Top Ten Stat of The Week: Team Wins Since The Start of the 2003 Season

Monday  July 23, 2012

With only one World Series Win and a 2003 Loss to the Florida Marlins, it hasn’t stopped the Yankees from raking in wins every year. They have averaged 95 wins a season since 2003.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024)-  This weeks installment is actually a top 11. I bent the rules a little to accommodate the A’s.  It is hard to maintain a great franchise in today’s Major Leagues.  Sure the heavy hitters like New York and Boston will always be sniffing around the top of the league with their huge payrolls, but most teams don’t have the luxury to spend like these two teams do because of their limited revenue streams.  In the last few years, the Phillies, Angels and Tigers have entered the echelon of top spenders.  Spending money doesn’t always equal great results.  The Texas Rangers have only had success lately and were often victim to heavy payrolls and not great results.  How many years did Peter Angelos try to buy a contender with Baltimore?  He has dedicated himself back to the right way of building a team the last couple of years and it has worked through player development.

Minnesota and Oakland have been run incredibly well for a long time.  If this list was for a five-year stretch, you would have seen the Tampa Bay Rays as part of the top 10.  These are the small market teams that have been consistently playing well against the  big boys.  The Twins have only faded back in the standings in the last couple of seasons.  The Atlanta Braves finally had their consecutive playoff years stopped in 2005 and they were only mediocre for a few seasons.  Right now, they might be the best team in the National League. The Angels, Twins, Dodgers, Athletics, Dodgers and Braves did not make any World Series appearances since 2003.  Out of these teams, the Angels have the most wins.

According to the movie ‘The Natural,’ losing is a disease, and like other diseases, (insert disease here) it is curable.  Most of these teams have not even struggled in the last 10 years.  The Yankees have only won one World Series in this time frame, despite dominating the win total every year.  In fact, the last time the Yankees has a losing season was 1991.  The Cardinals and the Red Sox both have won 2 World Series, and the Cardinals are the only team  to have appeared in the Fall Classic 3 times during  this stretch.

With Trout, Trumbo and Pujols in the lineup for the next decade, I could see the Angels appearing on another top 10 decades Win-List. Question is will they make a World Series? They have not been to the dance since 2002 when they won it.

Most Wins since the start of 03 yr (as of Jul.21/2012):

1. NYY: 929.  The Yankees have the payroll to always lead this category. It is not always going to happen.  I foresee a slow down period coming soon.  Aging veterans Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera and even Mark Teixeira all are on the back halves of their careers.  Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova will all have to be at their best in the coming years to compete for championships. 

2. BOS:  887.  The Beantowners were the best team in baseball from 2004-2007.  They had Manny and Ortiz putting up massive numbers and the pitching was solid.  The pitching staff has never recovered since Curt Schilling retired. The Red Sox still have Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez all in their prime for offense.  But will DH David Ortiz come back next year based on his recent comments?  Can Jon Lester and Josh Beckett turn it around?  Boston is not afraid of spending money, however I think a bit of a slow down is coming their way. The decline will revolve a lot more around pitching.

3. PHI:  859.  The Phillies have regressed in the last couple of years, however they have posted 10 straight winning seasons and should be commended for it.  Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels have been there for much of it.  The team has hit some tough injuries and they are becoming older.  They have been one of the top teams for a long time.  These cycles usually end.  Will they still draw at 102% capacity next year if they don’t recover their form this year?

4. STL: 852.  From 2003-2011, the team had Albert Pujols killing the ball.  They have dominated the NL and have steadily increased their payroll spending since moving into Busch Stadium.  Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan have left now so we will see if they can keep up this pace.  Mark McGwire is one of the best hitting coaches.  This is a great organization.  Some would say if you take payroll out of the equation, the Cardinals and Braves have been the best organizations the last 20 years.  The Cardinals are the 2nd best team in the MLB since 1982.  They have won 3 world series and lost 3.  6 appearances only trails the New York Yankees by 1.  They both have been to 10 League Championship Series in 30 years.

5. LAA: 851. The Angels only have 2 ALCS losses to show for all of their division wins and high records.  The team looks solid in the future with  Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo and Albert Pujols.  The pitching staff is also locked up for years with Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson both toeing the hill for years to come.

6. ATL: 834. The Braves have been a model of consistency for the last 21 years.  That has not translated to World Series visits in the last decade though, but the team went to 6 Fall Classics between 1991-1999 and lost 5 of them.  The team has not seen the World Series since 1999.  A rapid youth movement has paved the way for a solid future.  Chipper Jones may look at his last shot for another winner this season.  Michael Bourn, Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward provide hope for the present and the future.

7. CWS: 815. For as crazy as Ozzie Guillen appeared, the man produced results.  Robin Ventura has continued to keep the club relevant.  Kenny Williams has gambled on some of the weirdest trades and hit on them.  It was good the city got their first World Series since 1917 in 2005.  Chicago is a great baseball city.

8.  MIN:  811.  The Twins were almost contracted in 2001.  Since then, they have had a decade of winning, moved to a beautiful new outdoor park and continued to inch upwards in player salaries. The Twins have failed to do anything in their last 5 visits to the postseason, yet the fact they have made the playoffs a lot is refreshing.  Joe Mauer is looking better again but the team seriously needs pitching help.  Johan Santana leaving the franchise set the staff back 7 years.

9.  SF:  803.  At the beginning of the Millennium, the Giants and the Athletics were amongst the best teams in baseball.  Barry Bonds was out of his head hitting homers and breaking records.  The team struggled after the 2002 World Series.  Drafting and great trades by Brian Sabean had out the Giants right back amongst the elite in the NL again.  The team won the 2010 World Championship on the strength of their pitching.  With a young nucleus of talent, the team from the Bay will be around for a long time to come.

10. LAD: 803.  The Dodgers are a hit and miss team.  Mannywood electrified the place before a couple of horrible ownership issues followed.  The Dodgers have continued to draft well and they never go into back to back losing years it seems.  Don Mattingly has a lot of talent to work with on the pitching side and the new ownership should drop about $50 Million Dollars more a year into payroll.

 11.OAK: 798. I feel that the juke and jiving that the Oakland Athletics management team has done warrants further discussion.  That they are even near this list is yet another testament to ‘Money Ball.’  The Athletics have been competitive for most of the decade.  Even in the seasons where they had 74-80 wins, they would be in contention for a lot of those seasons at the ALL-Star break, only to trade away some of their talent and recede in the second half of the year.  Billy Beane always has an eye on the future.  This year was supposed to be a rebuilding year.  Instead, they are challenging for a playoff spot.

Money Ball does work. The Athletics have been a good team since the 2000 season. Their worst year in the last 9 years plus was 74-88 last year. The club is looking good with a 50-44 record again this campaign.

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  1. Good piece, surprised Minnesota made the list but I suppose I shouldn’t be. As far as Angelos trying to buy a champion though, I’d say he stopped that after the Albert Belle fiasco.

  2. yes Angelos sure did, although they did spend some more $$$ until about the time that Washington came into the region. The Twins had 5-6 playoff appearances since they were almost contracted and have only begun to slide in 2011-2012.

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