What the Indians will do with Asdrubal Cabrera

Friday December 7, 2012

Kyle Holland (MLB Reports Intern):

In 2012, Asdrubal Cabrera had an average year. He hit .270/.338/.423 with 16 HRs and 68 RBIs. He made his second straight career All-Star Game appearanc.  He committed 19 errors, perhaps a little much for a team’s starting Shortstop, but not awful. His fielding percentage was his career worst by a point at .971.

Now during this offseason, the Indians think it’s a good idea to shop him.

Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer originally reported on December 4 that the Indians were looking for 3-4 players in a deal for Cabrera. He also said that they seemed to have a deal that would move a pitcher and two prospects to Cleveland, however the unknown team backed out when the Indians asked for another prospect. Now the most recent rumors are that he would be moved to Arizona as a part of a four team deal.

Included in this deal would reportedly be starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, lefty Patrick Corbin and the Rangers infielder Mike Olt. Also in the deal are the Seattle Mariners. They are looking to give up some prospects for the Left-handed starting pitcher Derek Holland. The Rangers also badly want Justin Upton included in this deal from Arizona. This so far looks like the best chance for the Indians to move Cabrera.

Another possible suitor for Cabrera could be the New York Yankees. They need to fill the hole at Third Base with Rodriguez possibly until the 2013 ALL-Star Game. It has been rumored that Cabrera will most likely be moving from Shortstop to Third Base. The only problem in New York is the Yankees are looking for a one-year deal to fill that spot at third. Cabrera is guaranteed $10 Million in 2014 so that might be a deal breaker with the Yankees.

The last possible team that may be interested in Cabrera are the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ever since Magic Johnson bought the Dodgers their payroll has skyrocketed. They may consider trading a starting pitcher plus prospects if they can land a deal with Zack Greinke. This would mean a possible move of Hanley Ramirez to Shortstop.

Even with all these options the only one likely to come close to happening is the four-team deal. This could be happening as early as Friday. It seems the four teams are close to reaching the deal and the Indians look like they will be getting a top prospects with some major league experience in Trevor Bauer.  The whole Cabrera ordeal should come to a head real soon.

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Welcome our newest Baseball Intern: Kyle Holland:

a kyle hollandKyle is a life long baseball fan outside of Boston. He is a sophomore in high school has played baseball since he was 5. Although growing up in one of the best baseball towns in the major leagues, he has been a Giants fan since 2009. He credits his aunt with the Giants being his favorite team as she lives in San Francisco. Some of his favorite players include Buster Posey, Stephen Drew, Trevor Bauer, Stephen Strasburg, and minor leaguer Danny Hultzen.  You can find Kyle on Twitter (@TheKHolland13).

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