Losing Chapman Bittersweet For Yankees Fans

For most teams in the Yankees’ situation, becoming a deadline seller would be a no-brainer. But New York has long suffered from ‘Yankee Pride,’ a mental block that prevented the front office to from making the right decisions for the franchise going forward. Trading Aroldis Chapman is the first true signal that they might have gotten past it.

Seemingly since the close of the World Series in 2009, the team’s last championship, the New York Yankees have been running out lineups of increasingly aging, immobile, progressively unwatchable former superstars, capable of winning 85 games– no more, no less.

Of course, that’s perception more than reality– the Yankees finished in second in 2010 and won the AL East in 2011 and 2012, making it to the ALCS in 2012– but for Yankee fans accustomed to winning, or at the very least, exciting baseball, a la the Core Four Era, it’s been a bit of a drag.

Since 2013, for instance, the Yankees have finished no closer than 6 games out in the division, making the playoffs for one measly day, while the Red Sox hoisted their third championship banner of the 2000’s. It’s been a pretty dramatic fall from grace.

But things seem to have come to a head this season. The team is in 4th place in the division….

To Continue reading about what Yankee fan Max Frankel (@OTBB_Max) thinks about What the Aroldis Chapman trade means for the Yankees Future, please check out Off The Bench.


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