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About Spencer Trayner

I was born and raised in Tampa Florida. As long as I could remember I have been playing the sport of Baseball. My dad has been my biggest fan since I first picked up a baseball. We used to play a game called burn out in the street. This game is where he would throw the ball as hard as he could to me and I would return the favor (he will no longer play with me). Throughout the years he pushed me hard to be the best I could be. Around the age of 10 where I probably had played atleast 4 seasons of little league by then I started to dislike the game of baseball. I don't know if it was because I was burnt out or if I was interested in trying a different sport. During this time my dad pushed me even harder because he saw my potential in the sport. This created a lot of family strife because of the fact that my mom wanted to protect my interests and my dad wanted to make me become the best I could possibly be. At around the age of 12 I started to realize how good I was. Not a single person could blow a fastball by me and not a single person was able to hit my fastball. It is at this age when I started realizing how good I was I started to value my dad even more. I started to love the game of baseball. I played travel ball for the next two years for two different teams, The Sarasota Salty Dogs, and the Tampa Heat. Around this time is where i met my workout partner, Mike Freidline. Mike played college baseball and instructional ball with the Cincinnati Reds. My dad hired him to train me in baseball because I was throwing and hitting too hard at that point for him to keep up. After playing my final summer with the Tampa Heat it was time to get into high school baseball. I applied and later went to Tampa Jesuit High School. The talent baseball wise there was outstanding. As a freshman I made varsity as a pitcher and later earned my position at second base my sophomore year. I played summer ball throughout high school as well. The two teams I played for was a team based out of Louisiana called Marucci and another team based out of Orlando called FTB Mizuno. It was during my sophomore summer where I began to get recruited by different schools to play. I made the decision to go to the University of North Carolina. I committed as a two-way but eventually ended up only pitching because I could not hit spin. It was a shame that I couldn't hit spin because I was an extremely good defensive shortstop. In fact I made it a point while I was at Carolina to let everyone know how good of a shortstop I was often challenging the infielders to ground balls to see who can make it look the prettiest. I always won. In June of 2016 I was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals and just finished my first season as a State College Spike.

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