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Midseason Top 100 MLB Prospect Rankings Analysis (51-60)

Below you can find my analysis for the prospects ranked between 51-60 for the 2016 midseason top prospect list. If you want to see the full top 100 list, please visit the following link: SEE THE TOP 100 PROSPECT RANKINGS. I will be posting daily analysis of every player listed in the top 100, so please follow my blog and other social media for updates.



51. Jake Bauers (TB, 20 Years Old, 1B): Bauers has improved his game a lot in 2016. Last season, he hit .272, with 11 home runs, eight stolen bases, .342 OBP, and a .418 slugging percentage in 534 plate appearances. In only 368 plate appearances this season at Double-A, Bauers is batting .285, with 10 home runs, seven stolen bases, .373 OBP, and a .430 slugging percentage. He also has very advanced plate discipline, which should serve him well in his career. Bauers has one of the prettiest left-handed swings you will see, so it is no surprise that he is hitting so well this year.



Selecting the 2016 First Half MVP for Each MLB Team

Now that MLB’s All-Star Week festivities in San Diego are finished, we’re forced with the task of getting through the next few days without any baseball. To pass the time, we’ll do what any self-respecting fan or analyst would do – look back at the first 80-90 games played and see who had the biggest impact.

Below are my first-half MVPs for each of the 30 MLB squads, with some facts to back up why they should be admiring some brand-new, imaginary hardware on their mantle before embarking on the second half of play.


Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – July 13, 2016



(Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

I have thoughts on the All Star Game. Pitchers are not facing enough batters. Players are being lifted too quickly. And I still don’t understand why the American League was the home team in San Diego.

Plus I realize that being fair is irrelevant in baseball.

It is a START THE SECOND HALF ALREADY episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Eric Hosmer, Will Harris, Daniel Murphy and Kenley Jansen both added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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How to Survive the Darkest Day on the Baseball Calendar

Today is the worst day of the year. A day we all fear in the weeks that precede it, and shudder to recall in the weeks that follow. Today, the day after the All-Star game, is the Day Without Baseball.

I know,  there are other days without baseball– every day from November through late February, for instance– but today is worse: it’s a Day Without Sports. There is no baseball, no football, no basketball, no big time college sports, and not even any hockey. There is nothing; only darkness.

Don’t turn on SportsCenter. There is nothing. (Unless you care to watch Marcellus Wiley opine on the state of the Buffalo Bills’ interior defensive line and how they might fare if it snows during their Week 4 matchup or some such nonsense.) SportsCenter is dead. Without sport, can there be a SportCenter?

For years I’ve dreaded this day, but over time I’ve developed some sure fire strategies for weathering the storm and making it until Friday when baseball’s second half finally begins. Today, I will let you in on 8 of my secrets, and with a little luck, we’ll get through this long night together.

  1. Read a baseball blog: Look at this! You’ve already done this one! Great start. Reading baseball blogs is a great way to avoid the misery of not watching actual baseball. Blogs, like Off the Bench, provide thought-provoking analysis that will keep you occupied until first pitch tomorrow. Sometimes they even offer clever survival guides like this one. Go ahead and bookmark our site to be sure to enjoy our insight even on Days with Baseball.
  2. Play OOTP: OOTP Baseball is hands down the best baseball simulator available. Every year, the guys over at OOTP send us a new copy to review and every year it blows us away. Want to test a theory that no team should ever sign a player to a contract longer than 3 season? Go for it. Want to fix a crappy real life team? Have at it. Want to pretend it’s 1871 and see what an inaugural baseball draft is like? Here you go. OOTP is a great way to get your baseball fix.
  3. Make a baseball out of….

Please visit the (mostly) baseball blog to find out other important strategies for surviving baseball’s darkest day.

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