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Brien Taylor, Elijah Dukes and Lenny Dykstra: Modern Day MLB Thugs

Saturday March 3rd, 2012

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen:   I am going to start off this article by making one point very clear. I am in no way trying to glorify or sensationalize the notions of breaking the law and acting in an indecent manner. Far from it. Today’s feature is from the point of view of taking a look at the state of athletes and the image they can present of themselves and their sport to the public. The manner in which many current and former players are making the news is inexcusable. The thuggery has to stop. But in truth, with the kind of money and opportunities these people have to go outside what is morally reasonable- it is likely going to get worse before it gets better.

When the words “thug” and “sports” are spoken, the usual suspects that come to mind are the NFL and NBA. There are far too many websites devoted to the misdeeds of athletes, but one site that caught our eye is “jocksbehindbars.com”. Yes- it is a real site and it has far too many featured athletes shown. Walking down memory lane, we sadly remember some of the most notable offenders in sports.

Knowshon Johnson (yes that is his first name) was pulled over last month driving his Bentley with his personalized plates reading “sauced”. Folks, we can’t make this up. Sam Hurd for cocaine distribution. Larry Johnson battery. Cedric Benson assault. PacMan Jones (where do I begin). Plaxico Burress (weapons). Albert Haynesworth. But the NFL is second to the NBA, which has become thugs sports central. Darius Miles and Ben Wallace for carrying weapons. Nate Robinson (public urination). Gilbert Arenas (again, weapons). Isaiah Rider (remember him?) Allen Iverson (laundry list, including weapons and assault), Kobe (we know the story), Jason Kidd (domestic assault- never interrupt him when he eats french fries), Ruben Patterson (sex offender), Jayson Williams (aggravated assault), Antoine Walker (fraud)…and the list goes on…and on. When we consider sports and thugs, the NBA and NFL are unmatched. Read the rest of this entry

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