The 10 Worst MLB Players So Far in 2017

With the 162-game grind that is an MLB regular season, players and teams are bound to go through rough patches. It’s inevitable, and while everyone tries to minimize them as much as possible, the struggles can sometimes wear on for much longer than anyone would like.

Going through a bad month is not uncommon around baseball. It’s just difficult to have it happen to a player or team in April because they’re immediately trying to dig out of a hole in an effort to get back to some level of normalcy.

Unfortunately, plenty of players find themselves in a hole like this once the calendar flips from April to May. We’ve already touched upon the league’s 10 best players so far, but who’s on the other end of the spectrum?

The following 10 players — five starting pitchers and five hitters — have a ton of work to do before they can be happy with what their respective stat lines look like.



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