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How All Of The Blue Jays Hitters Were Acquired (2014 Roster Tree)


How All Of The Blue Jays Hitters Were Acquired:

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

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For those that have never seen one of our Roster Trees, we go over how all of the players were acquired.

It works like 6 degrees of separation. By searching back to the origin of all the way back until a player is signed, drafted or purchased.

It totally gives you an idea on how the franchise has fared.

Toronto absolutely stole Jose Bautista from Pittsburgh, and then saw Edwin Encarnacion selected off of waivers by the A’s, only to see him return as a Free Agent 6 weeks later.

The Blue Jays have seen EE bash out several seasons worth of awesome since then.

You can track back some of the player to as far as Orlando Hudson and Roy Halladay. Read the rest of this entry

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