The 2011 MLB Draft: The Report and Inside Scoops

Saturday May 28, 2011

MLB reports:  For all the baseball fans, observers and analysts, one of the happiest events in the year is almost upon us.  The 2011 Major League Baseball Draft.  All the standout players that we have all been tracking on-line and reading about in publications like Baseball America are about to be drafted by major league teams and hopefully signing their first professional contracts in hopes of one day making the big leagues.  The draft is scheduled to run between June 6th – June 8th and will be broadcast live on

The talk around baseball is that changes could be in store for the MLB draft, as early as the 2012 draft year.  With the expected potential of increased restrictions on entry player salaries, the word is that players will be more likely to sign this year under the current system.  It will be interesting to see what percentage of drafted players sign with their teams and how many decide to re-enter the draft.  With the MLB draft system in transition, the 2011 draft should turn out to be one of the most interesting baseball events in some time.

Once upon a time the MLB draft was conducted secretly over the telephone with little to no media coverage.  But in our golden age of internet and instant media, the draft has become a featured event.  After the Nationals recently drafted Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper in consecutive years, the topic of the top picks in the MLB draft has become a heated debated among baseball observers.  With the high talent level this year, the discussions are raging louder than ever.

Considered to be a very deep draft pool, the 2011 class is heavy with pitching prospects.  Names like Gerrit Cole, Dylan Bundy and Trevor Bauer are on the lips of all baseball analysts.  Although not as strong in the hitting department, the media has worked overtime in profiling the likes of Anthony Rendon and Bubba Starling, among others.  Looking at the early predictions of the “experts”, it appears that the expected draft results are literally all over the map.  With the draft a little over a week away, the anxiety over the results of the draft continues to increase.

With so much talent in the 2011 draft, there appears to be a range of debate as to which team each players will be drafted by and in what draft position.  Thanks to our inside scouts, MLB reports will shed some light for you today as to some of the expected results.  We have compiled our list of rising and falling prospects and which teams have been linked to certain players.  Are you ready for the inside scoops on the 2011 MLB draft?  Let’s jump right into it and see what our scouts had to say about many of the players in the 2011 draft class (noted draft ranking by beside each player and position):


Dylan Bundy RHP (4) – Owassa HS (Okla.), Senior 

It’s not much of a rise when you are a top 5 pick, but with his strong on-field demeanor and stuff being among the best in the draft, he may end up with the best career of any 2011 draft member.”

Taylor Jungmann RHP (7) – Texas, Junior

“Looking like a great fit for #8 Indians.  Cleveland has shown they have the bats in the system to compete and have stock piled arms lately.  If they think they could compete in the next 3-4 years, then a college arm who could move quickly up their system is exactly what they will be looking for.”

Brandon Nimmo OF (30) – Cheyenne East HS (Wyo.), Sr.

“Big time bat that projects to move quick in nearly any system and the draft.  This kid is loved by the New York Yankees but shouldn’t get past the Toronto Blue Jays or Milwaukee Brewers.”

Joshua Bell OF (23) – Jesuit College Prep (Texas), Senior

“One of the best true bats available.  The Angels have outfielders spread throughout the organization, but the Angels must see a Trout/Bell outfield if he is available at #17.”


Taylor Guerrieri RHP (13) – Spring Valley HS (S.C.), Senior

“Multiple legal issues (had to switch high schools) and off-field issues could have Guerrieri slip.  He is one of the top prep arms in the draft so someone will take a flyer high.  If he gets by the #7 pick (Arizona), he could get into the teens.”

Kolten Wong 2B (25) – Hawaii, Junior

“Once a projected top 15 pick, many believe Wong may not go into the 1st round.  The falling is for no-fault of his own.  Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays amongst most interested.”

Anthony Meo RHP (26) – Coastal Carolina, Junior 

“Threw a no-hitter in Big South opener.  Big time success at college level and should have a nice pro career (think Blake Cooper with more upside) but there are some concerns with his delivery.  Some teams see Meo as a future reliever which could see him slip.  Meo was drafted previously in the 43rd round in 2008 out of High School by the Nationals.”

Jake Eliopoulos LHP (N/A)

“Once taken in the 2nd round by the Blue Jays in 2009 (higher than Jake Marisnick), he decided to turn down the Jays offer of $525,000+ to go to school.  Eliopoulos then attended two schools and was drafted again, this time by the Dodgers.   With an ERA above 10.00 at junior college, he is currently pitching for the Jet Box Baseball Club and went 2 IP with 10 BB and was hitting 85-86 mph as per Bob Elliot (Twitter).  I would expect the Jays or even Seattle to draft him in the late 40’s with little to no signing bonus just because of his past.”

What we are hearing:  Players that Teams are Considering

Oakland Athletics:   Daniel Norris, Alex Meyer, George Springer

New York Mets:  Brandon Nimmo, Matt Barnes, Cory Spangenberg, Jed Bradley

Toronto Blue Jays:  Sean Gilmartin, Josh Bell, Daniel Norris

Kansas City Royals:  Dylan Bundy, Gerrit Cole, Bubba Starling

Where the Players are Likely to Land

Nick Ahmed – SS – University of Connecticut – Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals

Peter O’Brien (40) – C – Bethune-Cookman – Florida Marlins, New York Mets

Aaron Brown – OF – Chatsworth HS – Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres

Michael Reed – OF – Leander HS – Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros

Matthew Purke (27) – TCU – Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers

Andrew Chafin (39) – Kent State – Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves

Tyler Beede (50) – Lawrence Academy HS – Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds

Tom Robson – Lander, BC – Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets

Kevin Matthews – Richmond Hill HS – Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers

Carter Capps – Mount Olive – Milwaukee Brewers

Mike Wright – East Carolina – Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins

Steven Proscia – University of Virginia – Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies

Andrew Faulkner – South Aiken HS – Atlanta Braves, New York Mets

Carlos Rodon – Holly Springs HS – Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals

Chuck Ghysels – University of Maryland – Toronto Blue Jays, Atlanta Braves

Justin Atkinson – North Surrey, BC – Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros

Trevor Gretzky (son of Wayne Gretzky) – Oaks Christen HS – Los Angeles Angels

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