MLB (R) Weekly Power Rankings – Week 2

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Monday Apr.15/2013

Billy Beane has pick- pocketed some of the best power hitting prospcects from other clubs that may just need a chance to prove their metal with some big league At - Bats.  His club has roared out of the gates - leading in most offensive and defensive categories so far.  The team has put up a 80 - 40 Record since starting last year 23 - 32.

Billy Beane has seen his club roar out of the gates – leading in most offensive and defensive categories so far. This year’s team is 9 – 4 (Leading the AL West) – and have put up a 81 – 40 Record since starting last year 23 – 32.  The Tigers seem to be the only toxic for the franchise.  The Athletics at least played in front of decent crows at Coliseum  on Saturday drawing 35K – with the team trying to go for a 10th straight win.  Justin Verlander stopped the streak.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

Well, the Atlanta Braves are the toast of the MLB right now, Prince Fielder is the hottest hitter on the planet, John Buck is doing his best  Johnny Bench impersonation – while Chris Davis is giving new definition to the nickname   ‘Crash’.

The Mets and Rockies have had the biggest ‘Cupcake Schedules’ thus far in the Major Leagues – and I am still not buying stock in these teams.

The Angels pulled out a couple of wins versus the Houston Astros to end the week 5 – 8 (You guys are supposed to beat Houston whenever  you play them this year!

The Yankees rode a 4 – 1 week among a schedule that was blown apart by weather induced cancellations in Cleveland, to climb the standings.

To quote Joe Pesci in (‘ My Cousin Vinny” when Fred Gwynne tells him he is in contempt of court) in response to Jose Reyes being injured.  “There is a f—— surprise!

Active Pitchers Winning Percentage:

Roy Halladay was able to feel good for one day – when he faced the AA Marlins – playing without Giancarlo Stanton.  I still think he will find his way (The guy is the Active Win Percentage Leader for now).

The Yankees have secretly hired Brian Dennehy and Wilford Brimley – to funnel a pond of water that they used for the Cocoon movie series into the bowels of Yankee Stadium.  How else could Vernon Wells, Travis Hafner, Kevin Youkilis, Andruw Jones. Lyle Overbay and Raul Ibanez be able to be productive once they donned the Pinstripes?

Mark Reynolds is on one of his tears right now – he must have faced the New York Yankees last week!

Evan Gattis proved you can quit baseball outright for a few years and then come back and rake!!  Pure talent rises to the top.

Arizona is the scary good fundamental baseball club that nobody wants to give credit – yet they will play a part in who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.

Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester look like they could carry the club all season long (plus the city of Boston should try to find that sign Kramer (from Seinfeld_ made saying “Bad Chicken” – and place it in every restaurant around Fenway!)

The Cubs secure the funding to renovate Wrigley Field and not move to Rosemont.  Now they just have to dodge the businesses across the street suing them.  They should start the renovations right now – while the club isn’t so hot for a few years.

The Reds had he worst week of all losing almost every game this week and their #1 Starter.  At least Joey Votto Homered for the 1st time in 100+ AB, yet that was about the only good news.

Al Alburquerque still has not allowed a HR ever in the regular season – having faced 255 Batters in his Career during that time.

Brett Gardner hit a HR versus LHP for the 1st time since July of 2010.

In the last 9 Games, Prince Fielder is hitting .533 (16 – 30) with 4 HRs and 18 RBI, while walking 10 times and Scoring 8 times.

The Baltimore Orioles had one of the worst Innings ever on Friday for mental errors – with Adam Jones dropping a ball while blowing a bubble to lead to 3 runs and a 5 – 2 deficit – then to have the Baserunners go to sleep on a Triple play for the Yankees.  Maybe the magic of Buck Showalter after a few years – will end like it did in New York, Arizona and Texas?

The Athletics are 6 – 0 on the road and 3 -4 at home so far.

The Mariners are only 5 – 8 and without “Da Beast” now.

The Pirates Stating Lineup is putting bakeries to shame with all of the bagels they feature on their Batting Averages.

How long into his slump will A’s Josh Reddick find a razor?

Carlos Quentin was hit for the 116th time in 2407 AB – if the guy could stay healthy by not breaking his hand, he would set ALL – Time Records for this category.  But yeah,  Zack Greinke tried to hit you 3 – 2 as the Leadoff  hitter to start the 6th Inning.  Next time just tell the Padres Management you want out of San Diego!

8 Games for 8 weeks makes sense huh Major League Baseball – Seriously?  Kind of like having a Team Payroll in your league with $233 Million this year – and a club that has a $25 Million Dollar Payroll (with $5.5 MIL paid out to other players not even on their Roster.)

The blown Strike call last week also has us one step closer to computers for pitched calls!

Team Rank Rank Comments
Atlanta 1 4 Weekend Series Win versus the Nats + Evan Gattis + Justin Upton power.
San Francisco 2 12 Pitching exceptional except Tim Lincecum, here comes Marco Scutaro!
Detroit 3 3 Saturday’s Lineup had 8 out of 9 hitters +.300 – Bullpen still a problem.
Oakland 4 7 9 Game Win steak – took Justin Verlander to stop it.  Happy to see Det leave town.
Washington 5 1 Bryce Harper stays hot – Rafael Soriano overused early.
Texas 6 6 Not missing Josh Hamilton, Lance Berkman great hitting in State of Texas.
LA Dodgers 7 5 Greinke situation may ignite team – Ryu real deal.
Boston 8 10 Jon Lester + Clay Buccholz back 2 form – 10 yr Sellout streak is over – time to start a new one.
St. Louis 9 13 Adam Wainwright settles the staff down – lots of offensive depth.  Prospects still coming!
Arizona 10 11 A.J. Pollock, Gerardo Parra prevailing in OF. Pitching is back!
New York Yankees 11 16  top 5 hitters on fire + CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda find themselves.
Kansas City 12 19 Pitching has been good, offense needs to find Moose!!
Baltimore 13 14 Bullpen it still savior – Jones and Davis are red hot.
Toronto 14 15 Reyes injury is going to be costly – nice series win vs KC.
Pittsburgh 15 18 Andrew McCutchen heating up, Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez need to as well.
Cincinatti 16 2 5 losses in a row and Johnny Cueto, Ryan Ludwick and  Sean Marshall now hurt.
Philadelphia 17 21 Doc Halladay is the Wild Card for playoff chances.  Chase Utley is turning back the clock.
Cleveland 18 18 Mark Reynolds loves Cleveland – Masterson  has been masterful.
Tampa Bay 19 9 Offense is being left in the dust, need a lighter schedule.
LA Angels 20 17 Hamilton starting to hit – Trout shouldn’t have beefed up.  Salvation saved with 2 straight wins vs Houston.
New York Mets 21 23 Biggest Cupcake Schedule ever but Matt Harvey the real deal.  Marlon Byrd and Lucas Duda okay so far.
Colorado 22 22 Best records all in the NL West – tough times coming.
Chicago (AL) 23 8 Rios is hitting like 2012 – Dunn like 2011. #1 #2 hitters bad – Jake Peavy promising start.
Minnesota 24 25 Starting Pitching will kill this club all year long – if the weather doesn’t in April – Snoooowww!!
Seattle 25 20 Morse out and no pitching past #3 Pitcher.
Chicago (NL) 26 26 Its Grey and Cold for every game at Wrigley – slow start and ballpark issues.
Milwaukee 27 27 Pitching is abysmal – no one else but Braun hitting.
Houston 28 30 Offense bursted out – Carter solid – but still 4 – 8.
Miami 29 29 Jose Fernandez could win the NL Rookie of The Year.
San Diego 30 28 Quentin gone 8 games for being dumb – joins Headley and Grandal as solid hitters all out of action.
The Braves have charged out of the gate 11 - 1, including pasting the National League favorite Nationals in a 3 game Series.  They won all 3 contests and outscored their NL East rivals from Washington 19 - 5.  This run is without much help from Heyward, the Bullpen and from B.J. Upton hitting under the Mendoza Line.

The Braves have charged out of the gate 11 – 1, including pasting the National League favorite Nationals in a 3 game Series. They won all 3 contests and outscored their NL East rivals from Washington 19 – 5. This run is without much help from Heyward, the Bullpen and from B.J. Upton hitting under the Mendoza Line.

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

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Ben Fallon (Left) and Chuck booth (Right)  at Nats Park (Patriots Day 2012)

Ben Fallon (Left) and Chuck booth (Right) at Nats Park (Patriots Day 2012)

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