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World Baseball Classic Groups 3 and 4 Update and Predictions

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Sam Evans:  The World Baseball Classic qualifying rounds in Panama and Taiwan are finally underway. Many of these games were predictable blowouts but some came down to the end. It will only be a few days before it is revealed which teams are advancing, so here is a quick recap of the games already played and a preview of the finals.

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Is Daisuke Matsuzaka Worth The Risk? 3 Teams That Should Roll The Dice On Him

Sunday November 18th, 2012

Dice-0K was the biggest posting ever for a pitcher ever at 51 Million Dollars. the Red Sox ended up paying over 100 Million for the man when they signed him for 6 years and 52 Million dollars.  He rewarded th em in 2007 and 2008, by going 31-14 and being a big cog in the wheel for the World Series Run in 2007. Matsuzaka is only 19-23 since those first 2 years.

Jake Dal Porto: What has become of Daisuke Matsuzaka? The once highly-touted Japanese import has struggled in recent years, posting a 5.53 earned run average since 2009. Due to this, the interest for him is extremely low.

However, don’t expect Matsuzaka to go unsigned this winter. While he is certainly a gamble, he’s worth the risk for teams with restricted payrolls.

Here some of those teams that could roll the dice on the 32-year-old: Read the rest of this entry

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