Ricky Romero: Aiming For 2013 As The #5 Starter

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Tuesday March 19th, 2013

Ricky Romero had a rough 2012 campaign, posting a 9-14 record to go with a sky-high 5.77 ERA. He is looking to rebound in 2013 with the help of the revamped Blue Jays lineup and rotation.

Ricky Romero led the American League with 105 Walks – and featured a brutal WHIP of 1.674 en route to a 9 – 14 campaign with a 5.77 ERA. This was only a year removed from being an ALL – Star in 2010 – and finishing 10th in AL CY Young Voting. The Blue Jays Left Handed Pitcher was 15 – 11, with a 2.92 ERA and a 1.138 WHIP. After the year, the team traded for Josh Johnson, former AL Cy Young winner Mark Buerhle – and reigning NL CY Young winner R.A. Dickey. Along with fellow returning Blue Jays Starter Brandon Morrow.

Bernie Olshansky (Baseball Writer):

At the beginning of 2012, Ricky Romero was solidified as the number one starter in a strong Toronto Blue Jays roster. In the previous three years of his career, he only had an ERA above 4.00 once (in his rookie season, 4.30), and had won more than 10 games every year.

2012 was an absolute disaster for Romero as he posted a sky-high 5.77 ERA and a 9 – 14 record. He had fans confused as to how such a solid pitcher could do a complete 180 and turn from an ace to an iffy back-of-the-rotation starter.

Romero is in a very interesting situation for 2013. The Blue Jays added two very formidable starters in Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle when they acquired the two in a blockbuster trade with the Miami Marlins. The two former Marlins starters will help support the preexisting rotation consisting of Brandon Morrowand Romero..

Also in contention for a spot is Kyle Drabek, who has made starts over the past couple of years, but has never really stuck. Johnson, Buehrle, Morrow, and Alvarez will round out the top four spots, and Romero will most likely be the fifth starter for 2013.

Ricky Romero Interview:

Ricky Romero started out  the year out 8-1 in 2012 to push his lifetime record to 50-30 (.625) at the time and was poised to have his best win season of his career. He then lost 13 straights before ending the streak with a win late in the year.  Romero's ERA went from 2.92 in 2011 to 5.77 in 2012.  As the clubs #3 or #4 starter in 2013, he should benefit against other clubs #3 and #4 starters.

Ricky Romero started out the year out 8-1 in 2012 – to push his lifetime record to 50-30 (.625), at the time and was poised to have his best win season of his career. He should benefit against other clubs #3 and #4 starters. Romero is signed through the next 3 years at $7.5 MIL per year. At age 28, he should just be entering the prime of his career. The veteran infusion of teammates should also help to mentor him with his game.

It’s a shame as to the situation that Romero is in for this year, but if he can show some consistency and avoid the starts where he gives up five, six, even seven runs, Romero should find himself back in coaches’ and fans’ good graces.

Ricky Romero needs to prove that 2012 was simply a fluke and that he can return to previous form. He will turn 29 this year, so he should be entering his prime. This year should theoretically be the best year of his career.

The best year of his career was 2012, when he went 15-11 with a 2.92 ERA over 225 Innings. A performance like this would be more than enough for the Blue Jays to succeed in the AL East.

In my opinion, the addition of the starters from the Marlins will help Romero immensely. Johnson and Buehrle will take pressure off of Romero, so he will not feel like he has to carry the team. Part of Romero’s struggles last year could have been due to the depleted rotation due to the injury to Brandon Morrow.

Romero might have been doing too much and failing as a result. The main statistic that increased in 2012 was walks. Romero had previously walked 79, 82, and 80 in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively. He walked 105 in 2012. This is one of the main reasons for Romero’s increased ERA.

If Ricky Romero can limit his walks in 2013, he will be in the clear. Another statistic that might increase for the better is Romero’s wins.

Not only did the Blue Jays upgrade their rotation, but they completely revamped their lineup. Jose Reyes highlighted the additions from the Marlins, and Melky Cabrera was signed as a Free Agent.

Both players should help set the table for existing Jays’ sluggers Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Romero will receive more run support than he did in 2012, so pending an improvement in his control, he should see an increase in the win column.

Romero has not had the best spring in 2013, giving up seven earned runs and seven walks in 8.2 Innings. I would not read too much into this as Spring Training is more to work out the kinks, but it is a little bit concerning.

Romero’s next few starts will be important, and if he can limit the walks and runs, he will have himself a spot in the 2013 Blue Jays rotation.

With or without Ricky Romero, the Blue Jays are poised for success. But, if he can return to his 2011 form, the Jays are in for a fun ride, possibly all the way through October.

Ricky Romero has had a brutal second half after starting 8-1.  The Jays will need him to rebound in 2013 in anchoring the pitching staff

Ricky Romero started out his rookie year with a 4.30 ERA in 2009, he then improved to a 3.73 ERA in 2010, before going to AL CY Young like quality in 2011 like 2.92. In 2012, he doubled that ERA. Despite having a crappy year, he gutted out the campaign until he broke his 13 game losing streak in September. Now as the clubs #5 Starter, he will not need to be the staffs ace. If he can pitch to his career totals of (.543 Win % and a 4.09 ERA.)

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Bernie Olshansky

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  1. You mentioned the formidable starters in JJ and MB…. And yet didn’t mention last years NL Cy Young award winner in R.A. Dickey???
    Also. Romero is competing against J.A. Haap for the 5th Starter position. Haap has out pitched RickRo so far this spring, but it is unlikely he’ll make the team as the 5th starter (even though he is deserving of doing so this far). Look for Romero to be on a VERY tight leash or be placed on the DL making way for Haap to pitch.
    I hope Romero can turn it around. But he’s looked absolutely awful so far this spring.

    • Hi John, we did mention Dickey in the 1st caption of the 1st picture. I fully expect for Romero to have a bounce back season. He was pretty good heading into that 13 game losing streak. I don’t believe DIckey will duplicate his numbers from the Mets, and could see him being slightly above .500 and with a higher ERA in the AL. Tougher lineups in the AL East will make it tough on RA. Happ is great insurance I agree

  2. Just on quick observation, I would place Romero at two or three in the rotation. I don’t see Dickey being as successful as he was with the Mets (maybe 12-15 wins at most). Josh Johnson always finds a way to get hurt. The only constant I see from the new starters is Mark Buehrle. He’s an American League pitcher who is a workhorse and can pitch in pressure situations as I’m sure the Blue Jays will find themselves this season in the AL East. I see Romero having a bounce back season.

    • I would still place JJ, Dickey, Morrow and Buerhle all ahead of Romero (based on his horrific 2012). By the end of the year, he might be able to reclaim a higher spot, yet you have to start off with the other 4 guys ahead of him to begin April.

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