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Chad Cordero Interview: Closing In On A Major League Comeback

Thursday March 22nd, 2012

(Photo courtesy of Scott Ableman- click here for link to Scott’s photographs)

MLB reports – Jonathan Hacohen: When you are discussing the terms “closer” and “saves”, this name will always come in conversation at some point. One of the top closers in baseball for several years, this man really needs no introduction. But he will get one anyways…because he is that damn good. As far as superstar closers go, Chad Cordero has been there. Between 2004-2007, Chad was one of the game’s elite. 2005 was his shining moment, as Chad led the league with 47 saves in Washington- the first year of the Nationals. Consistent and a bulldog on the mound. Injuries and a personal tragedy all made the last few years very difficult for Chad and his family. But like on the mound, Chad Cordero in life is not one to give up. He battles on.

I had the honor of speaking with Chad recently as the MLB season began to approach. Where did we speak? Amazingly enough, while Chad was getting a tattoo. Apparently talking baseball helped numb the pain.  If nothing else, it made for an interesting interview experience! We got to discuss many topics, centering around baseball and life in general.

Despite his stardom and popularity, Chad Cordero remains very grounded and focused. After taking the time to heal his body and family, Chad is back with renewed energy and confidence. Despite reports last year of his retirement from the game, I am happy to report that Chad Cordero is far from finished. He is working hard and training for his MLB comeback in 2013.

We covered many topics during our conversation. From closing in College, playing in Montreal and Washington, reaching major league success,  and recovering from the loss of his daughter to SIDS, Chad was very candid in this interview. I even discovered the secret behind the straight-brim hat! Today on MLB reports, we feature one of our favorite closers of all-time – on the comeback trail with the man they called “The Chief” – Chad Cordero:

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Chipper Jones Announces 2012 Will Be His Last Season: Is Mariano Rivera Next to Retire?

Thursday March 22nd, 2012

Bryan Sheehan (MLB Reports Intern): At a press conference before a Grapefruit League Game today, Atlanta Braves third baseman Larry Wayne Jones (a.k.a. Chipper Jones) announced that 2012 would be his last season before retirement from baseball. At age 39, Jones has spent all of his 18 year career with the Braves, earning him the distinction of being the active player with the most time played for just one team. During this span, Jones has played in seven All-Star games, won an MVP and picked up a pair of Gold Glove Awards. His offensive WAR is a combined 84.9, good enough for 25th on the all-time list. Interestingly enough, the player with the second longest-one-team-tenure may also retire after this season. Closer Mariano Rivera, who has 16 years and 106 days of MLB service, all for the New York Yankees. Over the years Rivera has been one of the most consistently dominant closers in the league, and his record 603 career saves is the most in history.  Read the rest of this entry

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