MLB Awards, Pt. 2: The Logic Escapes Me


“…The argument, made by several chroniclers of the game, is that there was no standout performance by a starting pitcher in the AL this year, opening the door for a standout reliever to claim the prize. The voters are literally saying “since we can’t pick between the two best pitchers in the league, we’ll give it to a third pitcher who wasn’t as good.”

It’s an absurd argument. Detroit’s Justin Verlander and Cleveland’s Corey Kluber were both excellent. Both have a claim as the best pitcher in the American League. Were they historically good? No. But they were the two best the league had to offer in 2016 (lest we forget, the Cy Young is a single-season honor, and players can only judged by their performance relative to the league that year). In other words, in what universe does it make sense to penalize a pitcher for being the best, but only the best by a little bit? Michael Phelps gets the gold whether he wins by .10 seconds or .01 seconds…”

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