The 10 Best MLB Players So Far in 2017

There are still five months left in the 2017 MLB regular season, so there is plenty left to be decided. When we look back on this year by the time September rolls around, we may not even remember how certain players or teams played over the first few weeks.

That doesn’t mean someone doesn’t want to see their name on this particular list, though. Right?

Every ballplayer is well aware of the ups and downs that come with the game of baseball — that’s just the way it is. The best thing anyone can do is to minimize the valleys and maximize the peaks in production as much as possible throughout any given year. However, it does make things a lot easier when they can get their respective seasons off to a fast start.

But who has been the best at doing just that? Now that May is officially upon us, we’re going to highlight 10 players overall — five position players and five starting pitchers — that have just experienced a dominant month of April.



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