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Another week has passed – and it is time to get serious in our World Series picks.

To start off, I have eliminated 12 teams from the chance to win a World Series.  These clubs include: BOS/CWS/MIN/TEX/HOU/MIA/PHI/NYM/COL/SD/ARI/CHC.

Having said this, the Rays season also may be 10 seconds from a toetag.  We will see how they fare this week.

Last weeks selections I was 3 – 1 – 1 for the best odds to wager on.  The Cardinals moved up slightly, and the Nats made a big move up the list thanks to a Braves 8 game losing streak.

I also won with the Dodgers going from +700 to +600.  The only odd I lost was an Angels club going from +1000 – +1000

On the worst odds bets last week I went 3 – 1 – 1. I had the Rays plummeting quickly as my top selection, and I was right on the money, and they plunged from +5000 – to now +10000.  I also pegged the Braves bad road trip, and Yankees fall from grace on the value.

The only odd I lost was the A’s going from +400 to now +375. For the record, I still hate the value, and would surely peg the Dodgers as the #1 team (ranked wise) to win the World Series.

LA holds a 3.5 Games lead on the Giants, who are free-falling.  The Dodger Blue club will also beat up NL West cupcakes of the Padres, Rockies and D’Backs.

While their +600 is about the right odd, I can’t place them in the best wagers for value.


I absolutely hate the Tigers odd.  These guys are only a half game ahead of KC, and one of these years they will be burned from their continuous yo-yo act with their play.

Kansas City at +2800 (holder of the 2nd wildcard spot by 1.5 games over Seattle and Toronto) is the best odd on the board in my view.  They have won 7 games in a row, have lights out pitching, and the offense is starting to pick up.

Again, the experts are not giving enough credence to the “Strength of Schedule” remaining.  The Ned Yost led club will have a steady dose of the White Sox and Twins, while the Indians aren’t exactly ‘world beaters’ either.

The Mariners have to contend with the Angels and A’s, and the Yankees/Jays have to climb through the bitter AL East Division a lot in the last month of the calendar.

Milwaukee checks in as my 2nd favorite selection this week.  They still hold a 2 game lead over the Cards and 2.5 over the Bucs, whom are both missing their MVP players of Yadier Molina and Andrew McCutchen.

Even Cincinnati is missing Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto.  The Brew Crew and St. Louis should at least by close to the World Series odd, not apart by a +500 margin as of right now.

With Atlanta winning their series versus Washington over the weekend, they have salvaged the campaign. At 3.5 games out, they have a chance to still win the NL East, as they also play .667 baseball against the Nats.

I also turn to them playing Miami, Philadelphia and the New York Mets a great deal of time in the last part of the year. +2500 has them as the 11th favorite.

With all of the NL Central injuries, added with them cannibalizing each other down the stretch, coupled with how bad San Fran has fared recently, I love the new odd for the Tomahawk Choppers.

I also don’t think the Tigers should be the #2 favorite today….maybe in a week that will revert back, but their Relief Core is a scary proposition for any point.

Kansas City is hot on their heels once again.  Detroit should not be favored 5.5 times more to win the Fall Classic than their Division counterparts (KC) – when they only possess a half game lead heading into action today.

Their odd should be somewhere near +850 – near where the Nationals are.

If I was running this gambling establishment I would have had LA Dodgers #1 at +600. Oakland 2nd at +650, and Tigers/Nats  tied for 3rd at +800, and rounding the top 5 would be the Orioles and Angels both at +1100.

BAL should be +1200 at 7th. 8th should be a virtual tie for STL/MIL at +1500.

 I would place the Royals next at +1800, followed by the Braves at +1900, the Giants +2000, Blue Jays +2200.  I like where the website put the Mariners and Pirates, both are totally fair.

I also think the Reds at +5000 is right.  Cleveland is a weird team to peg down, however I would probably list them as +5500.  While they are 2.5 games further behind the playoff bar then Cincy, they have the AL Central to play, whereas the NL Central could be the downfall for the Redlegs.

Odds To Win The 2014 World Series This Week (Last Week Odd)

Blue Color Bold – Not Good Value Ranked 1 – 5 in parenthesis

RED Color Bold – Great Value – Ranked 1 – 5 in parenthesis

1. OAK +375 (+400) (3)

2. DET +500 (+550) (4)

3. LAD +600 (+700)

4. WSH +850 (+1100)

T5. LAA +1100 (+1000) (4)

T5. STL +1100 (+1200) (5)

T5. BAL +1100 (+1400)

8. SF +1400 (+1400) (2)

T9. TOR +1600 (+1600) (1)

T9.  MIL +1600 (+1800) (2)

11.  ATL +2500 (+1600) (3)

T12. KC +2800 (+4000) (1)

T12.  NYY +2800 (+2500)

T14.  PIT +3300 (+2500)

T14. SEA +3300 (+3300)

16. CIN +5000 (+4000)

17. CLE +6600 (+6600) (5)

18. TB +10000 (+5000)


US Residents be advised it is illegal to gamble in most states in the country.

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