Who Owns October? A Metric For The 2018 Post Season


Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune

A few years ago, one of my most loyal listeners, Daryl Spitzer, posted this Tweet.


It worked in 2013 and each year since then and it will work again this year.

So it is “Who Owns October?” or “WOO.”

And here is how it works.

Each winning team of a post season game gets a pitcher and a hitter awarded a “WOO.”

The losing teams can get a pitcher and hitter to get 1/2 a “WOO” if they stood out in a losing cause. They will be awarded at MY discretion.

Why do I get that kind of power? Because it is MY stat.

So we will see at the end of the World Series who has piled up enough full or half WOO’s to claim October as their own.

Keep checking in and I will get the tally up to date tonight and update it after every playoff game.

There is no reason to yell WOO! after each game.

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