The Oakland A’s 2013 Roster Tree Part 2: The Pitchers And Analyzing Mulder, Hudson and Zito Post Oakland

Sunday, Dec.02/2012

A.J Griffin was 7-1 with a 3.06 ERA in 15 Games Started for the A's in his 2012 Rookie Season.  The A's will look for the 24 Year old for some Quality Starts in 2013

A.J Griffin was 7-1 with a 3.06 ERA in 15 Games Started for the A’s in his 2012 Rookie Season. The A’s will look to the 24 Year old for some Quality Starts in 2013.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

Yesterday we talked about the hitters of the Oakland Athletics current roster and today we will talk about their pitching.  This has been an organization that has thrived on brilliant drafting of young arms.  In the early 2000’s, the team featured three ace pitchers in Barry Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark MulderBilly Beane had to let each of them leave Oakland because they couldn’t pay them the kind of dollars needed to secure them long term.  With the exception of this year, Barry Zito has not lived up to his 7 Years and 126 Million Dollar contract he signed with the San Francisco Giants since leaving the Athletics. Despite a 15-8 year for the SF club this past year, he holds a 58-69 (.447) record for San Francisco lifetime with a 4.47 ERA.  He was 102-63 (.618)  and a 3.55 ERA with the A’s before leaving at the age of 29.   The guy made 18.25 Million in his Oakland days and has already pocketed 99 Million with SF.

Mark Mulder never was the same pitcher in the NL and was out of baseball four years after being traded to St. Louis.  His A’s career had netted him an 81-42 (.659) record with a 3.92 ERA.  He was only 22-18 (.550) and a 5.04 ERA with the Cardinals before retiring. As you will read in this article below, the franchise made a worthy trade in returns for this man.  Mulder made 25.3 Million in his contract with the Cardinals after making only 8.4 Million with the A’s.

Tim Hudson on the other hand, has been one of the better pitchers in the NL for the last decade, still towing the hill for the Braves at the age of 38.  He was 92-39 (.702) with a 3.30 ERA for the A’s.  He has since gone 105-65 with a 3.52 ERA for the Braves in in 8 years.  He definitely has been worth the $ invested (84.5 Million plus another 9.0 Million in 2013.) He only made 4.5 Million in his 6 years with Oakland.  The sandwich pick they landed for Hudson’s Free Agent signing was Travis Buck.  Unfortunately Buck only played 170 games for the franchise, hitting .250 with 18 HRs and 71 RBI in 571 AB.

Total Record for 3 other teams is 185-152 (.549) and they have made 208.8 Million away from Oakland, whereas they were 275-144 (.656) and made a total 33.15 Million Dollars with the Athletics.  I would say, Beane made the right decision in not signing them.

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Billy  Beane's great 2012 year ended with him winning the Sporting News "Executive of the Year" in The MLB.  He would really love a Playoff Series Win in 2013

Billy Beane‘s great 2012 year ended with him winning the Sporting News “Executive of the Year” in The MLB. He would really love a Playoff Series Win in 2013.

Billy Beane has always recycled his great starting pitchers once they hit the experience level that he could not pay them for.  His new crop of pitchers include Jarrod Parker, Brett Anderson, Tommy Milone and new starter A.J. Griffin.  They also are bringing back Bartolo Colon for the 2013 season, despite taking a 50 games suspensions for PED use this year. Billy Beane is a master tactician on assessing  a players worth and especially pitchers.  Just like the hitters, the pitchers are all mostly in the 25-30 age bracket.  He has a quality set of controllable relief pitchers in the barn to close out games too.

Beane has gambled so many times with trading starting pitching veterans for 2-3 more pitchers in hopes of 1 or 2 replacing the outgoing guy.  After you see this Pitcher roster tree, you will be able to see how he has done.  Beane has tailored his roster to playing in the confines of coliseum.  His brilliant maneuvering has given him a 2nd Sporting News ‘Executive of the Year’ Award for the 2012 year. He has signed some great prospects as Free Agents out of organizations for little or no compensation given up.  If the Athletics can duplicate the same kind of winning stretch as the early 2000’s A’s, there may even be another movie to the “MoneyBall Philosophy.”

Pitcher:  Relief or Starter, Age, 2012 Year with W-L ERA and any significant stat/Transactions in reverse from trades, all players in the tree will be separated by semicolons:


Tommy Milone (25 ) 13-10  3.73 ERA:  1.  Gio Gonzalez was traded with Robert Gilliam to Arizona for P Tommy Milone, C Derek Norris and Brad Peacock.  So essentially you have Reddick, Kottaras, Norris, Milone and A.J. Cole (Minors A+) all traded for Andrew Bailey, Nick Swisher and Robert Gilliam (8th round Draft of Oakland A’s 2009 year).  This is one is a pretty fair deal if you ask me.  Please see this trade reactor on the hitter’s side under Josh Reddick  here.

Jarrod Parker  (24)  13-8  3.47 ERA: 1. Cowgill was traded with Ryan Cook and Jarrod Parker for Trevor Cahill, Craig Breslow and cash.  Read Cook and Parker’s numbers with the team when I do the pitchers.  2.  Breslow was picked off of waives by the A’s from the Minnesota Twins for no compensation.  3.  Cahill was drafted by the A’s in the 2nd round of the 2006 Amateur Draft.  So right now it still a trade to be analyzed.

Bartolo Colon (39)  10-9  3.43 ERA:  Signed as a Free Agent before the 2012 year  ( 1 YR/2 Million) and now the 2013 year (1 YR/3 Million. No compensation needed.

Travis Blackley  (30)  6-4  3.86 ERA:  Blackley was selected off of Waivers by the Athletics from the San Francisco Giants in May of 2012. Nice little move for Beane for a #5 starter.

Brett Anderson  (24)  4-2  2.57 ERA (1-0 in the ALDS versus the Tigers  6 IP, o ER):  1. Traded with Dana Eveland, Carlos Gonzalez, Brett Anderson, Aaron Cunningham and Greg Smith By Arizona for Dan Haren, Connor Robertson: 2. Mark Mulder drafted by the Oakland A’s in 1998.    Mulder went 22-18 with a 5.04 ERA for the Cardinals, while Anderson is already 25-25 with a 3.57 ERA.  In this whole train of transactions, the A’s end up with Brett Anderson, Daric BartonEric Sogard, Chris Carter, Michael Taylor  and (Shane Peterson with AAA Sacramento), plus only lost Huston Street and Mark Mulder for it (and Connor Robertson-Minors), as pieces of the initial Mulder deal, (Dan Haren) were used to acquire Carlos Gonzalez.  Gonzalez was used to acquire Holliday as the main piece.   Brett Wallace was the main part coming back from Holliday in the St. Louis trade, and he was later flipped for Michael Taylor from the Blue Jays.  The A’s have 5 players on the current 40 Man roster to claim for this cycle of events and Shane Peterson in the minors (Part of the Cards trade to acquire Holliday.  Holliday was never going to sign long-term with the A’s.  This chain of trades is wickedly awesome! Greg Smith is playing AAA with the LAA.  Wallace was traded for Anthony Gose for the Blue Jays. Dana Eveland is a Free Agent in 2013 after throwing 32 IP for the Orioles in 2012.  Huston Street was traded by the Rockies to the Padres for cash, and is a decent closer in the NL (2012 year 2-1, 23 Saves and a 1.85 ERA in 39 IP.)  I take the 6 for 3 deal any day of the week.  Mulder hasn’t played since 2008.  Carter and Taylor still have time to mash the ball.  Street was taken in the 2004 Draft as a Sandwich Round pick for losing Miguel Tejada to the Baltimore Orioles in FA.

A.J. Griffin  (24)  7-1   3.06 ERA:  Griffin was drafted in the 13th Round of the 2010 Amateur Draft.

Andrew Werner (25)  (WITH SD) 2-3  5.58 ERA in 40 IP and 35 SO:  Traded by the San Diego Padres with Andy Parrino to the Oakland Athletics for A.J Kirby-Jones (minors) and Tyson Ross. Ross was drafted by Oakland in the 2nd Round of the 2008 Amateur Draft.  Kirby-Jones was drafted in the 9th Round of the 2010 Amateur Draft by Oakland.  Andy Parrino is a SS/2B/3B with a stat line of .200/.319/.576 in a 160 Career AB so far and is 27.  

Brandon McCarthy  (29)  Free Agent  8-6  3.24 ERA: Beane signed him before the 11 year, and while he will probably sign with another team, Beane does it again where he acquires a guy without losing anyone via Free Agency.


Jerry Blevins  (29)  5-1  2.48 ERA in 63 Games and 65.1 IP:  1.  Blevins was acquired in a trade with the Cubs along with Rob Bowen (Released by the A’s and never signed by anyone else) for Jason Kendall.  2.  Kendall was acquired from the Pirates and cash for Mark Redman and Arthur Rhodes.  Redmanand Rhodes has signed as a Free Agent with the As in 2003 winter.  So Beane pulled out Blevins for no roster players from the organization.  Kendall hit .271 with the club over his 373 game tenure.    It cost the A’s 15 Million over the 3 years for Kendall,(Not that bad for a veteran catcher.)

Ryan Cook  (25) 6-2   2.09 ERA  14 Saves, 71 Games, 73.1 IP and 80 SO:  Again look to the Jarrod Parker listing here.  This trade is yet to be analyzed to the fullest extent, however when you add Cook with Parker, it is looking favorably for Oakland so far.  Cahill went 13-12 with a 3.78 ERA in his 1st year with the D’Backs.  Sort of similar to Parker.  Breslow was a waiver wire pick up for Beane off of Minnesota.  He was traded by Arizona to Boston for Matt Albers.  Cook is one of the better late inning relievers in all of Baseball.  Bravo Mr. Beane.

Grant Balfour  (34)  3-2   2.53 ERA  24 Saves,  75 Games,  74.2 IP and 75 SO:  Absolutely great 3 year/11.75 Million Dollar signing in the 2011 by Beane.  Cost him nothing as a Free Agent.

Jordan Norberto  (25)  4-1   2.77 ERA, 39 Games,  52.0 IP and 46  SO:  1.  Traded by the Arizona DiamondBacks with Brandon Allen (Picked off waivers by the Rays from the A’s) for Brad Ziegler.  2.  Ziegler was Purchased by the Oakland A’s from a Northern League team (Great scouting A’s) as a Free Agent.  So this is Norberto for Ziegler, but Ziegler was not drafted by the A’s, but lets still compare the two.  Ziegler was 6-1  with a 2.49 ERA in 77 Games, and 68.2 IP with Arizona in 2012.  So far, this looks pretty even and Ziegler is 8 years older at 33.

Sean Doolittle  (26)  2-1   3.44 ERA, 44 Games, 47.1 IP and a whopping 60 SO!:  Doolittle was drafted in the 1st round of the 2007 Amateur Entry Draft.

Dan Straily  (24)  2-1  3.89 ERA in 7 Starts  :  Straily was drafted in the 24th Round of the 2009 Amateur Draft by the Athletics.  He made his debut in August of 2012 and may see some action as a starter or reliever in 2013.

Evan Scribner  (27)  2-0  2.55 ERA, 30 Games, 35.1 IP, 13 GF and 30 SO:  Scribner was plucked off of waivers from the Padres at the end of the 2011 year.  He did not allow a baserunner in the 2.0 IP of Game #5 in the ALDS versus the Tigers.

Pat Neshek  (32)  2-1  1.37 ERA  24 Games, 19.2 IP and 16 SO:  Beane purchased this reliever from the Orioles and the guy was virtually lights out with Oakland the rest of the way, with a WHIP of 0.81.

Graham Godfrey  (28)  0-4   6.43 ERA:  1.  Godfrey was acquired from the Blue Jays with Kristian Bell (out of organized ball) for Marco Scutaro.  Scutaro was claimed off of waivers from the New York Mets in 2003.

Jesse Chavez  (29)  Limited duty with Oakland:  This cost the organization nothing as they claimed the Canadian off of waivers from the Blue Jays.

Andrew Carignan (26)  1-1  4.66 ERA, 5 GF:  Carignan was Drafted in the 5th Round of the 2007 Amateur Draft.

Pedro Figueroa  (27)  0-0  3.32 ERA,  6 GF, 19 Games, 21.2 IP and 16 SO:  Figueroa was signed as an Amateur Free Agent in 2003.

The Athletics will need to have carry years out of their bullpen horses again.  Grant Balfour is on the last year of his deal and will look to have a strong campaign. Facing the Angels and the Rangers a lot, the Athletics will need to keep working over game plans with their young pitchers.  They are a good home club.  In 2012, they won with a bunch of walk-off hits.  In order to do that, it meant the pitchers were doing their portion in those tops of the innings.  Besides excellent drafting, a lot of the great valued trades and transactions have been pulled from Free Agency and Waiver Wire Deals from Beane, where no compensation has gone the other way.

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Bartolo  Colon was 10-9 with a 3.43 ERA for the year before being suspended for PED use.  Beane has risked 3 Million Dollars on a 1 YR Deal for the 38 year old. How much will he give the A's in 2013?  Photo Courtesy of

Bartolo Colon was 10-9 with a 3.43 ERA for the year before being suspended for PED use. Beane has risked 3 Million Dollars on a 1 YR Deal for the 38 year old. How much will he give the A’s in 2013? Photo Courtesy of

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