MLB DFS Daily Fantasy Picks For FanDuel – 7/4/16


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

One of the biggest blunders made by many gamblers is betting against themselves.  We are going to simplify the process, so if you win, you can really win – none of this barely break even nonsense.

Our new Draft Strategy is now here.  Please read after the post.  You can use our formula for your own wanted and given stacks and pitchers.  This process wheels them all in alignment.

Now here is what we are going to do for today’s MLB DFS FanDuel style.

We Will Give You – Daily

3 – 7 team stacking options ( We are going to draw most of our players from these squads).

3 – 5 Pitching candidates (High level, midlevel and budget).

We love CC Sabathia at the MLB Reports - but DFS is a game you play without your heart. We fully believe a full regression on his numbers is coming, Monday the White Sox will face him, and provide great value for the RHBs they possess. This game could be a high scoring affair with James Shiields providing the Yankees opponent p

We love CC Sabathia at the MLB Reports – but DFS is a game you play without your heart. We fully believe a full regression on his numbers is coming, Monday the White Sox will face him, and provide great value for the RHBs they possess. This game could be a high scoring affair with James Shiields providing the Yankees an opponent – who has served more crooked numbers than Bernie Madoff since his arrival in Chicago.  These 2 clubs are high on our stack against list.

July 4, 2016: All 9 early slate games as we are skipping the all day slate(for all day players please visit for picks, or

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Stacking Options  – Todays Rankings

NY Yankees vs James Shields (Just watch the lineup as the Yankees are traveling from San Diego on Sunday Night.  Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira and Jacoby Ellsbury all had nice Sunday’s but if 2 of the 3 are not in the lineup Monday at Us Cellular I may fade the stack.)

White Sox vs CC Sabathia (There is no doubt that what CC is doing is incredible, however he has shown cracks in the armor, and he is due to be bounced by a heavy HR sided RHB lineup like Todd Frazier, Melky Cabrera, Jose Abreu and Brett Lawrie must all be in play here.) If you take the Justin Morneau numbers in BVP (not even on the roster), then the Pale Hose have decent numbers vs the veteran Southpaw

Houston Astros vs Wade Miley (The former Red Sox and D’Backs pitcher has yielded at least 4 ER in 5 of his last 6 outings, which equates to 26 ER over his last 30.2 IP.  Add that with a heavy talent of RHB from the Stros, and look out).

Boston vs Nick Martinez (The Red Sox finally started to hit yesterday, and I think the Rangers LHP will have a tough contest in stopping them in Fenway tomorrow.  Even if David Ortiz sits, the Red Sox can put a vaunted lineup in the mix.

Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds (Even if Cody Reed can stave off a big Cubs lineup, that bullpen has been speedbagged on all year, and might send some baseballs onto Waveland Ave. )


Kyle Hendricks, CIN @ CHC, $9200 (Yes Joey Votto has 2 HRs in 6 career AB, but Joe Maddon should just give him the Bryce Harper treatment, and let the rest of the Reds lineup to try and beat the Cubs.  After being swept by the Mets you would figure the Cubs would be motivated to take it out on the Cincy club that is 25 – 53 in their last 78 Games.

Lance McCullers JR., SEA @ HOU, $8700, (In his brief history vs the Mariners he has fanned 17 guys in 42 AB, as he has also K’d 56 batters in just 46 IP this year.  There is always a risk to using JR, but I think the lineup will stake him to a lead, and if he can go 6+ with 8 or 9 SO and get the win, he is full value for the $.)

Matt Harvey, MIA @ NYM, $8400 (If this was last year. this price would be a hell of a lot more for the Dark Knight  He has owned the Fish for his career, and the clubs offense over the weekend has instilled some confidence in me that he can win the game outright tomorrow.  (Marlins playing the ESPN Sunday Night game late as well.)

I almost picked Jerad Eickhoff vs the Braves, but he just doesn’t strike out that many hitters.  Carlos Martinez vs the Bucs was intriguing, but there are weather factors, and the Pirates have played the Cardinals tough this year.

Team Stacks will most likely have 3 – 4 players on each club and is preferred if they are in order of the batting lineup.  In some case ministacks of 2 – with them back to back in the Batting Order can be used in expensive player picks.

NYY/CWS + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

NYY/HOU + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

NYY/BOS + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

NYY/CHC + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

CWS/HOU + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

CWS/BOS + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

CWS/CHC + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

HOU/BOS + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

HOU/CHC + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

BOS/CHC + (Henricks, McCullers JR, Harvey = 3 Rosters

These are just 3 of the 30 Lineups we will construct for the night (5 team stacks wheeled x 3 pitchers, in the end, each of the 5 teams will have 12rosters, so each player will be listed a lot of (4 – 6) times each.  If you like the conventional way of selecting players. we refer you to (our partner website for a great list of player to select from, that isn’t exclusive to team stacks).

Sample Lineup 1

P –Kyle Hendricks, CIN @ CHC, $9200

C  – Willson Contreras, CIN @ CHC, $9200

1B – A.J. Reed, SEA @ HOU, $2300

2B –  Ben Zobrist,  CIN @ CHC, $4000

3B –  Kris Bryant, CIN @ CHC, $4100

SS  – Didi Gregorius, NYY @ CWS, $3100

OF – Colby Rasmus SEA @ HOU, $3300

OF – Carlos Gomez, SEA @ HOU, $3600

OF – Aaron Hicks, NYY @ CWS, $2300 (Backup is Brandon Nimmo, MIA @ NYM, $2300)

$34, 800, 000 ($200 left)

Sample Lineup 2

P – Lance McCullers JR., SEA @ HOU, $8700,

C  – Brian McCann, NYY @ CWS, $3700

1B –  Hanley Ramirez, TEX @ BOS, $3500

2B –  Starlin Castro, NYY @ CWS, $3100

3B –   Chase Headley, NYY @ CWS, $3100

SS –   Xander Bogaerts, TEX @ BOS, $3500

OF  – Jackie Bradley JR. TEX @ BOS, $3500

OF –  Melky Cabrera, NYY @ CWS, $2900 (Nomar Mazara, TEX @ BOS, $2800 as backup)

OF – Jason Heyward, CIN @ CHC, $3100

$ 34, 900, 000 ($100 left)

Sample Lineup 3

P –  Matt Harvey, MIA @ NYM, $8400

C  – Brian McCann,, NYY @ CWS, $3700 (Buster Posey, COL @ SF, $3400 as backup)

1B –  Jose Abreu, NYY @ CWS, $3700

2B – Starlin Castro, NYY @ CWS, $3200

3B –  Todd Frazier. NYY @ CWS, $3100

SS –  Tim Anderson, NYY @ CWS, $2900

OF  – Adam Eaton,  NYY @ CWS, $2600

OF – Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY @ CWS, $3400

OF –  Brett Gardner, NYY @ CWS, $3800 ( If Carlos Beltran (still DTD with hamstring) draws in Gardner draw out, there is $3900 for him),

$ 34, 800, 000 ($200 left)

If you’re not familiar with the points breakdown, here’s the format utilizing a $35 million salary cap.  

Scoring System:

1 Starting Pitcher (SP)

1 Catcher (C)

1 First Baseman (1B)

1 Second Baseman (2B)

1 Third Baseman (3B)

1 Short Stop (SS)

3 Outfielders (OF)

Game Types:


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A big thanks goes out to our ‘Chief Writer/Part Owner’ Hunter Stokes for preparing today’s featured post.

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