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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 1, 2016


(Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer)

Was Game 6 of the 2016 World Series a classic? Actually no. It was kind of a dud. But it was a strange dud whose impact could be felt in Game 7.

It is a Calm Before the Storm Episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryantand Jason Kipnis all added to their totals for Who Owns October and Who Owns the World Series (WOO and WOWS.)

For the up to date standings of Who Owns October and Who Owns the World Series, go to MLB Reports

What is “Who Owns October”? Click HERE for an explanation.

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Who Owns October and Who Owns the 2016 World Series (#WOO and #WOWS) Tallies Updated For November 1, 2016


Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune

It all comes down to one game. Does it get better than that?

So who owned October and the World Series?

Each winning team for every post season game gets a pitcher and a hitter who earn a full WOO (Who Owns October.)

And at my discretion, I award a 1/2 WOO’S to a worthy player on the losing team.

But the World Series deserves its own stats. WOWS (Who Owns the World Series.)

At the end of the post season, we will see who had the highest WOO total as a pitcher and a hitter. The WOWS total will be kept separately. Each game now counts towards both tallies.

A complete description of the rules can be found HERE.

From November 1st
2016 World Series Game 6:

Receiving 1 WOO’s and WOWS

Jake Arrieta struck out 9 Indians in 5 2/3 innings, allowing 2 runs and earned the 9-3 decision for the Cubs in Game 6.

Kris Bryant collected 4 hits including a homer and a pair of runs scored as the Cubs clocked the Indians 9-3 and forced a Game 7.

Receiving 1/2 WOO’s and WOWS

Jason Kipnis singled, doubled and homered, scoring a pair but the rest of the Indians were silenced in their 9-3 loss to the Cubs.

Current ‘WOWS’ Totals MLB 2016:

Hitters ‘WOWS’ MLB 2016,

Kris Bryant – Cubs 2,  Jason Kipnis – Indians 1 1/2, Coco Crisp  – Indians 1, Roberto Perez – Indians 1, Kyle Schwarber – Cubs 1, Rajai Davis – Indians 1/2, Dexter Fowler – Cubs 1/2, Mike Napoli – Indians 1/2, Jorge Soler – Cubs 1/2, Ben Zobrist – Cubs 1/2,

Pitchers ‘WOWS’ MLB 2016,

Jake Arrieta – Cubs 2,  Corey Kluber – Indians 2, Jon Lester – Cubs 1, Andrew Miller – Indians 1, Kyle Hendricks – Cubs 1/2, Bryan Shaw – Indians 1/2,

HCurrent WOO Totals MLB 2016

Hitters ‘WOO’ MLB 2016,

Josh Donaldson – Blue Jays 3 1/2, Kris Bryant – Cubs 3,  Francisco Lindor – Indians 3, Adrian Gonzalez – Dodgers 2 1/2,  Jason Kipnis – Indians 2 1/2, Coco Crisp – Indians 2,    Daniel Murphy – Nationals 2, Addison Russell – Cubs 2, Justin Turner – Dodgers 2,  Javier Baez – Cubs 1 1/2, Edwin Encarnacion – Blue Jays 1 1/2, Dexter Fowler – Cubs 1 1/2, Conor Gillaspie – Giants 1 1/2, Mike Napoli – Indians 1 1/2,  Roberto Perez – Indians 1 1/2, Ben Zobrist – Cubs 1 1/2,  Mookie Betts – Red Sox 1, Brandon Guyer – Indians 1, Yasmani Grandal – Dodgers 1, Shawn Kelley – Nationals 1,  Miguel Montero – Cubs 1, Joe Panik – Giants 1, Joc Pederson – Dodgers 1, Anthony Rizzo – Cubs 1, Kyle Schwarber – Cubs 1, Troy Tulowitzki – Blue Jays 1, Jayson Werth – Nationals 1, Elvis Andrus – Rangers 1/2, Jose Bautista – Blue Jays 1/2,  Andrew Benintendi  – Red Sox 1/2, Gregor Blanco – Giants 1/2, Rajai Davis – Indians 1/2, Ian Desmond – Rangers 1/2, Curtis Granderson – Mets 1/2, Rougned Odor – Rangers 1/2, Buster Posey – Giants 1/2, Carlos Ruiz – Dodgers 1/2, Michael Saunders – Blue Jays 1/2, Corey Seager – Dodgers 1/2, Jorge Soler – Cubs 1/2, Mark Trumbo – Orioles 1/2,

Pitchers ‘WOO’ MLB 2016,

Corey Kluber – Indians 4,  Jon Lester – Cubs 4, Andrew Miller – Indians 3,  Jake Arrieta – Cubs 2 1/2,   Kenley Jansen – Dodgers 2 1/2, Kyle Hendricks – Cubs 2,  Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers 2,   Roberto Osuna – Blue Jays 2, Josh Tomlin – Indians 2, Marco Estrada – Blue Jays 1 1/2, Madison Bumgarner – Giants 1, Aroldis Chapman – Cubs 1, Rich Hill – Dodgers 1, Derek Law – Giants 1,  Mark Melancon– Nationals 1, Ryan Merritt – Indians 1, Mike Montgomery – Cubs 1, Aaron Sanchez – Blue Jays 1, Marcus Stroman – Blue Jays 1, Travis Wood – Cubs 1,  Johnny Cueto – Giants 1/2, Matt Moore – Giants 1/2, Darren O’Day – Orioles 1/2, Max Scherzer – Nationals 1/2, Bryan Shaw – Indians 1/2, Noah Syndergaard – Mets 1/2,

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Francisco Lindor’s Postseason Showcasing Why He’s Baseball’s Best Young Shortstop

Baseball is currently enjoying a period full of young, elite shortstops. Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor is in this group, but often gets overlooked –by myself included – because guys like Carlos Correa and Corey Seager grab most of the headlines.

Well, I’m done overlooking and ready to put him at the top of the list. Lindor has been front and center in October and the 22-year-old is making the most of his opportunity as the Indians are on the verge of their first title since 1948.

Manager Terry Francona is getting a ton of credit for the masterful usage of his bullpen, and rightfully so. However, as important as preventing runs is in the postseason, teams still must score in order to advance.

Lindor has been a catalyst for Cleveland throughout the past month, but this isn’t anything new. His full range of skills and ability to put it all together in the big leagues from the minute he was promoted makes him special and worthy of being the game’s top young shortstop.


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