183 Day MLB Trip (Days 79 – 84 Recap) in 2015: Games 95 – 101/Angel Stadium, AT & T Park + O.Co

2015 MLB Trip Sponsors: Man Fish Brewery, Megabus.com, MLB Reports, National Car Rental, MLB Ball Park Pass-Port

2015 MLB Trip Sponsors: Man Fish Brewery, Megabus.com, MLB Reports, National Car Rental and the MLB Ball Park Pass-Port.

Chuck Booth (Owner/Lead Analyst): 

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Chuck Booth’s 2015 MLB Park Historical Road Trip

The GOAL: 183 Straight Days (every single day at least 1 gm) Of ALL 30 MLB Parks Trip In 2015 (217 Games) view full year schedule.

The CAUSE:  To Raise Money for Concussion Awareness (via Sports Legacy Institute. donate money here) Through Inspiring Others.


Monday, June.22, 2015 – Saturday, June 27th/2015

Games #95 – 101  Days #79 – 84

Today’s game (s) Start Time (s) in EST  and Venue (s):

Angel Stadium (Games 3/3 total this year.), AT & T Park (Games 3 and 4/out of 5 this season), O.Co (2/2 games this year there this campaign).

Prepaid Expenses:

Tickets Angels 6/22, 6/23, 6/24 – $14, $23 + $14 = $51 for 3 game

Tickets Giants 6/24,6/25 – $17 + $18 = $35 for 2 games

Tickets A’s 6/26 + 6/27 – $11 + $11 = $22 for 2 games

Tickets Spent $108 on 7 games this week.

Blog  Note – (There are lots of photos at the end of this post)

Hanging with the RF Bleacher Creatures, and new friends.  It was honor to be part of your crew out there in Section 148 Oakland!!

Hanging with the RF Bleacher Creatures, and new friends. It was honor to be part of your crew out there in Section 148 Oakland!!

The week started out with me camping at Vancouver International Airport early Monday morning.  Using the 24 hour clock as a compass, I had rented a car from this place from Thursday morning at 2 AM.  Each night I exchanged a new car until I brought this one back.

I normally don’t ever fly from Canada to the USA, as it is 97% of the time cheaper to fly out of Seattle by half the costs, however I snagged a ticket to fly to SO CAL for $120.

Of the 5 games I stayed for at Safeco Field, I  stayed in Canada for 4 nights, extending my eligibility to make 180 days in the USA, which is my max limit for the year as a Canadian citizen.

I arrived in Los Angeles and took a shuttle to my rental van, that is right, I secured a deal to drive a cargo vehicle for just $23 a day.  Since my free days at National Car are limited, if I ever can swing a move for about that price, I will hold onto the free days.

The booking i did was through carrentals.com  Unfortunately the sales lady at this unsaid rental establishment talked me right out of the deal.  She informed me it was a tough battle to park the van considering there were no windows in the rear.  Strike 1.  She then kept spewing on about the price of fuel.  Strike 2.  Finally. she explained to me that there was a $16 cargo license per day fee, or risk facing a fine for driving a cargo vehicle without proper documentation.  Strike 3.

In essence, this woman talked her way out of me giving them my business.  I simply booked a rental car at my favorite place (National Car Rental) – and walked a mile to the facility.

The city of Los Angeles may scare some people for traffic, yet i have spent several weeks there in past year, so navigation comes quite easy.  I rented a 2015 Hyundai Sonata (with XM Radio of course).  I parked all 3 days at Angel Stadium for free.  I know a spot 0.5 miles from the yard that allows street parking.

Doing a radio interview a few days later would see me pay the only parking fee of my LA trip.  I wasn’t happy the way that shook down.

Much like a Seinfeld episode where he breaks even throughout, I made out just fine by the end of the trip.

There is nothing but praise I am going to send the Angels way for their great treatment of my journey there.  On Monday, I did two newspaper interviews, and Tuesday I was able to hangout with Chris Erksine of the LA Times.  He was kind enough to treat me to a Legends Dog at the park, with a bag of peanuts.

Throughout my travels I have met several media players in the game, but Chris was a cool guy.  It literally felt like he was just a buddy watching a game with at the yard.  He also wrote a fantastic piece summarizing my year long trek here. I thank him for his banter back and forth, and for taking the time to get the full story of what I am trying to accomplish.

Wednesday’s game provided me an opportunity of a lifetime.  Fox Sports West had me in the Angels dugout doing an interview about my trip.  After i finished the piece, I was allowed to wait in the media scrum and watch Mike Scioscia hold court with the reporters and writers for his daily session.

It was surreal to be in a Major League dugout, an earshot from players and coaches alike.  I was fully entertained by this, and soaked in my time standing on the field and sitting in a place not many people get to.

After my time in Los Angeles, I executed on one of the best doubleheader maneuvers I ever have pulled off.  I flew from John Wayne Airport, arrived at SFO at 7:05, picked up my rental car at 7:20, parked a mile and half away from AT & T Park for $9, and sprinted half the time to the venue beyond that.

Entering the park in the bottom of 4th ensured I would see an official game.

My good friend Tike Narry was waiting for me at the Garden Bar beyond the CF outfield.  Tike and his wife Dawn, and son Patrick, have been generous with hosting me for several games with a place to stay and as part of their season ticket deals for the A’s and Giants game.  I have now seen 10 games with Tike in the last 12 days, (4 at SEA, 4 at SF and 2 at OAK).  Mr. Narry will be present for about another 5 games with me the rest of the year.  We are both masters of geography around the USA, and it is nice to throw travel ideas at him.

Thursday saw us take in a day game at AT & T Park, then I returned my rental back at SFO – then picking up my 2 day rental at SILVERCAR rental company.  I will be writing a blog about this experience shortly.

For those that haven’t heard of Silvercar, it is a new onto the scene travel rental where you receive the same car (AUDI 4) every time.  The car is equipped with WIFI, Satelitte radio, navigation, tolls passes, and it one of the finer vehicles I have ever come across in travel realms.  I highly recommend this service, and will post a nice long blurb about in the next day.

Friday saw me pick up my #1 travel mate for the year in Scott Bultman (from OAK airport).  Scott has now seen games with me in the following 11 stadiums – spanning 21 games.

Wrigley Field (x4)

Miller Park (x2)

Busch Stadium (x2)

Fenway Park (x2)

Minute Maid Park (x2)

Globe Life Park (x2)

Kauffman Stadium (x2)

Marlins Park (x2)

Tropicana Field (x1)

O.co (x1)

Nats Park (x1)

Scott will end up at 21 parks and about 60 games with me.  He is also going to all 30 MLB Parks and doing 150 games.  We are slated to witness the AAA game in Omaha. Nebraska as well.

Following the pick up of Mr Bultman, i had an interview in downtown SF with Damon Bruce of 95.7 the Game  CSN Bay Area.  I have heard of this radio announce filling in for the Jim Rome show before. If was a great 12 – 14 minute segment.

Since i had to make it to o.co to meet up with Scott and the Narry’s, I just took the BART from downtown San Fran to the o.co.

Another forthcoming article will be written about the fans of the A’s in RF.  These guys were phenomenal to Scott and I.  We were allowed to sit in the front row of section 148.  This is kind of a big deal, and it was an honor for them to ask me to do this.  Tike had made them aware of our pending games there, and they embraced us.

I truly had the most fun out of any game I have been to this year in Oakland, and that is saying something for that dump of the park to be the place of this contest.   The tilt last night just happened to mark my 100th in 83 days of travel this year.  I am well on pace for my 215 – 220 games mark for the campaign.

As I write this blog, I am currently in the parking lot of O.co, awaiting a Saturday matinee, before I fly out of San Francisco, and fly overnight to Washington Dulles Airport, en route to Citizens Bank Park.

Before I arrived here, I dropped Scott off in downtown San Francisco, and rented a car for him to return to John Wayne Airport tomorrow in the AM hours.  Having Executive Elite Status with National Car Rental helps my friends out too.  I took full advantage of this maneuver to have a car rental only cost $18 for this move.  The car rental was a Toyota Camry.  Scott is headed to San Diego today, before seeing the Angels tomorrow.  It is another case of all of us helping each other.

Ballpark Chasers like us help others because we know how difficult it is to keep expenses down for any trip.

Once again, it is people like the Narry’s offering their place for Scott and I to stay this week, much like Ken Lee did last week.  We pool together resources and make the most out of what pull we have.  Thanks guys.  Without friends like this, I would never be able to complete my tasks this year.

Sadly beyond today I only have  1 game left in San Francisco and at Dodger Stadium at the end of August.  I am headed back East for a few days, before journeying from Central to West in time for the All Star Break.

Week of Expenses:

Hotel Lodging Los Angeles ($40).

Car Rental Free Days (3 days in LA, 1 In San Francisco + 1 more bonus rental).  I have now used up 19/40 free rental days this season.

SILVERCAR Rental – $102 (Included in 2 days with free traffic responder, WIFI, navigation, satellite. and a wicked AUDI 4 ride)

Car cost for Taxes in LA – $27.00

Car cost for Taxes in SF –  $39

Gas LA – $31

Parking LA – $16 (for interview parking at Residence Inn)

Parking – Prepaid fares for AT & T Park ($19 for 2 games downtown total, shared by 2 people, $9.5 each game)

Parking – O.co – $$20 (shared by 2 people).

Food LA – $7 (Was sponsored for a few meals)

Food Bay Area – $53 for 4 days worth of staying.

Spent $60 on food for the 6 days

Method of Transportation To This Game, Where I am headed next.

After the game in Oakland on today, i have Citizens Bank Park Sunday, June 28, Camden Yards Mon June 29th and Tue June 30th. before a DH on Wed July 1st @ GABP and Busch Stadium, Thur July 2, Busch Stadium, Fri July 3rd:  Wrigley Field and US Cellular Doubleheader.

Stadium Count after June.27, 2015 (24 of 30 parks,  finished for year with Angel Stadium, Comerica Park,  Progressive Field, Marlins Park, Globe Life Park, Minute Maid Park, Petco Park and Kauffman  Stadium.)  Parks left to see: Turner Field, Rogers Center, Us Cellular Field, Coors Field Target Field and Dodger Stadium..

CBP – 18

Nats Park – 12

Yankee Stadium – 12

Camden Yards – 7

Fenway Park – 6

Wrigley Field – 5

Safeco Field – 5

AT @ T Park – 4

Citi Field – 3

Angel Stadium – 3

Chase Field – 3

Minute Maid Park – 3

Globe Life Park – 3

Busch Stadium – 2

O.co Coliseum

Kauffman Stadium – 2

Miller Park – 2

Progressive Field – 2

Globe Life Park – 2

Minute Maid Park- 2

Marlins Park – 2

Tropicana Field- 1

PNC Park – 1

Great American Ball Park – 1

Petco Park – 1

Comerica Park – 1

Makes 101 Games in 84 Days, featuring 18 Doubleheaders, 1 missed and 1 madeup doubleheader, and one outright miss (Apr.07, that was cancelled and now rescheduled for July.07, 2015, in which I will be attending anyways.

2015 Trip schedule.

Pictures of the past week.



The 30 MLB Park tour by travel or air is one of the most adrenaline filled chases one can endure. It is like the Amazing Race, meets Survivor, against Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  But even if you just love to travel to a few games each year, or maybe can't get away from your town, but want to know when and where everyone is playing.  The MLB Reports has you covered for all 2430 games in 2014, the ALL - Star Events, and Post Season to come after that.

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