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Astros Opening Day Dilemma At Minute Maid Park

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Thursday, March.14/2013

Minute Maid Park is jacking prices for Opening Day

Minute Maid Park is jacking up ticket prices for Opening Day.

By Richard Perez (Astros Correspondent):

A recent flame war has started on the web recently, Twitter to be specific, and people are upset about the Astros Opening Day ticket prices have been doubled. Why would they do that, you ask? Because this night is going to be the biggest night for the Houston Astros baseball club as far as marketing goes.

This, quite honestly, is much more than just another Opening Day baseball game. ESPN is going to broadcast it on national television; furthermore, if you asked yourself “why in the world would ESPN want to air an Astros game on national TV” when it first was announced, I’ll explain why.

As I just stated, this is MORE than just a baseball game, this is the very first game of the Astros’ inaugural season in the American League. A historic event for the franchise regardless of the product out on the field. This is about the franchise as a whole, not just what the analysts deem a team destined for a third straight one hundred loss season.

For those casual fans who want to just see a cheap baseball game, there will be 80 more games played this year in Minute Maid Park, go see one of those games.

Minute Maid Park Roof Opening:

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What MLB Park Will Be The Next To Host A WrestleMania?

Wednesday, October.31/2012

Wrestlemania 18 (At SkyDome) was Hulk Hogan vs ‘The Rock.’ Hogan was his heel face character  ‘Hollywood’ Hogan from his NWO days in the WCW for the event. The fans of Toronto gave the Hulkster several standing ovations for his entrance and as well for the Match. He was the most popular wrestler in Canada that day. While he lost to Dwayne Johnson in one of his best contests of his career, this match gave the WWE the idea to turn him Baby Face Again. The next week “Hulkamania” was reborn with Red and Yellow.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

I have previously mentioned that baseball and wrestling was my entire life as a young kid in the 80’s.  To me, nothing was bigger than the World Series every fall or WrestleMania every spring.  In 1990, the city of Toronto hosted WrestleMania 6 at the (NEWEST) ballpark in the MLB,  “The SkyDome.”  Back in the day, the building was considered state of the art.  I mean they were the 1st park to carry McDonalds as a fast food joint for a concession, they had luxury suite hotel rooms (in which some people forgot to draw the curtains to in heats of passion) and everything was big league.  So when almost 68000 fans packed into SkyDome to watch the 1st ever WrestleMania in Canada (and also an MLB Park), it was an un-believeable atmosphere.

Wrestle Mania 6 The SkyDome–Photo Courtesy of WWE

Now I lived in Calgary at the time, yet I had seen my first MLB Game in 1989 at the SKYDOME.  I would have loved to have been in that audience.  I watched the events transpire from CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in a big Restaurant in Calgary.  (Yes people, there used to be no black box that you would be able to buy ALL PPV events on.) 


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