Was the HOF Sending a Message with Babe Ruth’s Plaque?

ruth-babe-plaque-small-orig_orig“Holder of many home run and other batting records.”

Sure, you could say that. But why would you say it like that? This is saying Bill Gates “was successful in the computer business,” that Shakespeare “wrote a number of well-received plays.”

“Greatest drawing card in the history of baseball. Holder of many home run and other batting records. Gathered 714 home runs in addition to fifteen in World Series.”

In retrospect, it seems impossible that the Hall of Fame thought these 28 words did justice to the Babe’s career. Did the writer decide that Ruth’s accomplishments were just too numerous to list? Was the terse inscription a sly wink – or rebuke – to Ruth’s out-sized personality and Rabelaisian appetites?  (Read More at Plate Coverage)


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