224 Games In 183 Days MLB Trip in 2015 Wrap Up: Historical Trip Ends With A Tripleheader!

2015 MLB Trip Sponsors: Man Fish Brewery, Megabus.com, MLB Reports, National Car Rental, MLB Ball Park Pass-Port

2015 MLB Trip Sponsors: Man Fish Brewery, Megabus.com, MLB Reports, National Car Rental, MLB Ball Park Pass-Port.

Chuck Booth (Owner/Lead Analyst): 

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Chuck Booth’s 2015 MLB Park Historical Road Trip

The GOAL: 183 Straight Days (every single day at least 1 gm) Of ALL 30 MLB Parks Trip In 2015 (224 Games) view full year schedule.

The CAUSE:  To Raise Money for Concussion Awareness (via Sports Legacy Institute. donate money here) Through Inspiring Others.

So I ended up at 224 Games after a flurry of maneuvers and last second scheduling.

Here is how I arrived at that mark.

I went to 15 Doubleheaders in 30 days during September (5 natural doubles occurred in parks with certain rainouts causing them.  Philly, Detroit, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Baltimore all had twinbills at their parks in this month.)

Making every game on my schedule was always a goal, and for the year, there was only 3 missed games and all were made up at the park in which I witnessed.

On Oct.2, 2015 I witnessed a contest at my 30th MLB park of the season, marking the 4th time in 7 years I had seen all of the stadiums.

My 30th ballpark this season occurred at Atlanta. It was a rainy night that I was happy to see the game be finished out..

My 30th ballpark this season occurred at Atlanta. It was a rainy night that I was happy to see the game be finished out..

During my visit to Turner Field I realized that a Tripleheader opportunity was available on the second to last day of the campaign the following day.

Here is my post on Facebook from that day

Alright sports fans..another wicked day of travel maneuvers..hung out with my bro Trent Booth for a wrap up conference this am a his work (catered breakfast), saw a few wicked motivational speakers..then hit my 30th park in Atlanta*s Turner Field to mark my fourth time I have seen all major league stadiums in one year..also while fully intending to eat a plane fare for switched plans..I scored a free plane ride tomorrow to Baltimore for a delayed flight I never even checked in for. Because of the rain today there are Doubleheaders scheduled in Baltimore and Philadelphia tomorrow.. I will attempt my first Triple header ever with Baltimore at noon, followed by Philadelphia starting their doubleheader at 4:05 pm..it would bring me up to 223 Games after Saturday – with one more game to make 224 on Sunday. I just happened to have a free one way car rental from Baltimore to Indianapolis – so I can pick up my Canadian long term rental to drive home after Sunday in Chicago.

Once I arrived in Baltimore it was an easy move to do this feat.  We received a quick start in Baltimore, leaving in the later innings, but still seeing an official game, before we jettisoned up the highway to Citizens Bank Ball Park.  We arrived before first pitch for Game 1 in Philly.  After that, it was braving the cold wind and mist to finish the games out.

With my first Tripleheader ever completed, we made the drive to Indianapolis to retrieve my car.  I ended my year long journey in Chicago (where I had started the year).

Since the final game, I have visited Winnipeg, and then drove to the PAC NW directly after.

This has been the most incredible odyssey one could ever imagine. I never dreamed this trip would garner the attention it has received in all media realms.

I met a great deal of new and amazing people on this trip, (Joel Meier, unofficial mayor of Phoenix and awesome city host, Kat Scicluna in New York, (@feinfl on twitter in Tampa), Andrew Van Cleve in Philly, Paul Nieuwland/Mark Chesna in Denver/Baltimore respectively – and then for the entire Ballpark Chasers Weekend in Seattle, Kim Ellis at Citi Field, Paul Rodriguez in Milwaukee, Richie Devotie in Cincinnati, Christian Darnell Allen in SF and for the nohitter in Dodger Stadium, all the RF bleacher fans in Oakland – and many of the ballpark chasers in Seattle. I must thank Kelly Van De Walle for doing exceptional ‘PR’ work for my trip

I watched games in 18 stadiums and over 40 Games with Scott Bultman JR. (he was my running mate for a majority of the road maneuvers I did.  Scott did 143 games over 30 MLB Parks this year too.  He and I are part of an exclusive all 30 MLB Parks and 100 MLB Games in one season club. It really helped having someone who was going to the park every day like you are.)

Gary Herman and Mike Casiano are the guys that watch about the same amount of games I did in this one year every season.  I think I saw 8 parks and over 25 games with Gary, and made it to 9 parks and well over 30 MLB games with Mike “The King” Casiano.  It was awesome to trade stories with these guys about life on the road and watching baseball.

Tike Narry saw 15 games with me over the course of 4 different venues, and made sure I had a place to stay in the Bay Area. Included in this was a home and home series in Interleague with the Giants and Mariners, and also the nohitter we were at in Dodger Stadium.  We have assembled our own West Coast Posse, and Tike is certainly always front and center with the party.

Josh Robbins joined me for 2 games at Chase Field and 2 games at Safeco Field.  He is still the land world record holder for seeing all 30 MLB Parks in just 26 calendar days.  The picture below has him with Scott, Ken and I at Chase Field during my birthday celebration this season.

west coast mafia

Roger Ratzenberger joined me for 5 games over four ballparks in 3 days.  Roger was with me for 5 games in my 2012 Streak too – and has become one of my good friends in the baseball world.

Lori Martini and I watched three games at Citi Field – and she was instrumental on acquiring tickets for all of my Mets contests. We also were in the Audi Club for a game at Yankee Stadium.  I thank her for her continuous friendship – and she is a great sounding board for travel maneuvers having been to all of the 30 MLB Parks herself.

I watched 4 games at Nationals Park,and 2 games at Fenway Park with Ben Fallon.  He gave me the the best advice for the park in Washington.  It was the reason I saw almost 30 games there with my favorite NL team.

I wanted to thank Alicia Barnhart, (who inspired me to do this trip, after I read her book in venturing to all the 30 MLB Parks in 2012 – despite having some things going on in her world that were distractions)  Alicia is going to all 32 NFL Stadiums in 86 Days to establish a Guinness Book Of World Record this fall/winter. Follow her on that trek here.  We both have helped each other out with scheduling/tricks to save time, effort and money on the road.

My family has always played a pivotal role on my trips.  This time was no different.  My brother Trent and his wife Kristy let me stay in Sicklerville, NJ for the duration of the year with them.  It gave me a great home base.  Thanks for putting up with my late night arrivals, and then pretty much leaving after just a few hours later to start the new city.

My Dad, plus brothers Ken and Clint both were generous with some cash for me to continue on when I needed a lift.

It was also great to seen Craig Landgren and Doug Miller at various times throughout my year.  These guys are always positive about the ballpark experiences.  Both of these fine gentlemen have been nothing but generous with their time and resources.

I saw my good buddy Brian Savage at Fenway for a couple of games too.

Thanks to Tim Parks for helping me out with Passport Books from the MLB and also in Cincinnati..

Ken Lee has been a great friend ever since 2009, when he was one of the select few who welcomed me to the ballpark chaser fraternity.  Ken traveled with me for a majority of my 2012 streak, and was there with me during the 2015 during the initial planning stages.  We started the “Manfish Revolution” with the shirts and subsequent talk of “Manfish Maneuvers.  I have stayed at his house in Renton for more than 2 weeks of my journey.  He is the ultimate fan to get fired up about baseball with.  There will be far more trips in the future for us to plan and take.  Thank you “Kendogs” for your help and support this year man…Couldn’t have done it without you..

Final Trip Stats Oct.5, 2015:

Projected budget – $22500, I ended plus $100 of where I thought I would be financially, and up four projected games.)

Hot Dogs eaten – 109.

Pretzels inhaled – 100.

Beers Consumed – 107.

Energy Drinks – 190 (including coffee).

Miles traveled thus far by all modes (88000 Miles). 

Interviews TV, Radio, Internet, Podcast, Newsprint – 100 total interviews (96 since June.01.)

Home team record is now astoundingly good at 123 – 101 (.546 win %).

Games Per Park Breakdown – 224

CBP – 33 (Philadelphia, PA)

Nats Park – 29 (Washington, DC)

Camden Yards – 25 (Baltimore, MD)

Yankee Stadium – 21 (The Bronx, NY)

Wrigley Field – 15 (Chicago, IL)

Safeco Field – 14 (Seattle, WA)

Miller Park – 8 (Milwaukee, WI)

Citi Field – 7 (Flushing Meadows, NY)

US Cellular Field – 7 (Chicago, IL)

PNC Park – 6 (Pittsburgh, PA)

Fenway Park – 6 (Boston, MA)

Chase Field – 6 (Phoenix, AZ)

Comerica Park – 5 (Detroit, MI)

AT @ T Park – 5 (San Francisco, CA)

Busch Stadium – 4 (St. Louis, MO)

Great American Ball Park – 4 (Cincinnati, OH)

Angel Stadium – 3 (Anaheim, CA)

Minute Maid Park – 3 (Houston, TX)

Globe Life Park – 3 (Arlington, TX)

Coors Field – 3 (Denver, CO)

Target Field – 3 (Minneapolis, MN)

O.co Coliseum – 2 (Oakland, CA)

Kauffman Stadium – 2 (Kansas City, MO)

Progressive Field – 2 (Cleveland, OH)

Marlins Park – 2 (Miami, FL)

Tropicana Field- 2 (Tampa Bay, FL)

Petco Park – 1 (San Diego, CA)

Rogers Center – 1, (Toronto, Ont, Canada)

Dodger Stadium – 1 (Aug.30, Jake Arrieta no hitter) Los Angeles, CA.  Finished on the year…

Turner Field – 1 (Atlanta, GA)

Makes 224 Games in 183 Days through Oct 4, 2015 – featuring 46 Doubleheaders and 1 Tripleheader, 3 missed and 1 madeup doubleheader, and two outright misses (Apr.07, that was cancelled and rescheduled for July.07, 2015, in which I attended anyways, and a game that was scheduled for Sept.10 (CBP in Philly, was madeup as part of a doubleheader the next day, in which I also attended. There was also a rainout on Sept.29 in Baltimore that was made up as a doubleheader on Wednesday Sept.30). There was also a four day break for the ALL – Star Break).

Pictures with friends and family

joel meier

doug and josh gary herman martini 2 martini safeco field june 2015 savage

11695816_10207428454288401_4750631139912277480_n a o.co a sea 2 a sea 3 asg 3 baltimore dh ben and chuck bryane ningas bultman 2 bultman chesna doug and kat fe helton smith nohit 2 rodriguez tommy booth west coast mafia westcoast 3nohitter 3van clevejersey5

2015 Trip schedule

Interview with Minnesota FOX 9.

June Interview on Fox 10.

June Interview on Fox 10.

Interview on CSN Philly during the month of July.

Interview on CSN Philly during the month of July.

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I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play NCAA Division 1 University Baseball at Liberty University. Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19. After two nearly made World Record Attempts in 2008, I set a New World Record by visiting all 30 MLB Parks (from 1st to last pitch) in only 24 Calendar Days in the summer 0f 2009. In April of 2012, I established yet another new GWR by visiting all 30 Parks in only 23 Calendar Days! You can see the full schedule at the page of the www.mlbreports.com/gwr-tracker . In 2015, I watched 224 MLB Games, spanning all 30 MLB Parks in 183 Days. Read about that World Record Journey at https://mlbreports.com/183in2015/229sked2015/

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