The OTBB September Power Rankings

As sad as it is to consider, this is it. The final month of Regular Season Baseball. For most teams, the final month of baseball, period. (Until next spring of course, and yes, I’m already excited for that.)

But! Before we get ahead of ourselves and get all worked up about seeing Gary Sanchez cranking balls into the Tampa sunset, let’s take a look at where we stand now. Which teams are pretty well Locked in for the postseason? Which are right on the cusp of an unexpected run? Which need to get their act together? And which are praying for the merciful arrival of October 2nd?

Let’s take a look:

Group 1: The Top Tier

1.Chicago Cubs

2.Texas Rangers

3.Washington Nationals

There is a big drop off between the Cubs and everyone else, with Chicago cruising toward a divisional crown, having somehow lived up to the crazy hype from last February. At this point, they are basically running out the clock until games that count.

Texas and Washington are pretty secure division leaders themselves. DC isn’t playing the greatest baseball headed into the stretch run, but both are definitely better than any other team in their divisions, and should rightly be turning attention to the postseason soon. (For Nationals fans, the process of steeling for the inevitable first round exit is already underway.)

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