DJ LeMahieu is How the Rockies Will Upgrade Their Pitching

In August, I wrote a piece titled The Rockies Future Hinges on DJ LeMahieu in which I argued that LeMahieu was an enigma whose trade value wouldn’t be fully formed until July of 2017. In that piece, I argued that Trevor Story and recent third overall pick Brendan Rodgers would form the future of the Rockies middle infield, thus forcing LeMahieu off the roster. I argued that LeMahieu’s play would dictate his trade value with a possible return somewhere between what his 2016 WAR suggests he’s worth (Jake Arrieta) and what his pre-2016 performance suggests (Jon Niese).

Well, fast forward 4 months and not much has changed, except that LeMahieu’s fit with the Rockies is even worse now.

The Rockies recently signed Ian Desmond in a deal that didn’t make sense on its own. Ian Desmond is a former shortstop turned utility man, penciled in to play first base, where his athletism will be wasted. He only further complicates the Rockies middle infield conundrum as the Rockies are similarly crowded in the outfield. The signing just makes a DJ LeMahieu deal all the more likely.

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