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A Review of the New Marlins Ball Park By Lori Martini

Wednesday, April.04/2012,

Lori Martini (Guest Baseball Writer- and @lorimartini on twitter)- I touched down in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Not only was it a little cheaper and more cost-effective to simply rent a car, but I did have a place to stay with friends which always makes a trip more enjoyable.  Hotels in Miami are outrageous and I couldn’t find a reasonably priced hotel that didn’t give me anxiety of potentially having bed bugs, my biggest nightmare (at least in hotels).  Driving is most certainly interesting here.  I’m from NYC and I can drive anywhere, but these people are ridiculous.  They either drive way too slow or excessively fast and erratic.  The highways are 4 to 5 lanes of traffic and your exits sneak up on you.  People don’t signal and cut across several lanes of traffic without looking, which somewhat reminds me of driving in LA.  Miami during rush hour is highly congested and you can’t park anywhere.  Everything is a parking garage.  It’s cluttered and populated like NYC, yet spread out like LA to get anywhere. Read the rest of this entry


Michael Pineda Headed To the DL: When Will the Yankees Pitcher Return?

Wednesday April 4th, 2012

Sam Evans: If you haven’t heard by now, the Yankees have placed Michael Pineda on the 15 day DL to begin the season. The reports of Pineda’s velocity being down started spreading at the beginning of Spring Training and now I guess we know why Pineda wasn’t throwing as hard. Let’s take a look at Pineda’s injury and the effect it will have on the Yankees.

When I first heard reports of Pineda’s velocity being down, I assumed Pineda was just working on something, and I though people were overreacting. After Pineda wasn’t up to his normal velocity a couple of starts later, I began to wonder if something was seriously wrong with Pineda. Various people around baseball began suggesting the Yankees start Pineda in Triple-A for his first couple starts until he got his velocity back. Then, Pineda actually started throwing harder. Read the rest of this entry

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