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Felix’s Flaw: The Boston Red Sox Starter May See Some Bullpen Time

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Felix Doubront had 167 K's in 2012 in just 161 IP, but he also had 71 BB's in that same span. His K/9 and BB/9 rates have both climbed slightly in the small sample size that has been his 2013 season to this point.

Felix Doubront had 167 K’s in 2012 in just 161 IP, but he also had 71 BB’s in that same span. His K/9 and BB/9 rates have both climbed slightly in the small sample size that has been his 2013 season to this point.  Surprisingly, Doubront was the clubs best pitcher in 2012.  He hasn’t been so lucky in his second go around of the Major Leagues.

By Ryan Dana (MLB Reports Writer and Red Sox Correspondent): 

Per usual, I had a good start on an article for the week that I had to put on hold. Something always seems to come up, and this week it is the Starting Pitcher from Friday night’s game.

Felix Doubront, 25 Year Old southpaw from Carabobo Venezuela, had a rough night this past Friday. He lasted just 3.2 IP and exited after surrendering 12 Hits, 6 Earned Runs, 1 Walk, and managing only 2 Strikeouts on the night.

Doubront now has a 5.67 ERA through 5 Starts this year. During his promising rookie campaign in 2012 his season ERA was only 4.86. 

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Jose Altuve: The Speedy Little Big Man

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Sunday Mar.31/2013

Jose Altuve was named an ALL-Star Reserve at 2B in 2012 with his .309 AVG in the 1st half and after appearing in the 2011 Futures Game.  He hit .290 with 33 SB and 80 Runs in his 1st full season.  He is under club control until 2018.

Jose Altuve was named an ALL-Star Reserve at 2B in 2012 with his .309 AVG in the 1st half and after appearing in the 2011 Futures Game. He hit for a 3 Slash Line  .290/.340/.750  with 34 Doubles, 7 HRs and 41 RBI.  The man also had 33 SB (7th in the NL) and 80 Runs in his 1st full season.  Altuve is also a great defender (4th in the NL with Assists during the campaign – while only committing 11 Errors.  He  is under club control until 2018 with the Houston Astros.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

Last year we all discovered what was the phenomenon of what was the Jose Altuve Movement.  You can check out that article here.  Since that day, the Astros have traded away every semblance of a veteran – and are carrying a salary that is being challenged by the Yankees Taxi Sqaud of players that have come in since the start of the week.

One of the best things to do at Minute Maid Park – and on broadcast via Root Sports, will be to watch the little speedster from Venezuela.  He is 5 Foot 5 – and swings like Jeff Bagwell.  Everything about this man is pure heart, emotion and effort.

MLB Fancave gets measure in Altvues!!

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2013 WBC Group C Preview

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Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Miggy Cabrera will take his talents to the WBC starting on Mar.2

Miggy Cabrera will take his talents to the WBC (for Team Venezuela starting on Mar.2.

By Sam Evans (Baseball Writer): 

Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Spain have produced some of the most talented baseball players in the world. All four of these countries will be will represented in Group C of the WBC starting on March 7th in Puerto Rico. From Miguel Cabrera to Robinson Cano, this division is filled with popular MLB superstars. Even though the Dominican Republic and Venezuela appear to be early favorites to advance from this division, don’t count out Puerto Rico or Spain to make a run at qualifying for the next round.

World Baseball Classic–Venezuela Vs Puerto Rico–Alejandro Toca Cuatro:

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Ryan Tatusko Guest MLB Blog: Reflecting on 2011 and Preparing for 2012

Thursday December 29, 2011

MLB reports:  We welcome back to MLB reports: Ryan Tatusko, pitcher for the Washington Nationals.  It is a special moment for us, as Ryan prepared the first ever Guest MLB Blog for the Reports.  Now he’s back, to give us his insights on playing Winter Ball in Venezuela and preparing for the 2012 season.  Ryan and I talk on a frequent basis and I have to admit, the man is 110% committed and focused on his goal: making it to the big leagues.  After completing his 2011 season in AAA pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs, Ryan is one step away from achieving that dream.  In his own words, we are proud to feature Ryan Tatusko and his Guest MLB Blog:  

Ryan Tatusko-  Guest MLB Blog:  It seems like VZL winter ball just ended and already we are talking about Spring training and how that is just around the corner! I had an absolute blast of a time in the VZL and I learned a lot of things, although my numbers really don’t show it. I was able to work on some things with the help of a pitching coach that has never seen me before; and thus he was able to look at me with a fresh set of eyes and help me out. What was great about still playing that late is that not only did I get to hear those suggestions, but I was able to use them in a game situation right away and test them out and continue to work on them. I am extremely thankful that I had that opportunity as I think it is going to be vital for me going into the 2012 season.

Alas, another season approaches and I am extremely excited for 2012 and to put 2011 behind me. For me, 2011 was a season that was filled with a lot of learning and going through new experiences and dealing with a lot of adversity and failure on the mound. I did have my bright spots and I really feel like I started to make a turn around the corner when the season was coming to an end. So I am eager to get 2012 started. I spent most of the year last year as a reliever, and I believe that is what I am going to do this year as well, although I am not too sure. Preparing to be a reliever is not much different from being a starter for me. I have my routine and what I like to do in terms of lifting weights and running. But when it comes to throwing, I might have to tweak it a little bit.

After the season ends, the Nationals send all of its players a manual it really wants us to follow in terms of running, core work, lifting, and a strict throwing schedule. This is extremely helpful in terms of them making it a step-by-step program for the players and easy to follow. Right now, I am taking some time off from throwing since I technically just got done with my season about 2 weeks ago. I will pick it back up once the new year starts, but that doesn’t mean the other aspects of my training have stopped either. I feel like if I stop running, it will be really hard for me to get to get back to where I currently am before spring training starts. 

My mindset right now is to do everything I can to make it to the next level in 2012. I really feel like I lost myself a little bit in 2011 and tried to do too many things and over think myself. I just didn’t allow myself to be as successful as I was in 2010. I learned a lot about myself and my own mental game down in the VZL and I think that will pay dividends for me this year. What I personally need to do to get to the big leagues this year is to attack the strike zone more and stop nibbling around the plate. I had a horrible tendency to try to make a perfect pitch every time and I wound up falling behind in the count and getting hit or walking people. When I walk people is when I truly get into trouble. I was able to work with Calvin Maduro with the Baltimore Orioles down in Venezuela and we just talked about the mental aspect of pitching. Just being able to do that and get a new view on things really helped me.

Overall, I am very excited for the 2012 season to start and to get ready for spring training. Although I am technically just starting my “offseason” right now, I have a few more weeks of letting my body rest. Then it’s back at it for about a month and a half before its time to report back to Florida!


***Ryan Tatusko is a pitcher in the Washington Nationals system.  Ryan played for the Syracuse Chiefs (AAA) and Harrisburg Senators (AA) in 2011.  Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback at the bottom of this guest blog.  You can also reach Ryan on Twitter (@RyanTatusko) as he loves to interact with his fans.  Please also visit and bookmark Ryan’s Blog ( – Thanks Ryan and good luck in 2012!***


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