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Happy Birthday Miller Park

Anybody can say they were at Miller Park’s first Opening Day – 42,024 people in fact. That game happened on April 6, 2001.  But only REAL FANS can say they were at the second game.  I went to that game, and I’ll tell you about it after a quick recap of the opener…

In a repeat of the final series at Milwaukee County Stadium the previous year, Cincinnati again met the Brewers. Jeff D’Amico started both games for the Crew, and his first pitch in that first MP game was a strike to Barry Larkin.  At 7:17 p.m. under a closed roof, the action was underway.  It was just 43 degrees outside, but 72 degrees comfortable inside for fans – as had been promised all along.  Talk of a new stadium started over ten years prior to that first pitch, and the construction phase lasted well over four years.





“Every Day Chucker” – Podcast: Episode #4: MLB Should Go To 154 Games + Recognize All Record Holders From Pre 1961 Again

(Note: I meant to say Joe Dimaggio‘s 56 game hit streak, not Ted Williams in this podcast.  I was talking about the .406 season back in 1941 in this show.)

While the podcast name is still applicable (with full pun intended), due to internet problems and real life issues, my big streak of 3 days in a row with a show ended right there.

I had finished a full podcast but it failed to upload successfully and I lost it outright.  I had even done show #5 (now #4) right after. Yes I could have used that one to make 4 days in a row, but I did not have the time to pound another one out in time for Friday

I am also not sure when I will do my next podcast.  It has been a fun experiment, and I am sure when the mood strikes me next, I now have a platform to use.

Today’s theme was moving the 162 game MLB format each year to 154 Games and keep separate records for both of the totals,

Even with the 8 extra games – many old time records still hold up.  Only Barry Bonds with his 73 bombs in 2001 and Ichiro Suzuki breaking George Sisler‘s 257 hits with 262 in 2004- with Nolan Ryan‘s 383 Strikeouts are the new holders in the last 55 – 56 years.

We could effectively end the steroid era, Or at least have them separate moving forward.

Babe Ruth would be the HR king at 60, although Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire did break the record for that mark much quicker.

Still it would be a true test to see that happen.  It may also extend the LDS rounds to best of 7, and also have enough wiggle room to complete tiebreakers when the season extends by four more off days in 2018.

Prospects Of The Day: Brent Honeywell Starts Off Dominant

On this opening day, we see a lot of studs being studs and players living to the hype that was seen in them over the offseason. Brent Honeywell, Cody Bellinger, and Forrest Wall are all touted names over the last few years but Cedric Mullins continues to showcase his potential. Andrew Moore continues to showcase why he is still among the nation’s best pitchers despite having the electric stuff that normally turns the heads of both scouts and fans.

Players Of The Day

Brent Honeywell

6.0 Innings Pitched – 3 Hits – 2 Earned Runs – 12 Strikeouts – 1 Walk

In an amazing effort that ends in a loss for Montgomery Brent Honeywell was electric in his 2017 Double-A debut. He started off strong striking out Mauricio Dubon on a foul tip and finished the inning striking out Michael Reed. He then went on to strike out every batter in the second. The damage came in the fourth inning when he walked Michael Reed and then proceeded to let both Victor Roache and Jacob Nottingham with hit by pitches. With the bases loaded Honeywell allowed a single to Angel Ortega that drove in Michael Reed and Victor Roache. He escaped the inning by catching Jacob Nottingham in what is logged as a stolen base attempt but ended in a pickle.

Honeywell is one of the nation’s best pitching prospects and rated as our #23 overall prospect in our initial Top 250 MLB Prospects list. The Rays pitching situation is one of the worst in baseball for him in terms of reaching the majors. Nonetheless, Honeywell is more than likely going to see the field in Tampa in 2017. He is still working to develop a true out pitch and needs to find a way to break away from righties.

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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Fanduel And DraftKings 4/7/17

This is a much better slate we have for Friday as opposed to the terrible pitching and weather related slate we had yesterday which was an absolute mess.

That brings us to Friday slate, and our first slate for our MLB Friends League which you can find the link to sign up HERE.

Max Scherzer Scherzer is making his first start of the season against the Phillies in Philadelphia on Friday. The reason he wasn’t the open day starter was he was injured a small bit in Spring Training and they wanted him to get some extra innings in.

He’s absolutely dominated the Phillies in his career by giving up only 40 hits in 178 ABs which is a .225 BA. He’s struck out 46 batters while only giving up 1 HR.

Scherzer is part of the early games on Friday but should be a lock if you play either the early only or all day slate.

Career vs Current Phillies Roster

AVG: 0.225 [40 for 178], BABIP: 0.290, K%: 24.0, BB%: 5.2
FIP: 2.42 Strikeout: 46 Groundout:35 Single: 27 Flyout: 27 Pop Out:18 Walk: 10 Double: 9 Lineout: 7Hit By Pitch: 3 Triple: 2 Home Run:2 Double Play: 1 Fielders Choice Out: 1 Bunt Groundout: 1 Sac Bunt: 1 Bunt Pop Out: 1 Grounded Into DP: 1

Ivan Nova Talk about reinvigorating your career 10 fold. Ever since last trade deadline when the Yankees sent Nova to the Pirates, he was a completely different pitcher. He gets a great matchup against the Braves with who he has only given up 18 hits in 73 ABs (.247 BA) while getting 19 ground outs, 12 strike outs and only 2 HRs.

Absolutely love him for both cash and GPPs tonight. Nova has a 14.6 K% and only a 4.9 BB% against the Braves and could be a sneaky play tonight.

Career vs Current Braves Roster

AVG: 0.247 [18 for 73], BABIP: 0.238, K%: 14.6, BB%: 4.9
FIP: 4.69 Groundout: 19 Strikeout:12 Single: 11 Flyout: 10 Lineout: 8Double: 4 Grounded Into DP: 3 Sac Fly: 3 Home Run: 3 Walk: 3 Sac Bunt: 2 Pop Out: 2 Forceout: 1Intent Walk: 1

Steven Wright He’s the 2nd highest priced pitcher after Scherzer on the All-Day slate over at Fanduel. That seems crazy considering Wright is going up against the AL

Rookie of the Year Michael Fulmer. Knuckleball pitchers are always scary to take because at any given night they could be well off of their game and get slaughtered or be pulled early.

It’s true that Wright hasn’t given up much to the Tigers with 9 hits in 33 ABs (.273 BA) with 6 strikeouts and only 1 HR given up. He makes a very expensive GPP-only play on today’s slate.

Career vs Current Tigers Roster

AVG: 0.273 [9 for 33], BABIP: 0.308, K%: 16.2, BB%: 10.8
FIP: 4.83 Flyout: 7 Strikeout: 6Groundout: 6 Single: 6 Walk: 4 Pop Out: 2 Double: 2 Double Play: 1Home Run: 1 Forceout: 1 Lineout:1

Value/Sleeper Pitchers:

Luis Severino Now I know exactly what you’re thinking. “You’re only putting him on there because you’re a Yankees fan.” WRONG. It’s true that he struggled mightily last season with a 3-8 record and a 5.83 ERA but some of that is due to the anemic Yankee’s offense before the trade deadline.

He had a pretty damn good Spring and even added a pitch to his arsenal with the help of Pedro “Who’s Your Daddy” Martinez and that makes Sevy a very interesting sleeper/GPP pick for your Friday night slate. He’s also had some success against the Oriole’s offense.

Career vs Current Orioles Roster

AVG: 0.170 [9 for 53], BABIP: 0.139, K%: 22.0, BB%: 8.5
FIP: 6.09 Strikeout: 13 Groundout:11 Pop Out: 6 Flyout: 6 Walk: 5Home Run: 4 Lineout: 4 Double: 4Field Error: 3 Single: 1 Hit By Pitch:1 Fielders Choice Out: 1


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