5 Random Injustices In Baseball For The Last 27 Years

Wednesday, Nov.21/2012

Baseball needs to consider upping its INSTANT REPLAY USE in order to help umpires out.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

I am hoping that baseball decides to use more INSTANT REPLAY in the near future as it would aid the umpires from making calls that everyone in this planet knows are wrong except for them.  In four of the injustices I am talking about here it might have changed the landscape of the outcome.  The reason I am writing about these is that it is important to never forget the history of the game.  Baseball has changed so much in the past 25-30 years and should continue to evolve with the modern times.  We have so much technology and resources at our disposal, that we should be able to cut down on the amount of injustices that occur because of Human Error.  We Will count these errors back from #5 to #1 in amount of craziness.

#5  Cabrera/Rhodes are walked intentionally as to not break Oh’s single season HR Record:

Tuffy Rhodes hit 474 HRs in his stint with the NPBL, including 55 HRs in 2001 to tie Sadaharu Oh’s 37 year old HR record.

After hitting 3 Homeruns on opening day of the 1993 off of Dwight Gooden, Rhodes only hit 11 Homers for the rest of his MLB Career.  This doesn’t mean the guy couldn’t rake.  He would go on to hit 474 HRs in the Japanese League (NPBL.)  In 2001, he had tied Sadaharu Oh’s single season record of 55 (set in the 1964 season) with a week left to play.   He was intentionally walked for the rest of the year by the Japanese pitchers.  Are you kidding me?  That is some of the weakest sauce I have ever heard about.  That would be like the Major League Baseball pitchers all intentionally walking Ichiro when he broke George Sisler‘s hits record in 2004,  by giving him a free pass to have him stick at 257 base knocks.  Subsequently Alex Cabrera (formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks) had the exact same thing happen to him as Rhodes in 2002.  Where is the integrity?  That would never fly over in North America.  This of course would not be affected by Instant Replay.

#4  The Infield Fly of the Atlanta Braves vs St.Louis Cardinals in 2012 NL Wild Card Game:

A picture speaks 1000 WORDS.

This should all be fresh in our memory banks.  With 2 on and only one out, Andrelton Simmons hit a fly ball that went 75 feet into the outfield grass.  The Left-Field Umpire Sam Holbrook called an Infield fly rule extremely late.  This was a brutal call that could have been reversed from an Instant Replay Review.  Everyone watching the game could plainly see the ball carried far enough for the rule to not be applicable.  While technically, to the truest definition, MLB hid behind the rulebook that the SS could have made the play, this rule has never been enforced like it was on this night.  Regardless of that fact, the call was late.  The fans littered debris onto the field causing a 19 minute delay.  Instead of facing bases loaded and one out with a 6-3 deficit for the Braves, there were now 2 out and runners on 1st and 2nd.  The game ended the same score and we are all left to wonder what if?

#3 The Perfect Game Missed Out by Jim Joyce that cost Armando Galarraga a Perfect Game

June the 2nd of 2010,  Armando Galarraga induced a ground ball to first base and covered on the play to what should have been the 27th out in a perfect game pitched.  Jim Joyce called the runner safe and would later apologize saying he called the play wrong.  Galarraga retired the next batter and had to settle for a one hitter.  This play is the biggest calling card for MLB Baseball to implement INSTANT REPLAY on a more frequent basis.  Have a 5th Umpire watching the game in private both and let there be a horn or something to signify a call to watch the play again from a monitor.  It would take about as much time to go through as what the managers often do to criticize the umpires for botching a play.  Jim Joyce is regarded as one of the best umpires in the game today, and is widely respected by the MLB Players, yet he has to forever be remembered as the ump who cost a pitcher a Perfecto.  Galaragga showed the utmost sportsmanship in the handling of the matter and so did Joyce by owning it.  The two agreed to, and have since co-authored a book here . Jim Leyland also was a class act, calling the play just a human error and forgive-able.  It was nice lesson but it can be avoided in the future

#2  Jeffrey Maier’s Homerun Grab 1996 (Orioles vs Yankees ALCS)

It was Game #1 of the 1996 ALCS.  The Yankees trailed the game 4-3 versus the Baltimore Orioles.  Derek Jeter pasted a ball in to the Right Field Area.  Tony Tarasco had settled under it, but was unable to come up with the out, as 11-year-old Jeffrey Maier extended his hands over the fence and deflected the ball over the wall for a Jeter HR.  In today’s game, all Homeruns are reviewable and this play would have been reversed immediately due to fan interference, instead the game was tied 4-4 before the Yankees went onto win the game in the Bottom of the 11th.  The Yankees won the ALCS 4 games to 1.  What might have happened had the correct call been made?

#1  The 1985 World Series (Cardinals vs Royals Game #6)  missed out at 1st Base Todd Worrell

It was the bottom of the ninth inning of Game #6 in the 1985 World Series. The Cardinals were up 3 games to 2 and 1-0 in the game.  The very first batter Jorge Orta bounced a ball to Jack Clark, who threw it to Closer Todd Worrell covering 1st.  The replays showed that the Worrell clearly touched the base before the Orta did, but the umpire (Don Denkinger) called him safe.  The Royals went onto rally for a 2-1 win in that inning and then complete the 3-1 games comeback by defeating the Cardinals in Game #7 too.  To be fair to the Royals, the umps also botched a call in the 4th inning when Frank White stole secondly cleanly, only to be called out before the next batter singled.  However, that play was not as conclusive as the Don Denkinger miss.  That guy was also the Crew Chief and refused to reverse the call.  Later on, he would apologize for the incident.  It came at the worst possible time as it was the World Series.  The Cardinals later forgave Denkinger and even invited him to old Busch Stadium as a sign of goodwill for the 15 year anniversary for the team going to the WS.

Honorable mentions go out to:  Robinson Cano missed tag in the 2012 ALCS Game #2 versus Detroit and the Joe Mauer double non-double versus the Yankees in the 2009 ALDS.

in conclusion, it is absolutely absurd that the MLB will not adopt a policy to take advantage of modern technology.  The NFL has been modifying rules almost on an annual basis to further bring along the game.  As a fan, I would never complain about waiting a few extra minutes to have the call be made right.  Having been an umpire in my youth for 10 years, I also can only imagine the guilt that riddles these fine men as they make mistakes on the grandest of stages.  We should be helping them as much as we can.  There is still going to be a ton of calls that are made them over the course of a year, that have a human element, but lets at least correct all of the new wrongs that may occur in going forward. 

Fredi Gonzalez put the rest of the 2012 NL WILD CARD Game under protest after the INFIELD FLY debacle.  He was later rejected by MLB for the request. MLB needs to consider moving forward with new INSTANT REPLAY rules.

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