Enough With The Early Round Champagne Celebrations MLB!

Saturday, October.13/2012

This celebration of the Tigers was the final straw to me writing this article. The Tigers should count their lucky stars they won a weak division and that they drew the Athletics in the ALDS. Since when did these excessive celebrations for early round wins of the playoffs begin?

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

am 36 years old.  In no way would I consider myself 100% a traditionalist when it comes to Major League Baseball.  I like the 2 Wild Card Slots, I like the Designated Hitter, as for Interleague play, I wish they had more of it so I could see every team waddle through Seattle every so often.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with some ‘old school’ philosophies and certain underwritten rules about the game.   One thing that has really set me off in watching the end of the season and the playoffs is the excessive Champagne Celebrations of the clubs once they win any series or clinch any playoff spot?  I mean come on fellas, you are celebrating like you have won everything in the game and we are not even into the League Championships Series.

I am out of line in thinking that this isn’t a new trend?  I don’t remember this many corks being popped off in previous years.  I have no problem with a team celebrating divisional and the World Series crowns with a party.  This has been a time-long tradition in the Major Leagues back to the start of the games existence.   Where I first starting seeing this epidemic fly was when the Braves clinched a playoff spot and then went hog-wild in their dressing room after the game.  I was surprised at their actions but almost dismissed it.  I understood that after last years collapse, plus the added pressure of trying to make the playoffs for Chipper’s last chance, that maybe they were just blowing off some steam.  If I were a player, I would be happy to be in the playoffs, however If I made it in via Wild Card, I would not carry on with an alcohol bender! I would be made I still lost the division.

This was taken after the Orioles knocked off the Rangers, yet a week later the Orioles have been eliminated from the playoffs by the Yankees. I am sure Jim Thome was hoping for one of these parties after a World Series win.

When the Orioles clinched at least the Wild Card, I could even understand them celebrating a little.  Although when they clinched a playoff spot, the AL East was still up for grabs.  The Rangers did not celebrate their losing of the division and grabbing a Wild Card Seed at all.  I also appreciate that the club would not have a champagne celebration because of the whole Josh Hamilton angle with drinking.  Then the St. Louis Cardinals went beserk on clinching their Wild Card Position?  Really!!  You guys won the bloody World Series last year and no you are going nuts to just claim the 5th seed in the division.  They should have been making public toasts to Commissioner Bud Selig that he decided to implement the second wild card slot in each league, otherwise their season would have been over already.  If that wasn’t enough, the club had another party when they beat the Braves in the controversial NL Wild Card Game.

Each one of the series has their own unique circumstances.  The Orioles beat the Rangers in the Wild Card Game.  Again, alcohol flowed freely in the clubhouse.  I have a little less problem with these lower ranked teams dousing themselves with the bubbly, however I still think this is an annoying fad that is sweeping across the baseball landscape.

Tim Lincecum was doused with champagne to his eyes and nailed in the head with a flying cork. I am just waiting for the next celebration injury preventing an MLB Player from playing in their next series.

It all came to head yesterday when the Giants beat the Reds and Tim Lincecum was blasted in the head with a flying cork,while fashioning his new cologne of ‘O De Dom Perignon’ all over his jersey.  That was only topped by the Tigers who paraded around the visiting dugout of O.Co Coliseum like it was a Frat Party at a University Campus. I mean beer goggles, putting up the protective Painters Wrap to protect their equipment and players gear from this ‘ultimate champagne fight’ is ridiculous!  The Tigers were the preseason favorite to win the World Series and almost blew a 2-0 Series lead to the upstart Athletics!  They are lucky that they have Justin Verlander to have shut down Oakland.  These guys went to the ALCS last year, so why are they even excited yet? Go and win the whole damn thing before you celebrate!

What other sport does this?  The answer is none.  The Hockey Playoffs  is a 2 month marathon, with 4 rounds to go through and these guys do not celebrate anything until they win the Stanley Cup. Basketball and NFL is the same way as they do not ice the champagne until the final game of the year has been won.  I would love to see what guys like Pete Rose, Paul O’ Neill, Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Babe Ruth, Bob Feller or any other intense ex-major League (Alive or Dead) would have to say about these guys going crazy for basically haven’t winning anything just yet.    I would be remiss I I did not say that even my favorite team (Yankees) have been caught up in the act even though he fans are expecting nothing less than a World Series Title every year. I am waiting for a team to shun this practice and stand up for the old guard.

To me, act like you have been there before.  Save the alcohol parties and massive celebrations for when it really counts.  So after every Series is over now, I will click off of the TV until the World Series has been won and I will watch only that celebration.  I just can’t stomach it.  Maybe I am wrong here, but I can’t stand it.  I have to stop writing now otherwise it may take another 5 Paragraphs to make me feel better!

The Braves have had the most Post Season failures of any MLB club in the last 21 years. Now the fans are being subjected to watching Champagne Celebrations for Wild Card Position Clinches. Can’t we all just save these for MLB Division Clinches and the WS Title?

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