 79, told The Bleacher Report this August. “We saw the risks and the danger of corruption, and we saw that the mafia was involved in some of the things we investigated. It’s dangerous, and it’s still dangerous. But I think the American public wants to bet, and it’s already betting.”

Underground bookmakers and offshore internet betting outlets are available to the American public, even though their services are illegal. Although there were several attempts to crack down on such operations, enough of them still remain for those who really want to bet to be able to do so. And they do so out of the reach of the authorities – which means that their money leaves the US, never to return.

If sports betting was regulated, the situation would probably be similar to the European one. There, major betting groups are not only making money on the back of sports but pouring a lot of money back into them through sponsorship, among others. The integrity of sports is safeguarded not only by the leagues and international organizations but by the betting operators themselves – industry bodies like the ESSA continuously keep an eye on irregular betting patterns to discover not only money laundering but potential match fixing, too, and report them to the authorities.

Legal sports betting would benefit not only the leagues of the United States but the sports media, too. A recent report has shown that legal sports betting would boost the viewership of sports TV channels like ESPN, and implicitly, the ad revenues of the leagues themselves.

“I don’t know how the feds or the states are going to act, but the money will come to the leagues one way or another,” Vincent said, cited by the Bleacher Report. “It will go to the teams. The unions are going to want a cut of it. The amount of money is going to mean enormous increases in players’ compensation, and officials, too; I mean the entire sporting world is going to benefit enormously.”

An ever-increasing number of voices speak of a potential lifting of the federal ban on sports betting. Numerous states have their betting laws ready, waiting for the federal government to allow it. Could this be the time when legal betting returns to the US?

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