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MLB DFS Picks 6/3/17

Dailyrotohelp.com would like to welcome you to the MLB DFS article for the 3rd of June.

For this daily fantasy baseball season, each day we’ll be writing up a group of pitchers and hitters that we’re considering for our cash and GPP lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel. We’ll also provide a list of stacks to consider. As with any DFS sport, the advice below is relevant for fantasy purposes. A player or team might be better or worse from a fantasy perspective than they are in real life due to match-up, price, park factor, etc. This is important when constructing a roster.

One thing to remember outside of making sure your guy is in the lineup, is to always check the weather. Always. Make this something that is part of your basic research. Baseball games can get postponed! Your players receive no points from postponed games!

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (6/3/17): MLB DFS Advice

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (6/3/17): MLB DFS Advice

DailyRotoHelp.com wants to help you win a ton of cash while also allowing you to feel like you’re making it yourself. You may not agree with all of our picks, but that’s what makes a DFS player a GREAT DFS Player.

Our daily plays are from a collection of experts and a ton of research that goes into them. We have spent countless hours a day crunching the numbers from a dozen different aspects of each sport and bring you the best options each day.

If you take away from our articles the ability to build your own lineups that’s great! If you are still wanting some help definitely subscribe to our Optimal NBA and NFL DFS, or MLB Lineups for both Fanduel and DraftKings for that added boost! Good Luck and bring home that bacon.

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MLB DFS Picks for 6/3/2017

Cash Pitchers

Carlos Carrasco

Career vs Current Royals Roster

AVG: 0.244 [42 for 172], BABIP: 0.296, K%: 23.3, BB%: 7.4
FIP: 3.64 Groundout: 46 Strikeout: 44 Single:30 Flyout: 20 Walk: 12 Lineout: 10 Pop Out: 5Home Run: 5 Triple: 4 Double: 3 Forceout: 3Sac Bunt: 2 Intent Walk: 2 Grounded Into DP:2 Hit By Pitch: 1

Jon Lester

Career vs Current Cardinals Roster

AVG: 0.210 [38 for 181], BABIP: 0.254, K%: 26.5, BB%: 7.5
FIP: 3.56 Strikeout: 53 Groundout: 39 Flyout:26 Single: 23 Walk: 15 Lineout: 11 Pop Out: 9Double: 8 Home Run: 6 Sac Fly: 3 Forceout: 2Grounded Into DP: 2 Field Error: 1 Sac Bunt:1 Triple: 1

Johnny Cueto

Career vs Current Phillies Roster

AVG: 0.183 [11 for 60], BABIP: 0.184, K%: 16.9, BB%: 3.1
FIP: 3.82 Groundout: 18 Strikeout: 11 Flyout:7 Double: 4 Pop Out: 4 Lineout: 4 Single: 4Bunt Groundout: 2 Home Run: 2 Walk: 2 Field Error: 2 Sac Bunt: 1 Grounded Into DP: 1 Sac Fly: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1 Triple: 1

Ervin Santana

Career vs Current Angels Roster

AVG: 0.362 [42 for 116], BABIP: 0.435, K%: 18.6, BB%: 7.8
FIP: 3.53 Single: 33 Strikeout: 24 Groundout:23 Flyout: 13 Walk: 10 Double: 7 Lineout: 4Pop Out: 3 Home Run: 2 Forceout: 2 Sac Bunt: 2 Field Error: 2 Bunt Groundout: 1Fielders Choice Out: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1Grounded Into DP: 1

GPP (Tournament Pitchers)

Rich Hill

Career vs Current Brewers Roster

AVG: 0.182 [2 for 11], BABIP: 0.286, K%: 28.6, BB%: 21.4
FIP: 3.53 Strikeout: 4 Walk: 3 Groundout: 2Single: 2 Flyout: 2 Lineout: 1

David Price

Career vs Current Orioles Roster

AVG: 0.238 [71 for 298], BABIP: 0.302, K%: 26.8, BB%: 4.8
FIP: 3.12 Strikeout: 83 Groundout: 56 Single:47 Flyout: 45 Pop Out: 15 Double: 15 Walk: 15Lineout: 13 Home Run: 9 Forceout: 6Grounded Into DP: 5 Field Error: 2 Double Play: 1 Strikeout – DP: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1

Lance McCullers Jr.

Career vs Current Rangers Roster

AVG: 0.345 [19 for 55], BABIP: 0.432, K%: 24.6, BB%: 9.8
FIP: 5.45 Strikeout: 15 Single: 10 Groundout:10 Double: 5 Flyout: 5 Walk: 5 Lineout: 3Home Run: 3 Forceout: 2 Triple: 1 Intent Walk: 1 Pop Out: 1

MLB DFS Picks for 


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Who Owned Baseball June 1, 2017 (Daily #MLB AL/NL Pitcher + Hitter MVP’s) + 2016 #WOB Standings


Chris Lee – St. Louis Post Dispatch

Adam Wainwright pitched 6 shutout innings and his 2 run homer provided all the run production for the game as the Cardinals blanked the Dodgers, 2-0.

Gerardo Parra went 4 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored to help the surprising Rockies top Seattle, 6-3.

Corey Kluber threw 6 innings of 2 hit shutout ball, striking out 10 Oakland batters and earning the 8-0 decision for the Indians.

Aaron Hicks collected 4 hits, scored twice and drove in 6 to help the Yankees throttle Toronto, 12-2.

They all owned baseball on June 1, 2017

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings, plus see who gained 1/2 WOB’s – Click the READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY ICON OR SCROLL DOWN.

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