The Mariners Managerial Search Continues

Former Ozzie Guillen assistant Joey Cora would be the popular choice for the Mariners open Managerial position.

Former Ozzie Guillen assistant Joey Cora would be the popular choice for the Mariners open Managerial position.  The man played a significant role on the the 1995 club that won their first Division Title since coming into the Majors in 1977.

Sam Evans ( Baseball Writer and Marlins, Mariners Correspondent):

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The Mariners new manager needs to be someone who can turn around the recent trend of losing baseball at Safeco Field and help bring a new era of baseball to the pacific northwest.

General Manager Jack Zduriencik has exhaustively looked at a number of different options, with potential candidates ranging from young to old, some with Seattle connections, some completely new to the city.

However, it appears, although this is just an assumption, that he has narrowed his list to three option.

Chip Hale, the Athletics bench coach, Lloyd McClendon, the Tigers hitting coach, and Joey Cora, the former White Sox bench coach. Here is a look at each of the three top candidates and which one is my favorite of the bunch.

Joey Cora Game #5  (ALDS) HR versus the Yankees in 1995

Lloyd McClendon has been the hitting coach for the Detroit Tigers since 2007, coaching some of the game's top lineups during his time.

Lloyd McClendon has been the hitting coach for the Detroit Tigers since 2007, coaching some of the game’s top lineups during his time.

Chip Hale, 48, has spent the last two years as the bench coach for the Oakland Athletics, after assistant coaching positions with the Diamondbacks and the Mets prior.

Hale, who played seven years in the Majors as a second baseman, interviewed to be the Mariners Manager back in 2008 and interviewed to be the Mets Manager after Jerry Manuel was fired.

While some might wonder why the Mariners would give this guy a second chance to try out for a position he already lost, he is a very appealing option in many senses.

Hale played under Twins Manager Tom Kelly, and credits his ideas about how to play the game the right way to him.

In an interview he did with Ryan Divish in 2008, the one point Kelly made that stood out to me was “My biggest thing is play the game the right way. I played under Tom Kelly in Minnesota, and the one thing he preached from day one was ‘respect the game,’ and it could be as simple as that.

If guys just buy into that fact and play the game a little better and play the game the right way, we can beat a lot of teams.”

Lloyd McClendon, 54, has the most coaching experience out of the three top candidates and he is the only one of these three that spent time as a Major League Manager.

From 2000-2005, McClendon managed some terrible Pirates teams – and had little success.

Since then, McClendon has worked as the bullpen coach and later the hitting coach of the Detroit Tigers. He has found great success in that role and it has generated interviews for many positions, including the Mariners Managerial vacancy in 2010.

McClendon is another coach known for his character and unfortunately, for some interesting outrages during his time with the Pirates.

Overall, McClendon seems like a very solid option but one does have to wonder why he didn’t win the Tigers position this offseason.

Joey Cora, 48, is a legend in Seattle for his leadership when playing for the Mariners in the 90’s.

He has coached with the White Sox and Marlins as a third-base and bench coach under Ozzie Guillen. Cora has been working as an analyst for MLB Network for the last year or so.

He interviewed for the Mariners position in 2008 and his name has come up in numerous positions similar to the other two candidates.

Naming Joey Cora the Manager would probably go over better than either of the other two in Seattle due to his popularity as a player.

All three of these coaches are going to be Managers at some point in the next couple years.

However, If I  had to choose one of three, I’d go with Chip Hale. He knows the A.L. West – and has coached against the Mariners more than either of the other two coaches.

I feel like he would be a great coach to teach the Mariners young prospects how he wants them to play baseball, but at the same time not become to overbearing or cranky.

Chip Hale feels like the right person for the job to me, but one can only imagine what Jack Zduriencik is thinking.

Overall, Zduriencik needs to choose a manager that is capable of changing the losing atmosphere to keep his job, and more importantly, bring back winning baseball in Seattle.

Chip Hale (#5) was one of the key coaches in turning things around in Oakland. Could he do the same thing on a larger scale in Seattle?

Chip Hale (#5) was one of the key coaches in turning things around in Oakland. Could he do the same thing on a larger scale in Seattle?  He is among 4 other finalists for the job with Tim Wallach, McClendon, Joey Cora and Rick Renteria also being considered for the job

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