Arizona Diamondbacks’ Kirk Gibson Managing Style

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Tuesday, June.25, 2013

Kirk Gibson has the Diamondbacks in the right direction and they have a three game lead in the NL West Division.

Kirk Gibson has the Diamondbacks going in the right direction and they have a three game lead in the NL West Division. They have the best record in MLB in one-run games at 17-10, and also have the best in extra-inning games at 8-2. They have withstood numerous injuries to key players on their roster, and are finally getting healthy which is bad news for the other teams in their division. Gibson expects plenty from his players, and he commands respect with how he manages the team. He also has the team believing that no lead is insurmountable.

By Chris Lacey (Featured Baseball Columnist)

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in first place and this is big surprise considering that they did not have their starting second baseman for about two months, they were without a true closer for the past month, and the player that was expected to play center field has yet to play a game this season.

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Josh Collmenter

Josh Collmenter has been the savior of the bullpen for the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. He uses a deceptive throwing motion that confuses opposing batters. He is 3-0 with a 2.43 ERA and has struck out 42 batters in 40.2 innings pitched. He is holding right-handed batters to a .187 batting average.

How have they weathered the storm, and remained in first place while missing key components to their club?

The answer is very simple; there are players that have stepped up when the team needed them most, and also their manager has played a key role in making sure that the team does not get too discouraged.  

Kirk Gibson has a managing style in that he trusts his players to play the game of baseball the right way. He also likes to use his bench players as much as the starters to get everyone involved, and is not afraid to use a role player in favor of a starter who is struggling.

He expects his players to execute and do the little things to win games. This may be moving a runner into scoring position, properly laying down a bunt, and playing solid defense.

Gibson is a no nonsense manager and he does not cater to a player’s ego. If he thinks you are not trying your hardest, he will bench you in favor of a player that will give max effort on the field.

Arizona has bought into his philosophy that a game is never out of reach for them, and you have to play 27 outs to win a ballgame. There have been numerous times this season where it seemed like all hope was lost, and that they would lose a game due to a missed opportunity.

They have persevered and this is because their manager has them believing that they accomplish great things.

Arizona has 21 come from behind victories this season, which is first in MLB and they are the only team that has not been shutout.

Gibson has a played a huge role in the success that Arizona has had so far this season, but there are players that have also been instrumental to the team.

One of these players is infielder Willie Bloomquist. Bloomquist is an integral part of the Diamondbacks bench. He started the year on the disabled list, and Arizona desperately needed him when their offense was having issues with scoring runs.

Willie is not a guy that will hit home runs, but he knows how to get on base and provides the team with great energy at the top of batting order.

Another quality that makes him a great fit for Arizona is his uncanny ability to hit great with runners in scoring position, as indicated by his .455/.500/.955 triple-slash in this situation.

Another one of the unsung players for the Diamondbacks is reliever Josh Collmenter. Collmenter is the long relief pitcher for Arizona and has done an outstanding job in this role for the snakes this season.

There were various times where Arizona has played extra-inning games, and he has pitched at least four innings during those games. There was another game where the starting pitcher was injured, and he came in to pitch six innings.

This saved the bullpen from being over worked and showed how valuable he is to the team. The reason that the opposition has such a hard time making consistent contact is his deceptive delivery. He utilizes an over-the-top throwing motion and batters have a tough time picking up the baseball, when it leaves his hand.

He is holding opposing teams to just a .197 batting average against him, and they are only hitting .242 when runners are in scoring position.

Another player that does not get too much recognition for his play is outfielder Gerardo Parra. Parra was believed to be an afterthought in the outfield with Adam Eaton ready to take over, but Eaton was injured during Spring Training.

Parra has played great this season, and is showcasing his offensive talents this season. He was always a great defensive player, but had yet to show he could be a force with his bat. He has been the catalyst at the top of the lineup for the team, and is proving to be a great leadoff hitter.

Gibson with his managing style and several players contributing Arizona is having a terrific season. The team has a mantra this season which is” Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.

Gerardo Parra is having a  terrific fro the Diamondbacks, as indicated by his .315/.378/.858 triple-slash.

Gerardo Parra is having a terrific for the Diamondbacks, as indicated by his .315/.378/.858 triple-slash. Parra has 94 hits on the season, which is 3rd in the NL, and is second in the NL with 24 2B. He also has eight outfield assists on the year, which is also second in the NL. He has shown that he can be a great lead-off hitter, as shown by him hitting .304 while batting 1st in the line up. He also a .360 batting average on balls in play. He is a left-handed batter, but he hits righties better with a .335 batting average. He also has a WAR of 3.9, which is 4th in NL among position players.

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