ATR (Ask The Reports) Returns For One Day Here: June 25th, 2014

Home Of Sully Baseball + #WOB, #SullyMetrics, Baseball Analysis (Audio + Written, Roster Trees, Salaries, Org. Depth Charts, Historical Series for All 30 Clubs + State Of The Unions + Wicked Daily Content,) + tyhe best coverage on the 2014 MLB schedule in the world.   We are not your average "Cookie Cutter" Website.  Also our motto is "THE TRUTH STINGS LIKE A CATCUS!"

Home Of Sully Baseball + #WOB, #SullyMetrics, Baseball Analysis (Audio + Written, Roster Trees, Salaries, Org. Depth Charts, Historical Series for All 30 Clubs + State Of The Unions + Wicked Daily Content,) + tyhe best coverage on the 2014 MLB schedule in the world. We are not your average “Cookie Cutter” Website. Also our motto is “THE TRUTH STINGS LIKE A CATCUS!”

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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As our website has increasingly adapted to changes both suggested by our readers and writers, we are forever changing our content on our little space carved out on the interwebs.

So for a little bit of nostalgia, I add an installment of a previous segment we once had, called ATR (Ask The Reports).

Q:  I noticed you pulled down the HR leaderboard pages and placed them on a website called, is this the same ownership of that site?

CB:  Absolutely, I purchased the domain  to help control some of the amount of stuff we post at  In some cases, we will post some of our work on both websites from now on.

MLB Reports is friends with the finest set of ballpark experts in the country and the world.  Just look for the links to webpages on the left side of our homepage, and you will find out important information how to help arm you with the best knowledge how to go about your MLB Road Trips.

MLB Reports is friends with the finest set of ballpark experts in the country and the world. Just look for the links to webpages on the left side of our homepage, and you will find out important information how to help arm you with the best knowledge how to go about your MLB Road Trips.

More importantly, we have grown to almost 3000 posts, and we tackle several different categories now, so it is nice to have a brother website for the main one.

In a new age where a lot of us use our electronic gadgets (devices etc.) it can be quite challenging to possess to keep the streamlined for easy access.

While I love the HRs pages and segments, I just was finding that almost 40 pages (when you add the subpages) was too many to sift through.

So for those readers that like that kind of thing please check out for all of those pages.  Hunter Stokes or myself frequently updated the material as soon as we constantly can.

Q:  Has Sully really done a podcast for 610 days straight?

CB:  The answer is yes, and were excited to have Paul Francis Sullivan as part of our team at the  For those people who have been living under a rock, “Sully posts a 20 minute daily podcast on our website everyday without fail, and it is informative, funny – and unlike any other ‘”cookie cutter material.”

In some cases, he has planned his podcasts accordingly for emergencies, by having evergreen shows on standby, but they are always current, and posted every single day.

I have listened to over 90% of his podcasts – tracking all the way back to Oct of 2012.  Any generation can listen to this man, as he explains things so well that my girlfriend can understand his baseball related topics, and she doesn’t have a huge following towards the game of MLB.

In addition to that show, Sully combs through every boxscore, and watches countless hours of MLB baseball, to pick MVP’s of the day for each of the American League and National Leagues.

We call this daily title “Who Owns Baseball” or $WOB for short.  It was Sully’s 1st stat geared towards finding out which players are dominating the sport for the most days of the year.

We have since dubbed a new term of “Sullymetrics” based on the big following it now receives.

There is a pitcher and a hitter from each selected for a WOB every day of MLB Baseball, and if Sully feels that players on losing teams have been outstanding enough, he may offer 1/2 WOB’s up for grabs at his own discretion.

To see the up to date “WOB” standings on MLB Reports, Click HERE
To see an explanation for “WOB“. click HERE.

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Q:  I like your format of the MLB Schedule, and have been following it constantly all year, but I noticed you don’t post results for the scores, or announce who the starting pitchers are for the game, why is that?

CB:  That is an excellent question.  The reason is this, there are far better websites that list the starting pitchers and give out the results that what we can produce here.  We are but a small crew of hardcore baseball fans.

The genesis behind the whole idea of the MLB schedule is that I hate the way all entities only have 3 or 7 day increments at a time.

Our itineraries are more based on a ballpark chasers version of what the would like the schedule to look like.  We have a 1 running page for the entire season worth of games, monthly schedules, and of course weekly skeds that run from Monday – Sundays.

The Reports is also quickly establishing itself as a go to place for Interleague.  We have a yearly schedule, and are also keeping track of the ALL – Time Records.

If you google ‘search’ Interleague 2014, we are #1 and #2 on the list.  In my view, this aspect of the MLB is not covered enough.  We intend to fill in some gaps with this.

I am a massive proponent of AL vs NL, and truly wish, along with the ‘Chief Writer’ Hunter Stokes, when he stated he would love to see all 30 teams play a series versus the 29 other squads every, to break up the redundancy of seeing the same teams over and over. for a whole campaign.

The issues of Interleague have been tackled before here, and we intend to crusade on.

Interleague 2014 Master Schedule here

Q:  I recently read an article from your site, that suggested that they eliminate the DH in the AL, but also to remove the Pitcher from hitting as well – and only bat 8 hitters in a lineup?

CB:  I have never been one to be an MLB traditionalist, even though I like certain things about the game that have been carried forward since the league started in the 1800’s.

You are dealing with a new pitcher’s ERA because PED’s and amphetamine’s have been slowly being erased from running rampant throughout the league, and this has coincided with anemic numbers being posted by the Designated Hitters – along with every other position as well.

Yes David Ortiz remains pretty productive, and there are other guys who are playing decently, however most squads are abusing the position as a rest day for veteran players.

I also know that it is only a matter of time before a top 50 Salaried “Pitcher” of ALL – Time will be hurt from hitting or running the basepaths from either the NL, or AL (when in Interleague).

Since adding a DH to both leagues is not going to help with the talent pool out, and considering risks to chuckers, who earn their bread with their arms on the mound – and not swinging the lumber, this is the best solution.

I also feel the rosters should be expanded to 26 at the same time for a kickback to the MLBPA.  National League teams would effectively add 2 more players to the depth chart, and the AL would add 1.

I believe a team hitting through 8 batters in the lineup would truly excite fans more – with the top players in the game being able to see the plate for appearances 7 – 8% greater than presently in a full year.

I think it would behoove teams for being able to carry an extra starting pitcher and a Bullpen arm to create stability.

I hate NL games where a good bench player comes in batting for the pitcher is immediately taken out of the game.

Like Sully has said during his podcasts on so many occasions, what is wrong with a guy being horrific on defense anyway?  All of us had to watch Shaquille ‘O Neal launch Free Throws during his Basketball career.

With having 26 man rosters, it may keep players a lot healthier.  Clubs could carry 13 – 14 pitchers and 12  – 13 position players.

I for one, would love to see Mike Trout an extra 50 – 60 times a year at the plate.  This change would definitely help offense.  Yes it is a unique concept that will probably never see the light of day, but it is fun to create ‘thought provoking idea’s’.

Q:  What are your thoughts on all of the shifting 3 players on one side of the infield in the game today?

CB:  I hate it, I think it should be illegal to form more than 2 Infielders on one side of the diamond.  It is time-consuming for the managers to pull it off, and it wrecking players natural gift to hit the ball hard.

I liken this kind of movement to the trap in hockey.  Or to go the extreme, a player in pool intentionally playing defense on the cue ball, and setting your impending play up with an increased scratch scenarios.

Speaking of time of games as a fan, the time of games is on the rise, and it has not gone unnoticed by the fans. Look for a post coming soon from Hunter Stokes on the conversation idea, he actually has done some great research for it.

I will leave it by saying the games could be made quicker if the players were forced to stay in the batters box.  I mean, is time for a 24, 30 or 40 second clock to be implemented?  I am not stealing Mr. Stokes thunder too much, so I will bid this line of writing goodbye.

Q:  What do you make of the parity in both Leagues so far this season?

CB:  I think the 2nd half will see some teams really emerge on lengthy runs.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Brewers, Giants, Dodgers, Nationals and Cardinals all solidify their grip on all 5 playoff berths as currently constituted.

The AL is a different ball of wax.  While I think the Tigers and A’s will grab a playoff spot via Division wins, I don’t think any of the teams battling for the rest of the 3 spots will separate by far.

The Trade Deadline, and the waivers Deadline, should provide a plethora of action as other teams fall out of it eventually.

I fully expect the Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles, Royals, Indians, Angels and Mariners to round out the 2 Wild Card Spots, with one of the 3 AL East clubs taking home the Division for another spot.

Oakland has the best record for the last 2 1/2 years in the MLB, and have the depth to answer any run any AL West team has for them.

I expect the Twins, Rangers, Astros and White Sox to fade in the Junior Circuit as the year goes on.

Texas should take advantage of a built in excuse to trade away Adrian Beltre, Alex Rios and Joakim Soria.  The Rangers will have Prince Fielder back in 2015, and have money to throw down on some key Free Agents if they so require.

Rios and Beltre are both in the top 10 for Batting Average in the AL. 

With Seattle, Los Angeles and Oakland well ahead of them, added with a litany of guys in the sick bay, they should cut bait on the season, and reload for the 2015 year.

Tampa Bay should follow suit with Texas.   Both organizations have had great 5 – 6 year runs with their core, and are still sitting on a new younger core that could see their next run just around the corner with some trades of their valued veterans.

The White Sox began the process of doing this in 2013, and could easily part with Adam Dunn and Alexei Ramirez, while Paul Konerko is closing out his time after this season.

Minnesota and Houston are both 2 – 3 years away from a lot of their prime prospects coming to the forefront of their representative organizations.

The Blue Jays and Orioles should be all in for 2014, with many of their best talent being under contract for 1 – 2 more years apiece, and having the Red Sox and Yankees caught in aging situations before they can reload.

It may actually workout out better for all AL teams long term if the Yankees are right near the playoff bar all year long, as oppose to dropping out of the race, go under the $189 MIL Luxury Tax Threshold with a late season firesale of expiring contracts, before bumping it up to ALL – Time highs in 2015.

The Bronx Bombers could sign Max Scherzer, Justin Masterson, Jon Lester, Pablo Sandoval, Victor Martinez and Mike Morse after this year, and add $100 MIL in payroll for filling in all outstanding holes in their squad.

Under the current CBA (runs until 2016),  the Pinstripers would be down to a 17.5% penalty for a 1st time offense on a new cycle of Luxury tax once the reset their fines for climbing above the limit of $189.

On a $300 MIL payroll, the fine would only be $19.5 MIL, which would be $6 MIL less than they doled out for the 2013 penalty of nearly $26 MIL for their $236 MIL tab.

If the Bronx Bombers added those 6 players, the New Yankee Stadium and YES network would be cash cow bonanza’s once again.

The point of this is simply all of the other teams better hope New York stands near the leadeerboard in Derek Jeter‘s last season to go for it – and burn another chance to reset.

With A-Rod’s cash coming back on the books yet again for 2015 – 2018 again, this will make it harder to slide under the Threshold again going past this year.

Q:  Last year you guys seemed to write more articles on prospects in all of the 30 MLB Teams organization, is there a reason these are not being done a prolific this year?

A:  Another good question from a loyal reader.  Also with perfect timing.  You see, on June 30th – July 01, we will be posting all 30 MLB Teams Depth Charts for every single affiliation all 30 franchises have in their system.

I am going to be seeking help from our partner in crime- for this info.  Over the course of a 36 hour window, I hope to post nearly 4000 players in organized baseball into depth charts.

We will also be resuming our current payroll pieces for each club starting in July.

One of the things we do well is include all 30 teams in our work.  We do not exclude a club because they don’t yield us any views on their posts.

The Reports is run by dedicated hardcore baseball fans, that love to express their thoughts about the game through the written word – or an intelligent podcast.

All of our writers, personalities and management follow the game religiously 24/7/365.  If you want to see a fan who is dedicated, Sully should be #1 on most people’s lists.

Doing 612 straight daily podcasts is an incredible achievement, and Sully doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

Not included in these are also 300+ straight days of articles written when baseball has been played in regular or post season.

Sully has assigned players of the night, through his regular season – and playoff WOB, WOO + WOWS (Who Owned October, Who Owned the World Series).

Added to the ironman mix next year (2015), I will be attending 183 days straight of all 30 MLB Parks, and will be more prolific as a baseball writer than ever – with this trip of a lifetime.

I will be chronicling that epic journey plus cover all of my duties and responsibilities in running this website at the same time.  It is truly going to be the place to be for different vantage points from informed baseball minds in the next few years and beyond.

Thanks again to all of our readers, and everyone who has ever contributed to this website as a writer, audio personality, social media master or anyone else I may have forgotten here.

It a true testament for the success of the views by the 24/7/365 MLB Lifer’s who share the same vision as us


** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

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