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Brian Dozier for Jose de Leon Makes Sense for both the Dodgers and Twins

A new rumor on the Twitter has the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers as possible trade partners in a deal that would send Brian Dozier to LA in exchange for Jose De Leon. The swap would see LA deal its #4 prospect, a huge upside starting pitcher with limited MLB time but dominating AAA numbers, and Minnesota part ways with a slugging second basemen who has been the defacto face of the franchise for nigh on three years.

I love it. This is a trade that makes sense for both teams.

First, let’s look at it from the Twins side since that’s a little simpler. Minnesota is not a very good team. They lost 103 games in 2016 and finished in last place in AL Central. However, as I wrote back in October, Minnesota has a really good young core of position players led by Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, and Max Kepler that should provide good reason for hope in the Twin Cities.

However, the they lack pitching, particularly starting pitching. From my previous Twins post:

Jose Berrios is supposed to be a starter of the future, and still may very well be, but an ERA above 8.00 in 13 starts certainly doesn’t instill confidence… Phil Hughes is bad; that’s not changing…”

To continue reading about the potential Dodgers and Twins trade, check out offthebenchbaseball.com!

Linked on the Field, in Verse, and in the Corridors of League Power


The Poem only Hints at the Complex and Eternal Connection Between Tinker, Evers and Chance

It was intended as a trifle, a last-minute mad-dash of an assignment. An editor had told him he needed eight lines to fill before he could head to the ball park to cover a game.

And so, New York Evening Globe and Mail columnist Frank Adams wrote his tribute – lodged his complaint – about the trio that had so vexed his NY Giants. 

For many fans, Adams’ eight-line throwaway of a poem is all that remains of the famed trio – a shame, considering their immense impact on the game in its early years. They were the main players on baseball’s grand stage. READ THE FULL STORY AT PLATE COVERAGE

The Greatest Detroit Tiger By Position: First Base

tigers-first-basemenMoving on from naming our greatest catcher of all-time for the Detroit Tigers, we take on naming the greatest first baseman of all-time.  If choosing a catcher was difficult, this proves to be one of the biggest battles outside of the right field discussion.

With the only criteria of playing for the Tigers for five seasons, with a majority of games at that position, we have seven candidates.  They include: Norm Cash, Hank Greenberg, Miguel Cabrera, Rudy York, Lu Blue, Cecil Fielder, and Tony Clark.  The only two players that I am going to eliminate from this list right away will be Clark and Fielder, as Clark’s the .277 average and 156 homers aren’t going to cut it with this group, although the numbers are respectable.  Fielder, I was intending to write about until I looked at his numbers as a first baseman and realized a third of his homers came as a DH.

We’ll start in chronological order…

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 19, 2016


AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

The Raiders are trying to squeeze hundreds of millions of dollars out of Oakland for a new stadium. Why does Oakland bend over backwards for the Raiders and not the A’s?

And the A’s should think of breaking up with Oakland.

Things might not be working out on this episode of  The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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