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Using Pay As You Go Phones in Canada or the USA for Vacation

Friday, May.18/2012

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter) Fridays are Travel Article Days:- After several years of traveling across the United States of America as a Canadian, I finally have a livable cell phone bill to come home to after being gone for 6 weeks.  How did I do this you ask?  I bought a prepaid cellphone from 7-Eleven (From T-Mobile) and bought a one month unlimited Talk-Text and Web phone.  Sure I took some ribbing on how ancient the phone looked and worked (It still has the abc-1 buttons to press in order to send out messages,) but I pressed on.  Having unlimited domestic(USA) talking minutes was actually the best feature of the whole deal.  I also used this phone for texting, Facebooking and tweeting.  I also took numerous pictures from each baseball park and sent them to my Gmail account.  This made it easier to post on social media outlets.  On a couple of different occasions I was able to reserve hotel rooms online directly from surfing the web in different cities. Read the rest of this entry

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