The Pittsburgh Pirates Should Not Hesitate to Lean on Adam Frazier

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a team that is searching for answers. They may have a ready-made answer in Adam Frazier

Pittsburgh Pirates UT Adam Frazier has been an unexpected surprise in 2016. In a season thought to mark the debut of noted pitching prospects, a do-it-all utility man who had all of 299 plate appearances at Triple-A has shown that he is big-league ready.

So why won’t manager Clint Hurdle pencil him into the lineup more often? To be sure, there is a comfort level that has been built up with players such as Josh Harrison and David Freese. With Gregory Polanco‘s ability to get hot at any given time coupled with Starling Marte‘s consistent play, the formula for consistent playing time for Frazier gets murky.

With the club barely clinging to Wild Card contention, the time may be now for Hurdle to consider scribbling Frazier’s name on his lineup card with regularity, regardless of preference or past performance.

Major-League Ready

Despite having just those 299 PAs at Indianapolis, Frazier has consistently shown to have a major-league capable approach at the plate. A quick glance at several plate discipline and batted ball peripherals shows this to be the case.

The biggest takeaway from these statistics presented here is that Frazier is seeing more pitches in the zone than most other hitters, and doing more with them. An 85.1 percent contact rate versus just a 7.7 percent swinging strike rate shows a very patient hitter who may be more advanced at the plate than initially thought.


When Frazier does put bat-to-ball, his hard hit percentage is above league average as well as is his line drive percentage. A quality approach breeds quality contact which breeds quality hits.



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