Chase Headley: Flash In The Pan Or Bonafide ALL-Star?

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Friday December 28, 2012

Headley caaptured a Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger in 2012. He ended up finishing 5th in NL MVP voting.

Headley caaptured a Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger in 2012. He ended up finishing 5th in NL MVP voting.   He hit .286 with 31 HRs and an NL leading 115 RBI.  More impressive were his post ALL-Star numbers -in which he hit .308 with 23 HRs and 73 RBI in just 75 games, carrying a .978 OPS for that time frame.  The man also scored 56 Runs in the 2nd half.

Kyle Holland (MLB Reports Intern): 

What exactly is needed to be able to call yourself a “superstar?”  All-Star Game Appearances? Multiple MVPs?  How about all this and being a fan favorite. You need to have you superstar moments throughout the years. A World Series ring looks real good on a superstar’s finger. Having your name in the history books and then maybe being an eventual Hall of Famer. This is what defines a superstar years after they are retired.

What does one breakout season make you? Certainly not a superstar. Not right away at least. Star’s need to prove themselves in more ways than just one breakout season.

This is the question with San Diego Padres Third Baseman, Chase Headley.

Chase Headley

Headley broke out onto the scene during his 2012 campaign. He hit .286/.376/.498 with 31 HRs. This is coming off his 2011 season gathering a .289 BA. The reason this year is more impressive is the amount of PA of each year. He only had 439 PA in 2011 opposed to his 699 this year. He scraped together 63 more hits this year in 48 more games.

He missed out on the All-Star Game as Pablo Sandoval, David Freese, and David Wright took over the Third Base position for the NL in Kansas City. What was impressive though -is that Headley finished 5th in the NL MVP voting. He ended up behind the likes of Buster Posey, Ryan Braun, Andrew McCutchen, and Yadier Molina. That is an impressive group of players to sit behind considering  all 4 of these studs made an All-Star Appearance in 2012.

Let’s look at these 4 stars he sat behind. First, Buster Posey. The Giants Catcher is only 25 Years Old,  has 2 World Series rings, with an MVP and he has only played one full season. He won Rookie of the Year in 2010.   Braun has also proved to be a star.  He has finished in the top 25 of MVP voting every year since 2007 rookie season and won the award in 2011. He has won 5 Silver Slugger Awards and has made 5 straight All-Star Game Appearances since 2008

Now McCutchen. He has a very close season to Headley. They both won Gold Glove Awards for their respective positions and both won Silver Slugger Awards. This year was his second consecutive All-Star Game Appearance and his first time that he competed in the Home Run Derby.  Yadier Molina has competed in 4 All-Star Games and has won 5 Gold Glove Awards behind the dish, including every year since 2008.

Clearly coming in 5th in MVP voting behind this group of ballplayers shows that Headley can compete with the big dogs. He has the talent to become  superstar, but he needs to utilize it the ways it’s supposed to be used. He is in a perfect setting to display his talent considering there aren’t may players on that team that will out shine him.

So is Headley a bona fide superstar yet? The simple answer is no. He most definitely has the potential for it to become a reality though. He should be seeing himself in an NL All-Star jersey in years to come but until then it is only speculation. Although not quite a superstar, you will see the name Chase Headley amongst the best Third Basemen in the future. He is definitely not a, “One hit wonder.”

Chase Headley

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