New ‘SullyMetric’: Who Owns the World Series (WOWS) – Explanation and Tally for Game 1

 (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

It might be time for a new ‘SullyMetric.’

In the regular season, I had “Who Owns Baseball?” aka WOB. The explanation is here.

In essence it was the player and pitcher of the day from both leagues. Whomever won the day the most over the year led the league in WOB.

Then the post season came about and thus was born “Who Owns October?” aka WOO. A full explanation is here.

The player and pitcher who each winning team gets a WOO. If someone on the losing team has an admirable performance (I’m looking at YOU, Justin Verlander), then they would receive 1/2 a WOO.

But the World Series is different. People complain that postseason stats and World Series stats are combined, resulting in Bernie Williams and David Ortiz‘s stats dwarf Mickey Mantle‘s and Babe Ruth‘s because of the additional rounds.

So in my Twitter feed came this suggestion from one of my most loyal readers and listeners.

You got it. “Who Owns the World Series?” or WOWS.

I am going to continue to keep track of WOO to see who has the best tally for the entire Postseason.

But it is also time to keep a separate list for the World Series. Will the leader of WOO also lead WOWS?

There is only one way to find out… keep track like a maniac!

From October 23rd’s games:

Receiving 1 WOWS:

Jon Lester was brilliant, pitching shutout ball into the 8th. He finished with 7 2/3 scoreless innings, walking 1 and striking out 8 and let up just 5 hits and got the 8-1 win for the Red Sox over the Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series.

David Ortiz launched one homer and was robbed of a grand slam. In all he drove in 3 as Boston clobbered St. Louis 8-1.

Receiving 1/2 WOWS:

Carlos Beltran gave the Cardinals their lone highlight when he caught David Ortiz’s home run and kept an early Red Sox lead from getting out of hand. He had to leave the game and eventually the Cardinals did collapse, 8-1.

Current WOWS tallies:


David Ortiz, Red Sox – 1

Carlos Beltran, Cardinals – 1/2


Jon Lester, Red Sox – 1


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