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Dear Santa: All AL Teams 2015 Wish List (By The Fans)

santa claus

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer): 

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Okay, so it is time to ask old Saint Nick, for some help for teams in the MLB to have their wishes come true.

New York Yankees:

Can someone please knock some sense into the brass in the Bronx to realize they are the friggin Yanks?  Since we can’t bring the “Boss” back to kick some ass, maybe a losing season would force the team to pilfer the payroll, and believe it or not, if Cashman behaves himself before Spring Training, the club could get under the Luxury Tax Threshold this year with a few Trade Deals, and go an attack the 2016 Free Agent core of Jason Heyward, Jordan Zimmermann, David Price and Johnny Cueto


Would it be too much to ask if the team could just release Alex Rodriguez?  There is no way he should hit his 660th HR in Pinstripes.  Release him before that day, or way prior, and don’t pay him that dumb $6 MIL Bonus.  He ain’t worth it.  Also don’t want him passing Lou Gehrig for the RBI list ALL – Time in a New York uniform either. Read the rest of this entry

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